Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Robots

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where is robo-ky?

i am disappoint

I have that Emilio robot XD

HK-47 :D

"hugs lisa"

KOS-MOS? interesting name, considering it means "space" in Russian.

honorable mention for your list would have to include t260G from Saga Frontier :D . Though technically they're called Mecs in the game they're still robots. Also it's main quest features t260g's ability to change it's form into 6 other models other than it's own, and the final form which kicks all kinds of ass.



Great list as always.

HK-47 was the only logical choice, meatbag.

Seriously. That guy was fucking awesome. So many of the things he said had me in stitches :P

Observation: I have to note that this list, indeed, is ingenious. For a meatbag.

my dear girl I think you meant to say DE-TRITE-US

as in:
debris, the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

not DE-TREE-TUS which is gibberish :D

and is that guys first name really "American" or do people just ask to see his passport a lot?

Actually, DE-TREE-TUS is not "gibberish", it is a name. While it derives from detritus, it is not pronounced the same way. As it is a name, it can be pronounced however the owner of the name wants to pronounce it. This is why you will hear a bunch of different pronunciations of the same surname. Detritus is pronounced in the game Scrapland as "DE-TREE-TUS". Please go buy and play the game before you start throwing accusations around, as you are simply throwing your ignorance around as it is.

Also, yes, his name is American. Yes, he was named American at birth, by his mother.

I agree with the blender!
He also needs his own show!
Next week:
RobotBlender's Top 5 Meatbag created digital Meatbags!

Arrested Development, always a goode fallback for jokes :D

Love Blendy btw.

Yes i know it's not a game...

I have an Emiglio! I got it for free in some sort of contest and I had no idea what it was so I only played with it for a while. I still have it and I was planning on giving it away since it uses those old, clunky batteries. But I've hold on to it because of nostalgic reasons, I guess. :/

And for some reason, I hated Cl4p-tr4p. I just thought he was annoying as hell, trying to be all funny and appealing. I kept trying to shoot him down but he wouldn't die/shut up! Maybe there's something wrong with me and wanting to kill NPCs (I'm looking at you, every person in Half Life 2!)
I also think Clank could have made the top of the list. But I guess it was fair to give every other robot a chance to...
Aw, screw it. Clank rocks. 8D

PS: This episode has introduced me to the Top 5. And now...I've neglected my homework in order to watch all the at least, now I'm up to speed. Not with homework. But whatever.

I like that blender, he has some good ideas.


I'm not the only one to remember Scrapland?

Wierd. Very good game. Still play it sometimes when I'm bored with Freelancer.

Wheres Dog From Halflife 2 :'(

Steve and Larson cared enough to keep a stinking android out of their top robots lists...
I'm just sayin...

Also I think Lisa should just quit with the list nonsense (she isn't going to please everyone because everyone has their own lists) and do a sketch show, I'm guessing the only reason that its not happening is that she would then be competing against two other shows who do nerd sketches.

My god I had one of those robots from the start of the video. You know, the red, blue, and yellow one.

Seriously, where is the Megaman love? Also, I'm kinda thinking the Portal turrents would count as robots, wouldn't they? GLaDOS might count as a robot as well, or is she more of a computer?

I am sad about the lack of DOG :(

huh, what?
I don't
I thought it was tuesday today
Is it monday then ?
I'm so confused


Lisa just said no new Top 5 today :(

Lisa just said no new Top 5 today :(

but why?

whaaaaaaaaat ?


how come?

and where did you hear that ?

Lisa just said no new Top 5 today :(

There goes my whole Tuesday.

and where did you hear that ?

On her Twitter account, @LisaFoiles, not sure why :(

Lol, i loved all the Claptraps, especially the claptrap from Dr.Ned's Zombie island.

But you forgot a few important robots like GLADOS (does she count as robot?)

From the looks of it KOS-MOS is not only not a robot, she is not even an android. Correct term for it would be gynoid. Judging by name it also most probably runs on Linux. Recursive abbreviations are kind of a tradition there.

Glad to see HK-47 was top, all throughout i was hoping he would be number one.

In the first 30 seconds... what the hell happened to the toaster?!?

R110... where was he? Timesplitters gets NO LOVE.

Love the HK-47 perfect #1, Also love the new hair always liked red heads :)

Ermmm, where the new Top 5? :S

Syzygy from UT04 is the greatest robot ever, don't be silly.

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