Unskippable: Atelier Rorona

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I had to Google that last one to make sure you weren't joking. That has to win some kind of prize.

Well, at least it isn't as long as the Japanese name... >> "Aru Toneriko Surī: Sekai Shūen no Hikigane wa Shōjo no Uta ga Hiku" No joke... The series IS good though, in particular the music :P

You mentioned Scooby-Doo.

Prepare to get stabbed.

Obscure JRPGs are always the most hilarious Unskippable eps. Fantastic.

Well it is good astrid id giving jobs to the mentally ill.

Also, why do the characters look 20ish in the cut scene and 12 walking around?

During travel they enter super-deformed mode.

Things like that are why I can never get into Japanese media, with the exception of some well made video games.

The title isn't to bad, compared to recently annouce Atelier Meruru: Alchemists of Arland 3.

Still waiting on Atelier Totori to get a US release to

(PS, Elric brothers have nothing on the Atelier Iris alchemists).

Pretty much every game in the series is named like this.

The only games with worse sounding names are Squaresoft's recent latin mathematics kick, the Y's: The Ark of Nephistim, and Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

You know what? Maybe Unskippable should do that last game you mentioned. From what I understand, one of the first characters you see is a woman with so much muscle, she looks more like a man in drag than a woman.

Who names their kid "workshop"?

Edward Elric she is not

More like Alphonse,
If she actually got trapped inside a suit of armor that would be hilarious!

Yeah, but she'd probably just phase through it like she did with the door.

man its a stupid name but 1 of 2010's best games (rpg wise at least)

Another great episode guys. Seems to me like you have really returned to from here in the last few months.

I like how from the walking animation to the dialog picture she went up 2 bra sizes. Oh Anime...

Wow, that game's art looked a lot like Tales of Symphonia. Backgrounds AND characters.


People not hearing about Atelier series makes me sad D:

Also, is that Liam O' Brien I hear playing the messenger?

Yes it is

Also, why do the characters look 20ish in the cut scene and 12 walking around?

Actually it's more like they look 12 in the cutscenes and 6 walking around, which just makes the incredibly short skirt all the more disturbing.

Got fucking dammit, escapist, stop eating my posts.

The juxtaposition of the cheerful accordion music and the content of the line "ancient relics, called the machines, were discovered among the ruins" is something I found.. peculiar.
You see, I was imagining the Terminator movies set to this music.

As for Graham's "It's a funny story", I was expecting Story Guy to make a short reappearance. But "Shut up, that's why!" is also worthy.

At least there wasn't a Gae Bolg....right?

Also, the SHUT UP, THAT'S WHY! (or however you said it) bit was quite lulz.

I laughed so badly, this was hilarious :) Keep up the good work

It's a shame, really. I loved the Atelier Iris trilogy, but just couldn't get into this game. It played like Atelier Annie, the DS game. I think I made it a few months in, and just lost all will to play it. It's more alchemy-based, than battle-based.

Those Scooby Doo jokes were a lot more entertaining than they should have been.

Awesome episode. I've never heard of this game before in my life though lol.

The graphics resemble those of Dark Cloud 2, and therefore it intrigues me. A brief look into Wikipedia makes me say that I don't think I'd get the game, but it looks like Japan really freaking loved it when it came out. lol maybe one day.

Props for Scooby-Doo reference. "Rut-ro Rarona!"

This is one of the few times they watch a cutscene from a game I just beat last week...anyway.

1. Liam O'Brien voices the messenger, with the most awesome stupid name in existence: Sterkenburg.

2. Think of these games like the polar opposite of Persona. It has the same day to day sim structure, but there's no sense of impending doom, no insane difficulty, nor villain to speak of. Seriously, the only semblance of a bad guy is some old fart playing pranks on random days. It is also like Persona in the sense it is the most addicting game I've played since P4.

3. Leave it to Anime Fantasy Adventures (screw the JRPG label, I like this better) to not only have low budget animation standards, but to also be the only genre where Graham and Paul return to prominence. I keep wishing they would review FFX-2, but I'm guessing they know it makes fun of itself.

The girl's name does sound like something belonging to the Scooby-Doo Show. Hilarious!

Hava a scooby snack for doing a wonderful job XD

Ha ha ha oh oh oh hi hi hi... "You ran ro it, Rorona!", that was the funniest Unskippable yet!

That was hilarious.

One of the best episodes yet.

i got a kick outa this cause my friend has it and i was watching thinking it called for an unskippable . Also the door thing reminds me of Dark Cloud. Wait how long has Dark Cloud been out? Like 10 years, way to go jrpg makers 10 years and a completely new system and you still can't manage to animate a door opening. At least they play a door opening noise so you can tell someone entered.

The thing is, if you can enjoy or at least tolerate the art direction, the games are actually REALLY good.


And what kind of door does NOT open at all?!

The Alchemists have obviously managed to master the quantum-tunneling effect, thus doing away with the time-consuming and often confusing act of opening a wooden door.

wait if they use quantum-tunneling why is there a door opening sound?

I was cringing for the voice actress during this one. You guys did a good job.

Oh god that was great.

I'm told the game is actually pretty alright, though.

This was absolutely hilarious. Had me laughing pretty darn well. XD


Everything you guys did was completely underminded once Liam O'Brien came in. <3

I was thinking that, now they ran that alchemy shop for quite a while and she seems to have been the apprentice for at least more than one day, so appearantly they never had any customers in all this time 'cause there must be a reason why she absolutely s++ks with customers, or maybe her master kept her in the backroom all the time cause she finds her so embarassing.

Rorona had me thinking of One Piece though... like Roronoa Zoro...

I'm surprised they didn't comment on Rorona's hilariously flat facial expression on the actual in-game model. Also, moe? In my rpg? Mon dieu...

And yet I still kinda want to find out what happens next <_<

I'm guessing she doesn't deal with the customers very often, which makes me wonder, just what does she do at that workshop?

Loved the Scooby Doo impressions guys.

I cracked up when I heard your impression of Scooby Doo.

Ok, that was a really good one. I don't mean to bash on the other unskippables, they were fine, but this one cracked me up :)

I wonder how much this way too goofy game can be blamed for it, though.

Hah, and just last week I suggested that you fellows stop with the wordless action games that give you nothing to work with and do a hilarious JRPG. If you took my advice, thank you. If you did this on your own volition, then all the better.

Pretty much every game in the series is named like this.

The only games with worse sounding names are Squaresoft's recent latin mathematics kick, the Y's: The Ark of Nephistim, and Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

Everyone, please do not try Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, it's like Bayonetta but with lolis. 'nuff said

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