Miracle of Sound: Necromorph Soup

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Necromorph Soup

It's all over the walls, it's all over the floor. It's what you get when you stomp on necromorphs in order to pull money out of their guts. (The Dead Space 2 song.)

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Well that song was certainly catchy... and kind of creepy. Mostly funny though - everyone knows that horrible monstrosities keep their money in their chest cavities!

Haha! Fucking awesome! This song makes me laugh.

I will say, you kind of take the terror out of the game with the 80s sound. Now I know what to do when I get too scared playing creepy games. I just need to toss on some OMD. :D

Your second best song, so far.

Dayum, didn't expect one so soon. Fantabulous.

Nice song, in my opinion one of your better ones posted on the Escapist (yet!).

"Better grab your plasma cutter
Gonna slice through limbs like a blade through butter
Better grab your plasma cutter" - somehow, this line i really loved. The way it's sung, i suppose... something really catchy.
"And it's all over the walls
And it's all over the floor
Your appetite's kinda fadin' away
You're not so hungry anymore..."- also loved this part, dunno why, but again, really liked it.

So yeah. Great song. Also, i suppose i might as well point out that the word "Soup" is missing in some parts of the lyrics. It's kinda sad, but i always read the lyrics, cause normal English i can understand, but whenever it's sung, i have problems understanding it...

It made me think of Flight of the Conchords, highly entertaining and very catchy.

A good song for a good game.

It wouldn't fit terribly well when I actually PLAY the game, though.

But I'll be having that beat in my head for days.

That song was absolutely Delicious Miracle!
Quality of this video is just like the Necromorphs themselves, [b]completely unsurprising[b].
Keep up the good work!

Kinda made me think of the 'Ghostbusters' song or 'flight of the Concords'

Ah, ye olde necromoroph soup, it sates your hunger without being eaten.

I love how catchy it is! Awesome! Again your talent is epic!

Guess I know what I'll be singing for the next week.

Also, have you heard Yahtzee's Deus Ex song? Sure would be cool if there was a full version, hint, hint.

Funky. That is the only word to describe this. I want me some Necromorph Soup

Necromorph Soup

It's all over the walls, it's all over the floor. It's what you get when you stomp on necromorphs in order to pull money out of their guts. (The Dead Space 2 song.)

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Hey, Gavin, I have a question. Is the Minecraft song not on your website for downloading yet because you haven't gotten around to uploading it yet, or is it part of your deal with the Escapist that you can't put them up and thus I should stop expecting them?

If the former, do you know when you'll have the time to do so? If the latter, that's too bad.


These songs are great. Keep them coming and I'll keep watching.

Well, this song has supplemented the previous song stuck in my head. Which was last week's Miracle of Sound.

I don't think that game's gore fetish has been made more clear before.
I was never too big on Dead Space, neither 1 nor 2, but this song is actually pretty catchy.

Loving all of these songs, but i think you should raise awareness of your earlier works. Like the Commander Shepard song(That was pure genious!).

Heh, the song was alot funkier than I expected. Still liked it though, especially the "I'm not so hungry anymore" line and that little creepy "necromorph soooouuuup~" near the end.

It's probably just me, but since I've been mining for the past few days. I really hoped for something cheerful again. Yet to my surprise, this was very entertaining and catchy, doesn't make me wanna play Dead Space at all though, unlike the other two songs did, since I don't like the game.

But I gotta say, these songs change from one to another without being too different, I liked all of them, and listened to them a few times, and they never changed so much that the next one would make me stop listening to this.

(For a quick example, the previous music show had a very fun start, and I liked the first song so much, I kept listening to them for a while, until I decided I just don't like them anymore, and it was just that one song that kept my hopes up.)

Once again, you prove yourself not to be a one-trick pony. Great stuff!

Are there second fillings for those who want more necromorph soup?

I loved that song and I love those games ;)

That was really rhymeing song. I liked it. =)

showed this to a friend of mine who DJs a few underground clubs in London. He's gonna try to shoehorn this into his show apparently.

The thought of a dubstep night broken up by this makes me laugh :)

I think your songs just keep getting better and better.

Best so far!

I love that funky soup.

I'm never going to be able to play Dead Space now, because this song will always pop into my head and i'll die while i'm laughing.

Hands down, this is the best thing on the Escapist right now.

Gonna go ahead and agree with some others and say this has a flight of the conchords vibe, which is obviously good, awesome song, real catchy!

Not as good as your previous stuff, but it's still awesome ;D

Yahtzee can suck it, you are the highlight of my Wednesday Escapist browsing. :D

Your second best song, so far.

I agree with that. I still think Age Of The Dragon is the best one from Miracle. They're still all great songs. Keep this up, Miracle!

Now the highlights of my Wednesdays.

Fan for life now, it's official.

I liked the video so much I started to sing along half way.Comes very close to Age of the Dragon.

Good job!

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