Tales from the Table: Chapter 2: A Tale of a Priest Lord

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Chapter 2: A Tale of a Priest Lord

With the team in need, they turn to their new Priest Lord...Right before they turn on him.

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I am actually leaning a bit to.. the cruelty towards that guy was too little for comedy and quite enough for you to feel with the guy. Nothing bad towards the series, really enjoyed the last two!

Serves him right, that bloody happy Priest...
Great episode, really funny scene with the human shield just too bad there was only one of those scenes:(
Also, thanks for making it longer^^
Keep it up:D

Hahaha so funny!

I'm really liking this series. Keep it up.

Best thing though is that in my own d&d campaign my ranger/rogue took our barbarian as a human shield from a dragon, so that scene caused major lawls for me.

Okay, that got a laugh from me. Way better than chapter 1, in my opinion.

Got a couple of chuckles, definitely better than part 1.

I still feel the characters need to be fleshed out better, but maybe that's just because they all had the same opinion (with the usual exception of the GM) this time. The only somewhat likable person so far is the GM tho, and only because it's Average Joe McAverage, hailing from Average City of Averagistan.

Nice episode.
It got a few laughs out of me, but i didn't consider the humor to be the most important part of this episode.
Though, the guy was pretty creepy. Nobody is that positive.

anyways, this made me think about my D&D group. I couldn't possibly imagine us doing something like that( as in, being that mean). Sure, we make fun of each other often, but nothing like "fuck off". daym. Also, the way the players described the new guy at first resembled a player we had and have in our group. But maybe I'm just seeing it wrong, and he's actually being really nice?

Hell no. He just runs ahead ( i mean, literally, we were all walking, then he started sprinting in a dungeon, just to get the kill) and waves his sword. I can't stand that guy! I wish he'd fuck off...

Wow, another great episode guys! I am really loving the direction. The priest lord was actually very funny. I am sure we have all had an adventurer that was so insanely over eager that we have had to pull him up on it.

You know, I was half expecting the guy to flip out or something. The way he took it so well... yeah, it was kinda creepy. Still, the human shield part was awesome. I like this new series. Hope the quality remains consistent.

Quite good, much better than chapter 1 for certain. Keep this level of quality up guys.

Error stream not found...seems to be happening a lot lately :(

I think I like this show best out of all the new ones, except maybe Lisa's Top 5, but I'm not sure they're comparable. Also, sorry for saying this, but that girl is beautiful.

Keep up the good work, and a story arc would be nice some time in the future.

That episode was more "mean" than funny...

Now if it had a twist ending like... the guy put laxatives in the food and spiked the drinks... then maybe.

It would explain why the guy leaves with a smile on his face.

Kicking that dude out would never happen. ESPECIALLY if he was willing to bring them food. Nothing gamers hate more than having to get up from the table.

Plus, D&D geeks tend to take whatever gamers they can get. It took alot for our group to tell someone they couldn't come around.

Well now I just kinda feel bad for the guy. :/

Oh well, good episode. Although I kinda hate all the characters now. Still, hatred is more of an investment then apathy. :P

Keep it up guys! I really want this series to succeed.

at first i was felt bad for the new guy....but as he kept talking i was just like o.o and went from feeling bad to indifferent lol

Hmmm, found it more 'disheartening' than 'funny', chaps. If trying to establish the group as 'unlikeable-funny' in a kinda grumpy way, then this issue may have been more suited to coming a bit later once we're more familiar with the players. This grouchy bullying seemed to just come out of nowhere - at odds with the tone of enthusiastic, awkward silliness of the first two episodes.

Having said that, I like what you're trying to do - I'm just not sure if it's trying to reach/intrest a larger audience in tabletop rpgs or generate laughs for those 'in the know'.

I think there's a simple explanation for the DM's nice treatment of Phil, a nice guy in his own right, and everybody else hating Phil:

The DM is totally gay for Phil and wants to have sex with him. The party feels neglected and needs to throw out their competition so that THEY can sex up the DM in their own repressed not-actually-putting-out ways.

Also, homophobia actually is pretty funny. Overall, I enjoyed the episode, though I feel like the real-world group's relationship could do with a little exploration before the audience can really connect with them. They're all sort of hollow right now.

LOLOL I Hope This Isn't The Last We See Of Philip!

Man Now I Really Want Nachos!!

Awwww poor creepy Philip...

The bit where Falcore pushed him into the door made me laugh though. And he looked so grumpy and sulky the first time you see him in this ep! I loved it. I also loved his cheeky little face when he stole the orb thingy.

Good going guys, one advice, do more of those 'DnD Persona in Field' shots (like the Human Shield + Dragon) instead of the dropper shots in basement.

I do believe instead of the part where Philip was pushed, it would have been funnier if he said "OK" and Falcore imagined himself pushing Philip off a cliff as he closed the door.

It might take more time and be more 'expensive', but time them correctly and spread them out nicely and it should be nice.

Overall, this was an interesting episode, though I feel this particular concept ("New Guy" comes in, messes up the stability of the group) came in too early in the series as we barely know the current players. Focus more on the characters you have now, don't go introducing new characters to break the "status quo" of the group (as we haven't seen what the group functions on an episode-to-episode basis yet) so soon, even if they do appear briefly.

Still, an interesting episode as I said. It still has promise, so I do look forward to the next episode. There's some really interesting concepts that could really turn out to be great, so keep those ideas fresh.

this made me LOL alot

Not as bad as the time my friend used MY SOUL as a shield. Like, give a dead guy a break. But no, summons me from the nether world just so i can take a damn fireball to the face. It really would be less fun if everyone just worked together.

Well... I guess that's about as united as this party has ever been about anything...

Some funny moments, but wow, do I not like any of these people. I guess that's a step up from them just being role-playing group clichés, in as much as I no longer feel that any of them are stereotypes of people I know...

I feel like I'm still waiting for the hook that will make it clear why I should keep coming back to watch this.

i know happy people make everyone around them hate them but that was still a bit cringe worthy hope the guy comes back evil seeking revenge :-)

Wow, three episodes in and this series has gone from bad, to crappy, to down right mean. Raging Steroetypes are not amusing to anyone over the age of 12 guys. This is starting to seem much less like gamers laughing at themselves & more into the realm of everyone else laughing at 1980's level cliches combined with a vener of contemporary hate for the geeky.Its both not funny & poorly produced, relying to heavily on stereotypes we should be trying to abolish, not enforce.

I did not like this week's episode, the reason being this was not made to make jokes about DND. At first it was a joke about a guy being toady(A person who flatters or defers to others for self-serving reasons) so the DM would give him more loot, but that wasn't the case. Then I thought it was a joke on alignment but it wasn't that either. Now I am sitting here confused as to what the joke might be about.

Needles to say It missed out on great DND joke opportunities.

Kicking that dude out would never happen. ESPECIALLY if he was willing to bring them food. Nothing gamers hate more than having to get up from the table.

Plus, D&D geeks tend to take whatever gamers they can get. It took alot for our group to tell someone they couldn't come around.

Yes while I agree with that, imagine if the guy was truly obnoxious ruining your immersion, then you might want to kick that person out.

That guy's gonna snap out and kill everyone isn't he?

Its both not funny & poorly produced

Not funny is to me is a matter of opinion, no rof lols for me but I did like Phillip. Maybe a little too much. As for poorly produced I would disagree completely, the sheer level of shine in the costumes, shot compositions and special effects are amazing for what I would have to guess is a fairly low budget production. I guess they will hire writers when they can afford it but until then, production values FTW.

Am I correct if I guess that this is the setup for later plot happenings? I could totally see super happy and pleasant guy becoming a villain later on. An ever-cheery, always-smiling villain...

That episode was more "mean" than funny...

Now if it had a twist ending like... the guy put laxatives in the food and spiked the drinks... then maybe.

It would explain why the guy leaves with a smile on his face.

I agree with you. I didn't really find it all that funny.

I think I'm going to stop watching this.

That guy did have a smile that made you think "I'm going to kill you and wear your skin *creepy smile*" Yep, glad he's gone. Please only bring him back if it's to have him murder the wannabe charmer.

Couldn't see a funny side to any of that story and just felt bad for the guy. There was no real reason for them not to like him other than he had a brighter outlook on things than them.

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