Show About Games Show: Weapons and Tea Bags

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Guess What

And thats all I could think about through that entire episode.

... What? No one else watches the New Adventures of Old Christine?

I love this show.


i liked the Little Skit but i was board with Tea Bagging.

But The Rock Paper Scissors and Swords was really funny

Honestly, I want to like this show, and I watch every episode, but I rarely get more than a single chuckle out of each episode, I really think you guys need some new writers, or better actors, because you have potential.

Its good to see you guys brought your A game this week. I want to see you guys stay here but the funny isn't always there.

...not like I'm a critic i'm just not laughing.

At first I didn't really like you guys so much, you were clearly funny, but the videos had bad execution, jokes tended to drag to much. I am happy to say that you have constantly been getting better. I loved the quick rock-paper-scissors part and would have liked another quick bit at the end, but I feel you carried my enjoyment through the leng section much better than your others. I think it might be because you weren't trying to be as overtly funny, so the dryer hummer worked better over the longer sketch.

This show is really growing on to me. So much love in every corner.

Cpt Corallis:
I know rugby. That looked nothing like rugby!

Other than that, awesome! Especially rock beats gunsword!

O_o that's like saying "I know Master Chief and that looked nothing like Master Chief." sure one is real and the other is not but this is a somewhat comedic show...relevance is meaningless. Sorta like wondering why people bleach their hair while watching a football game.

in other news: ReCaptcha - Kothe Minfoc

totally awesome, my gf totally walked in on the wrong part of that episode

Overanalyzing the obvious = win.

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