301: The Mysteries of the Bin

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The Mysteries of the Bin

Treasure awaits those who dare explore the depths of the bargain bin, where games go to die.

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Oh god... The Bargain Bin... My worst enemy. I too root through it time and time again, but I haven't found anything worthwhile since Primal Rage for my computer (was it Windows 95?).

I always feel disheartened when I look at any bin though. The games just thrown around and in no particular order. No rhyme or reason to the way they are dumped into the bin. It hurts to look at for me. The worst pain comes from book bargain bins though. I love books, and seeing them torn apart with pages and covers bent or missing just makes me lose faith.

One man's trash though, as you've obviously seen with your lucky Watchmen catch.

Ahh the bin. Seeing as I have *Rummages through pocket* seven cents to my name, I always go to the bin. And, oddly, I always find something. This week it was a 5$ copy of Brain Age which creeps me out yet beckons intently. My favourite all time find was a 3$ game I had never heard of, S.L.A.I. I played it and was mesmerised. "How could this not get noticed!?"

(Of course my opinion is a really wacky thing)

Great article, and I love the bargain bin. It's like free gambling, sifting through the myriads of shovelware with the small chance of finding that one golden deal. My most memorable find was a copy of Burnout 2, which I hadn't heard of until then. I think it was like five quid, and I spent DAYS on it. DAYS.

Oh, the bins. I prefer the movie bargain bin to the video game one. I always find something good in there.

What a timely article! I just found a mint copy of Record of Lodoss War for Dreamcast about three days ago at a game shop here in town for all of $0.99. The shrink wrap had been taken off but I would wager the actual game had never been removed from the case. I doubt I will ever seriously play but it's one of a very select few Dreamcast games I don't actually own. Now if only I can find Project Justice, a SegaGaGa Boxset, and a special Hello Kitty skinned Dreamcast next . . . .

I've always went to the bin whenever I got to a shop where there are video games.
Ever since I was ten and only had 10 $ to spend a month, I tended to find some hidden gems. These gems were:

The longest journey
Theme hosputal
Giants citizen kabuto
Gabriel Knight

Very good games, but when I try the bin nowadays: I find nothing. That's why I do most of my shopping over the net nowadays, but even when I'm just helping someone find something; I still look through the bin.

Oh, the bins. I prefer the movie bargain bin to the video game one. I always find something good in there.

I admit I'm the same but mainly due to Game bargain bins not really existing near me. My 600+ film collection (a 3rd of which I've never seen) is testament to this.

However, I have had 2 bargain bin finds. One was a copy of Startopia for 99p and the other was the PC version of FFVII about a year after it was release when I was on Holiday in the USA.

Not a proper bargain bin, but I once found a decent condition copy of Ico, with slip cover and cards and manual, few-no scratches in a second hand store.

For $7...

Needless to say I was a very happy man that day.

My best Bin find was Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for $30. I have been hooked on Bioware crack ever since.

I keep up with the industry well enough that I'm usually buying a brand new game for $60 every other week. April is my only safe haven thus far, with the exception of Portal 2 coming out.

Nonetheless, I've discovered the future of bargain bins. Amazon.com (and for PC gamers, I KNOW Steam sales are pretty much the equivalent). A few weeks ago I nabbed DeBlob 2 and what turned out to be the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm for cheap via Lightning Deals, and last week I got hold of Yakuza 4 for just $30. It is the bargain bin that is always there and present.

I miss finding bargains, though. On occasion I'd give a cheap $15 game a chance, and sometimes I'd find myself amazed. I still remember how surprised I was at Viking: Battle for Asgard.

I think the real detriment to gaming is that they only ship so many copies, and then no more. Unless you're willing to purchase used (I typically am not), then the only games you get to see are the shovelware that never sold. Otherwise everything is either owned or cursed to the Used wall.

Even though I have over a dozen games I need to play and beat, I might stop by the bargain bin this weekend nonetheless, just to see what's around.

Viewtiful Joe, $4.

The bargain bin is always worth a look.

Yeah I know this. I was in a long queue at GAME with my mate before christmas, and the queue snaked around the bargain bin. We were so shocked to find utter gems from our childhood, PS2 games, in there for less than £5 each! Games that we'd never part with, and played to death. I wanted to buy it just so I could give it to my younger brother who would never experience it probably.

Gotta admit I'm a bin addict and I'm totally not ashamed of it. I found a copy of burnout paradise for the 360 for 20 bucks NZ, that about as low as prices get round here with out resorting to the fast talking man on the corner that reacts really badly to the colour blue. Also found a copy of far cry 2 for ten bucks and down here ten bucks is worth nothing, a happy meal costs ten bucks.
Loved both games.
Always check the bins :)

Bin there, done that!

Yeah, like the writer, I find myself almost offended by the state of these bins.

Surely, the basic rule of sales is that items on sale have be seen to be sold, and a jumbled pile helps no-one, and I wonder if I'm alone, that when I'm looking thru properly I'll often leave the bin sorted into rows of organised spines facing upwards, tho I won't let the potential OCD let me alphabetise them :D

Really how are you going to know what's at the bottom if you don't get down there tho :) That's where any bargains will be, as casual browser will, at the most, flick over the top layer.

I've been hooked to this since I found a bin that contained not ONE, but THREE versions of the Orange Box for the equivalent of two dollars each. I bought all the copies for gifts :D

Later on I visisted that same town and found three copies of CoD 4 for PC for two dollars per copy, and I bought two of them.

I've also found Unreal Tournament 3 for two dollars in my home town once, but I didn't end up buying it.

The bin is my comrade, I've literally got an entire library of PS2 games from the bin.

Let's see... I've gotten Timeshift, Bad Company 1, and Call of Duty 2, all for $10 out of the bargain bin. Lost Planet for 5. A lot of PS2 games - my PS2 still gets good playtime. Bioshock 2 I got for 20 when it was still $40, it had barely been taken out of the wrapper and might as well have been new.

My favorite, and the one that I should never have gotten rid of, was a perfect condition copy of Half-Life for the PS2. When I say perfect, I mean A+ never been out of the case perfect, for about $5 I believe. Needless to say, I played it and played it and played it.

There are more, I just can't think of them at the moment. Like any gamer who's ever had to pinch pennies, I still love the bargain bin, though the ability to buy the newest $60 blockbuster is certainly a valuable one.

I got "Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs" out of the bin. The title made me laugh so hard that I had to buy it. And I loved the game.

I love the bin. Or the "Shit-Bin" as me and my friends call it. That's where I built most of my DVD collection from. It's amazing what kind of movies and games you can find in these bins that were awesome when they were first out, and now they're a good 5-10 bucks. I'm just like you, I'll never not give the bin a once over when I get to stores.

But Wal- Marts screwing with me. They don't have bins in the ones near me. They have added more shelves with prices at the tops, which is actually kind of better cuz you can see without rummaging.

Though I like me some rummaging

Yeah I've rooted through the bin many a time. I'm not sure why the endless piles of shovelware never deter me from looking again. I really never go to physical game stores anymore though. There's actually been the off occasion when I do find something worthwhile in a bargain bin, and then I get home and look it up online, and it's STILL cheaper online.

And, really, what's five bucks? A box of Kleenex and a bad burrito.

Dude, where in the hell are you shopping?

...and that blue penis rocked my world.

that's what she said?

itothe 'estmated

I've found some great games in bargain bins too. Not just obscure shovelware.
I remember getting San Andreas for less than $10; and it was the original one you could crack the hot coffee out of.
And that game was actually worth $60.

I love the bargain bin and yes I am cheap but being cheap is also the reason I'm not poor anymore. I'd rather be cheap than poor.

Getting Culdcept for less then ten bucks was my last good score from a bargain bin. :) Granted that was two years ago or so.

Oh, the bins. I prefer the movie bargain bin to the video game one. I always find something good in there.

Ah, the bargain bins for entertainment.

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny for a 5 spot, Front Mission for 7. Persona for 99 cents.

Wonderful Times, wonderful times. Sometimes you can keep yourself entertained for a while with nothing more than a hand full of change.

I got "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne" from a bargain bin years ago.

It was awesome. Despite me having NO FUCKING IDEA what Megaman Legends was at the time.

I just wanted to inform this writer that I loved their article. The topic was interesting but the writing was amazing. It was clever and funny in a way that I personally love. Thanks for this article; it made me giggle and crack more then a few smiles.

I like them but they make me cry inside, poor games ;_;

Bin there, done that!

You go to your room and you think about what you've done, sir. FACE THE CORNER!

I got Dead Rising 1 (on a Christmas sale) for $10, got Brutal Legend (no sale) for $9, and Little Big Planet PSP (on an Easter sale) for $12. Keep in mind that all three of these were first released less than 5 years ago.
I love Amazon.com.

I've gotten so much from the bargain bin. My latest find was Nostalgia for the DS. I looked at it on the shelves but thought it looked a little to generic to drop too much money on it, then I found it for $5 in a bin and I bought it, it has become one of my favorite DS games and I'm a little mad I didn't get it sooner.

I also found a bunch of games for the N64 as a kid/teen, Turok Rage Wars has always been good to be ($2) and Extreme-G ($4) was one of the few racing games I've ever liked. I even once found Zelda:OoT for 6 bucks. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go play some of these games I found just by stepping out of line and digging through generic games.

The ultimate bargain bin I've found is at a local store that deals with some new games, but primarily handles second hand and older games, along with any type of game related merch you can think of. Posters, Paintings, Action Figures, Pens, Yo-yos, etc. This place is truly bin-diver heaven. PS1, 2, and 3 titles. Xbox and 360 titles. PC titles. Hell, they even have a display case full of so many game-cube games that if you buy $100 worth they will GIVE you a gamecube console for FREE. The list goes on. All stupidly cheap and in working order as the disks have been buffed, cleaned and tested.

It's as though half the store was sourced from a bargain bin! And to think, I almost didn't discover this gem.

I found Shadow of the Colossus in the bin. I found Lost Kingdoms in the bin. Some of the old Worms titles on the PC were found in a bin. Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, and Pokemon Snap--all in a bin, or the bargain shelf. I'll admit it. I rummage. I'll make stacks on the floor by the bin while I rummage. I'll go through the bins, even if most of the games are for a console I don't own. I get the weird looks from people content to buy from a shelf. They don't know. I laugh at them, knowing that in a bin nearby, that they'll never check, is a game or movie or book they will love, and they have no idea of it. Let them give me the weird looks. I don't mind. Soon, I will find something in the bin, and I will cheer, standing exalted before the register.

My husband is the bargain movie bin addict, but me? I haven't found a video game bin bargain in many, many years. Heck, I haven't SEEN a bargain bin for video games in nearly as long. It's all console games now, and I don't have a console.

But I'll never forget the joy of games such as Startopia, and Majesty, and Arcana. I may be an online shopper now, but... PC game bargain bin, I miss you. Thanks for the memories.

A massive chunk of my Magic collection and a few of my video games are things from group lots at the auction gallery my mom works at. Also I have to say Newbury Comics has one of the best setups for bargain-bin games I've seen. Instead of a bargain bin at all, they just put them on shelves near the big titles on proper display. Usually it's big titles that are 6 months old or more and not the obscure gems, but I've been in GameStops and other game stores that put anything that's not the biggest, newest titles in the bin. My copy of BioShock came into my collection because I couldn't walk by a copy of such a great game I didn't own for $10.

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