Rage Preview

Rage Preview

It's the good kind of horrible.

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Different genres all rolled in one package? Sign me up :D

I've been very excited for/interested in Rage since I first heard about it, but I have no interest in racing games. I'm wondering exactly how much of the playtime will be allocated to required racing sections?

I also hope it differs from Borderlands driving sections in that the controls are not fuck-awful. Driving sections in most shooters control like a "fat man riding a unicycle" to quote Yahtzee, so hopefully since they've dedicated more time to the driving in this game, this will make it operate a lot better.

Also, your name is Butts. Tee he he

Oh screw dat. I'm also squemish, thus I loved Doom 3, but I hate the kind of horror games that try to gross me out.

Well, apparently id listened to the retards who played D3 in bright day, thus were not scared and demanded the next horror game to be disgusting. Oh thanks a lot guys. Shit.

Now all I need to know is whether or not the Quake voice is in or not. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it would be nice to hear it again.

Amen. It would also be nice to hear Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails doing the soundtrack [ala Quake], and hoping for a nail gun with the ammo boxes having the bands logo plastered on them.

But alas, I think that is just a dream.

Either way, been following Rage for a while and am extremely looking forward to it.

Also: I have iOS, is this Mutant TV game thing very much like Smash TV back in the 16bit days?

Different genres all rolled in one package?

...how many times has that been done and work successfully?
I fear this will be another daikatana.

I heard Co-op. There is no way I won't buy this game.

Except if it has Steam only DRM.

good to hear positives when talking about the gameplay, i've been looking forward to rage and would really hope it isn't going to disappoint me.

Man im pretty psyched for this game. And on this particular shooter I couldnt care less about multiplayer.
September though. GAHH.

I'm preparing myself to be severely disappointed by this game. Too much hype, too much time in development, trying to do too many things, and "blowing the crap out of everything you meet" is the purview of Serious Sam and Painkiller. I want something more than that, frankly. I guess this game is not for me.

I have faith in id. It's been a long time since they put out a new franchise, and I hope they do well. I will definitely be Raging.

Wow that Co-op mission concept was very smart. I hope we get to see some trailers for it sometime soon though.

Does anyone know what platform(s) this will be comming out on?

Super excited for Rage :D

Does anyone know what platform(s) this will be comming out on?

Everything, Carmack had it running on an iPad at one of the industry trade shows, but then a gain he is a freaking wizard.

I'm looking forward to this and am hoping less games will be using the Unreal engine in the future, with CryEngine 3, the new Frostbite engine, and idtech 5 being much nicer to look at.


Get ready for the brown, people (In visuals and quality of course.)!!

Steve you're squeamish? Clear out your office and turn in your manly mustache by the end of the day.

Did the people who made the generic anti-Id statements even read the preview or look at the screenshots? I guess that would be too much effort. Anyway, it's looking and sounding like a good one.


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