Daily Drop: Puzzle


Dropper, no dropping! Dropper, no dropping!

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Dropper: You're too late!

That was really good with the puzzle falling apart after hitting the floor. I think any sized pieces would have the same effect. I have no idea whats gonna be dropped tomorrow.

Heh, pretty. I expected it to disintegrate more, but I guess those kid puzzles are sturdier than the 3000 piece ones.

What's the music in this one? I don't think I've heard it before

Was that Alex standing off to the side, just in case the crowbar is needed?

You killed Dora!

Actually yay for that, nice work :)

Oh Maaaaaaaaaan!

one of the more interesting ones as of late, although I do kind of wish you did it with a larger puzzle, like at least 50 pieces (or 1000 if you were masochists). I like how it bends up to a point.

Is next week gravel or something?

Also, they should have glued it together. that would have been cool.

... Actually, I feel really dumb, cause when I saw the pieces (during the subject # part), i was like, "whoa, those are big ass pieces". Then I remembered who was on it and was look oh... They should use a real puzzle with small pieces.

Ohhh, the fully aqssembled puzzle itself... I though it was justgoing to be the box filled with loose pieces, it held together remarkable well all things considered, I was expecting it to fragment midflight, large pieces or not.

I'm puzzled should I be happy or sad D:

Love the little blurb about the video, many giggles.

Cool drop, I liked it. Though maybe a puzzle with more pieces would have been more interesting.

Was that Alex standing off to the side, just in case the crowbar is needed?

Alex is always there.. Waiting.. Preparing to strike when we least exp--*crowbar'd*

Wow, nary a bend in the pieces. I was expecting at least some visible damage. I guess they *do* make them like they used to!

I liked the rewind. It looked like the pieces were alive! :-D


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