The Big Picture: The Other Street Fighter

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The Other Street Fighter

There's one Street Fighter you've probably never seen, but really, really should.

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The super mario sequence was surreal.

Great episode!

That was pretty funny. Moviebob is turning into nostalgia critic though.

Must... find... this... movie.

Fortunately, the local video rental place has decided to stay in business by focusing more on foreign and art films (you know, stuff you can't find on Netflix or even the Pirate Bay) rather than blockbusters, so there's a good chance it'll be there.

This now raises a question. How come directors don't know what to do with property like Street Fighter here in America?


I totally want to see this... and I don't even like Street Fighter!

Note to self- Find this movie and watch it for my very own eyes!

Wait a minute, Bob. You mean to tell me there are movie studios in Hong Kong and China that put out unlicensed movies using other people's IP? Why, who ever heard of such a thing. It's some kind of mad world, I tell you!


Despite having a minimal interest in or understanding of Street Fighter, I feel like I should see this right the hell now.

But would you recommend it over the Raul Julia masterpiece of first movie?

I literally fell of my chair laughing at how ridiculous this movie was!

Having never played Street Fighter, this sounds awesome... I especially like the random non-Goku cameo at the end. Awesome!

...That was pretty awesome


I mean seriously... total mind screw there...

This is more interesting than the movies being made right now. I have to get my hands on a copy of this movie.
BTW, Was I the only one who couldn't help but laugh at sound of a Record Stopping at the beginning?

In the Words of Dr Tam
"this must be what going insane feels like"

You know I had my doubts about this series when it started. But the quality has been steadily on the rise. So thank you Bob for making the effort. These are quickly becoming some of my favorite videos because they highlight the kind of wacky useless trivia that a nerd like me tends to thrive on.

Nice work.

It's like a horrifying fanfic in movie form...

I suddenly have the urge to find I copy of this if only to MST3K the hell out of it


Holy shit, Amazon actually has copies (in VHS of course)

I loved the reference to Chun-Li's win animation near the end.


That movie sounds pretty sweet.

Holy crap, our distributor actually stocks this one! I'm totally buying it for work!

This sounds so awesome. It's even wierder than his Super Mario Bros. april fools review

OMGWTFAWESOME!!! That has to be the most awesome movie ever made, ever. I am so getting it! XD

I like Street out of respect for it...

I've NEVER watched any of those movies.

But Future Cops is something that just makes me WTF.


I must see this movie.

And they win with unlicensed Goku's help.
Best line ever.

The only Street Fighter films I watch involve Sonny Chiba.

As ever interesting and enjoyable, but I swear if Bob uses that annoying '____ are weird' voice one more time I'm going to have to punch him.

Don't know if want?

This has been the most surreal episode of "The Big Picture" thus far. All those "WTFs" were perfectly timed.


this is still the best street fighter tribute ever:

Okay, before I watch the rest of the video, I have to tell you, STOP with the "(blank) ARE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" thing, it's really obnoxious and isn't funny. I get it, comics are weird, yes they are, TV is weird, it certainly can be, movies are weird, sure, but you don't have to say it in such an obviously annoying way!

By the time you get the the inevitable "video games are weird" segment of the show, I sincerely hope you drop it, and just god "video games are weird" like a normal person, or at least how you initially said "comics are weird".

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