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This week marks Issue 300 of The Escapist, and Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts takes a moment to reflect on the journey so far.

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Congrats, here's hoping the next three hundred are just as memorable :)

& not one 300 reference *applause*

Weird, every time i see the number 300 the movie and all the memes pop into my head.
Though when i was reading this, it didn't happen, and I'm glad. Cause that would totally ruined it.
This also made me wish i had found this website earlier. But alas, i did not find it!

Anyways, congratulations on getting to 300!

Hopefully the next 300 manage to be even better than the previous!


Keep up the Good Work!

And in a few years' time we'll see issue 600. Just keep up the good work, and I'm sure your readership will only keep going up.

I joined the Escapist relatively late myself, and didn't have much appreciation for the weekly issue until I discovered the treasure trove of reading and debating going on with each article. As my own interest in the definition of "art" began to rise (I know that sounds pretentious, especially considering I'm 16), the Escapist popped into my life and started discussing how games could become art.

As part of the generation that took games for granted entertainment and nothing more, I thank you Escapist writers, editors and artists from the bottom of my heart for giving me hours of thinking, debating and laughing, week upon week about things which I once took for entertainment, and can now appreciate as both entertainment and art.


I found myself wasting some time in a supermarket magazine section yesterday, and I ended up picking up and then discarding four different games magazines. At first I couldn't work out why they all seemed thoroughly disappointing, with their slavish brand-exclusivity, slightly out-of-date news and lack of really interesting analysis. And then I realised my expectations from games magazines had been raised to almost totally unmeetable levels, and you guys did that. Long may the Escapist continue to spoil us. :D

Happy anniversary or something, Escapist!

As Doog0AD said, thank you guys for making me realize how games (and comics, and books, and movies, and maybe TV shows, even science sometimes (LHC news, for instance)) can be appreciated as art, while also being fun. I can also add that it means a lot to me because, games in my country are so under the radar that no-one even bothers to put a "games cause violence" news article in the paper (and when they do, nobody cares), let alone discuss them.

P.S. I love you, marry me. Which one? EVERYONE! :3

Congratz to 300 and hope the next 300 are even better! (And that I'm in at least one of them!)

Congrats, well deserved

!! I've been here longer than you have!

Also I remember your first article - good work.

Congratulations on the mark! Hope there`s plenty of cake there for you guys now!

!! I've been here longer than you have!

Also I remember your first article - good work.

Hey, Old Timer! Thanks!

(Note: I was a reader before I was a writer. I think I discovered The Escapist at issue 14 or so.)



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