Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

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Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

Let gaming's biggest douchebag explain to you how games aren't films, films aren't games, and David Cage will never be a moviemaker.

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Interesting new guy. I will be watching more.

Hmm. I like.
Well done. You are approved of.

From Destructoid to The Escapist! These guys are awesome at finding people (from Yahtzee to the Extra Credits team to The LRR guys) and now Jim! Welcome to The Escapist!

O.0 Intriguing person. Uh. And yes, video games aren't movies/otherwayaround.

Was this rant inspired solely by Heavy Rain? :O

Movies are not videogames, and videogames are not movies!
Movies are videogames not, and videogames are movies not!

I like the idea, but I don't know about the medium. It would work better as an article. His points were good, but I got distracted by his accent and glasses.

So...it's entertaining because he says "fuck" a lot?

'Cause, otherwise, I feel like I've missed the joke.

I wonder how he will diversify himself from the other, similar shows on the site.
I liked it this week and hope he can keep up the momentum.

I don't know who this guy is.... but I like him! Looking forward to the next episode, whenever it is!

Interesting......going to wait on this one till he starts getting good questions coming in.

First episode.
This guy appears to be /v/ personified.


Jim's a contributor now?

Me likey, very much.

Hmmm... Decently put argument... Somewhat interesting and novel orator... I am intrigued to see more of what this series and what Jim can offer.

Yay, a yahtzee and a movie bob hibred. cause that wont be troll feed.

Anyway, this one didnt impress me, but I dont like the argument. I'll have to wait and see with the next vid.


I don't get it. Why do we need more videos people rambling into a microphone and calling it "commentary"? We have Yahtzee, Movie Bob (twice a week), and Extra Credits.

i know that you are doing this for longer and you are great at it and you do have a place a this site etc.

the only thing that annoyed ME at this episode was that you weren't clear at who you were talking (at the start.) were you talking to us gamers? i hope not, because the only reaction i had to you saying that games arent movie line, was NO SHIT!!, is there even one person on this site who disagrees with that line?

if you were talking to the developers and producers, then you have a great point.

so yeah it was a good video, but at the start i just wasn't clear to who you were talking.

I liked it but maybe as an audio feature more-so than a video he just stood there, i feel it could be improved by adding some more pictures or another backdrop just my opinion

Yeeeah I got his point, not sure his point needed to be five minutes long, though. Loved the Zorn and Thorn music though so he gets some kudos for that... I guess


Movies are not videogames, and videogames are not movies!
Movies are videogames not, and videogames are movies not!

You made my point better than I did, well done sir!

Interesting stuff, but he either needs to cuss a lot less or not at all. Otherwise, with his fast method of delivery and accent it's only a matter of time before the Yahtzee comparisons start coming in.

Alright, Jim's on this site now. This episode quite nicely expands on points that were touched on before, but I think he does so quite well. Jim did make a couple audio flubs, though, such as: "Hideo Kojima is the Steven Spielberg of film." I recommend that Jim be a little more careful in the future.

You're like an odd mix of Smithy from Gavin & Stacey and Bulk from Power Rangers. Either way it's nice to see another Brit doing something here. I want to see this man in a threeway debate between himself, Yahtzee and Moviebob. Throw him in the deep end. The Extra Credits crew can host and commentate and we'll all sit back with the corn of popping.

There seemed to be a lot of dicks around this video.

Also, I liked it, though perhaps an introduction may have been better to start off. Just half a minute might've been nice.

Calumon: I like his glasses. :3

He makes a good point but the show doesn't look very inviting. It's just very simple and stark with a guy in front of a wall. That's perfectly fine for getting the message acrost and can work as a show but I find it kind of off-putting when combine with a personality that rubs me the wrong way a bit.

What the hell? I don't need a rambling rant about video games not being movies. I already knew that.

He's trying too hard to sound like an ass.

He has some decent point, but his delivery isn't great. That being said, movie Bob should keep an eye on his job, there is now a replacement hanging around.

Overall, I'm not that impressed. I'll give him another chance tho.

He swears a lot....

I like him!

I think this would work better as an article.

He makes some very good points and conveys his ideas quite well, but it was slow, lacked much appeal outside of his argument and overall was pretty bland. I'd personally prefer to read what he has to say instead.

The content of the video? Good, if not anything at all new to The Escapist. As much as I love the intelligent discussion of videogames and welcome new faces to The Escapist it would be great if they at least brought something new with them.

The video itself? Meh.. sorry, but it's just terrible. There's a reason why Yahtzee, MovieBob, the EC crew, etc. don't just stand in front of a video camera recording themselves for their video segment each week.

Eh. He made good points, but this just wasn't as entertaining as Extra Credits or Movie Bob. I'll keep watching though, coz it looks like it might get better.

Welcome Jim! I hope this turns into a long and healthy relationship between you and The Escapist. As for the commenters...*runs to fallout shelter*

Good points, horrible presentation. I don't want some self-righteous internet persona getting on top of a soapbox, turning on his webcam, and yelling at me for 6 minutes while standing still. Terribly preachy and driven by an unlikable host. I've seen better on youtube.

I have to go watch some Ashens to get this guy out of my head.

Alright, first off, I wanna' say, I like this guy's character, or at least, it's fun to watch.

But he doesn't belong in front of a screen like that, holding his microphone, preaching to the choir. He needs to be this kind of reckless, crazy person that's throwing eggs at big development buildings, and demanding an interview with their CEOs while the police take him away.

He needs to go and poll the populous, hold a press rally, and have a little towel to wipe his brow, like Louis Armstrong, just because that works with him.

I want to see this guy outside, getting in people's faces. Because this is the right man to do it.

Ugh. I detest Jim Sterling's style and delivery, but;

1. My preferences do not matter a damn if everyone else disagrees; and,
2. He's right.

My only gripe would be this: He should have brought up the developers doing it right. You can't bring up this topic and not discuss Clint Hocking, or Jason Rohrer. These guys have been eloquent voices for making games their own art form.

Because I needed another reason to hate Mondays...

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