301: No Later Than Monday

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Not too much sympathy.

Gamefly has been a better service. Blockbuster had ridiculously short rental times which meant (since I rent before I buy) that I would have to make the game my life for it's rental period. At my age, that isn't a viable option. (I understand that they lengthened the rental times AFTER I switched to Gamefly but that was too little, too late ....... much like their deceptive "No more late fees" campaign or their abortive attempts to launch their own Netflix-like service only to kill that through insistence on retaining iron-fisted control over everything.

It is sad to see it go in a nostalgia way but they've been digging their own grave for years.

Plus, if Extra Credits is right, the idea of physically renting games will become moot soon enough.

Meh. Gamefly's worked just fine for me for a very long time. The selection is pretty good, and even if I'm trying to rent a big new release I can rest fairly assured that I'll get it eventually.

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