Escapist Podcast: DRM, Piracy & PC Gaming

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DRM, Piracy & PC Gaming

On this first episode, join Yahtzee Croshaw and Mikey Neumann as they converse on some of the biggest topics in games.

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I lol'd at 4:00. Karl Marx in a Lampshade =)
That was a good Podcast, sorry I don't have any ideas for next week.
And don't worry Neumann I watch your show too.

Escapist! Make a gaming radio! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
I'd help.. somehow.

i just want to make it clear i watch "Anthony saves the world" and love it.

oh yeah and this podcast thing is pretty cool too.

I lol'd at 4:00. Karl Marx in a Lampshade =)

If you like that image enough to want to wear it - "The Communist Party".

I'd actually prefer just the site staff on the cast, tbh.

Susan, John, Logan, Andy, Tom, and all of you behind the scenes people.

But this is good, too.


Ahh. This is like the relaxing, enjoyable beach massage after the messy kick in the teeth that was Jimquisition.

Can we get the audio in an RSS feed? I listen to a LOT of podcasts, and sitting still at my computer is pretty much the last way I want to do it.

EDIT: I'm also rather selective with podcasts and THIS-IS-AWESOME. So I REALLY want that RSS feed.

Please let this be weekly. It doesn't have to be these two every time.

A nice thing for discussion:
Comparison of the communities.
XBL (The stereotype of online gaming), PSN (Absoultely silent... nobody has a mic), PC (Arrogant elitists) and Nintendo (Completely non-existant)

Onyx Oblivion:
I'd actually prefer just the site staff on the cast, tbh.

Susan, John, Logan, Andy, Tom, and all of you behind the scenes people.

But this is good, too.


It would be nice to hear their opinions on things. But all we get from Neumann was his show, so it's nice to get to know him.

Very nice, but it was recorded a while ago, wasn't it?

I actually really enjoyed Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn and Renegade...

Especially Tiberium Dawn I regard it as a classic, Oh well must be the only one...

"Not that I've done it..."
Well played, Yahtzee. Well played.

Very nice, but it was recorded a while ago, wasn't it?

Probably about three weeks ago, judging by the Kirby reference.

Well some of that was a little awkward... but yeah, liked it


why hte hell is this not advertised isntead of jimquisition!?

That was awesome.

I would realy like to see more of this, but an improved version.

It'd be nice to explain the concept of what you're taking appart. What's this DRM?

As for PC Gaming - it gets to the point where buying newer and better computer isn't really worth it unless you work on it as a graphic or something like that. PC should stay as more of a work tool, with few things to fuck around in the mean time (but we have facebook for that now) and leave games for specified medium that they made for - consoles and eventually something better ;)

Overally I liked it ;)

Actually Yahtzee, I do depend greatly on your opinion before I buy games. I've decided to not spend several hundred dollars due critique about some games, and in turn spent money on your recommendations, the best examples being my avoidance of Dead Space and my purchase of Just Cause 2. And you know what? You've yet to be incorrect, as far as my enjoyment has been concerned. The games I opted out of, I played later at a friend's place or as a rental, and been deeply pleased that I never bothered to spend my own cash on them.

As a man of limited funds and time, I find your reviews truly invaluable. Thank you.

At the end there I thought 'Bully Kid' was someone who was going to be joining them next time. Turns out it was just one of the topics. Bully Kid would be an excellent blues name.

Also, good show.

A. I really enjoyed this. It is nice to see the multiple sides of Yahtzee all represented on this site and it was awesome to hear Mickey and Yahtzee just talk about interesting stuff.
B. It agree with what someone said above though that they'd like to see these escapist podcast feature many different people especially the main escapist staff like Susan, John, Russ etc from time to time. Rotate who is doing these and it will be a fun treat at least for me.
C. I totally watch and enjoy Anthony Saves the World. Looking forward to next season!
D. While I agreed with much of what Yahtzee said about Borderlands in his Zero Punctuation review (the inventory interface was a beast to get used to), I also found that none of his complaints detracted from the game for me. Borderlands is one of my favorite games, I play it all the time and I would eagerly buy a sequel with new classes or really just enough additional game play elements added to warrant a sequel instead of just DLC.

The awkwardness when Mikey brought up Borderlands.

I love it!

It'd be nice to explain the concept of what you're taking appart. What's this DRM?

DRM is the NewSpeak replacement for the term, "copy protection," a flawed -- some might say childish -- attempt to thwart the proliferation of unsanctioned copies of digital works.

Did someone call me?

C&C Renegade did a lot of things frighteningly right. It was a superb first person perspective of a RTS legend. And the mutliplayer was ages beyond it's competition.

Can we get an audio version of this?

Just me or was that REALLY awkward between them, Mr. Saves the world seemed to think Yahtzee was just comedic genius rather than all round reviewer and generaly played devils advocate throughout a lot of it.

Would have preferred moviebob and ZP, but that's me.

It was a good podcast, interesting, but they missed some obvious points. For example, the fact that DRM only applies to legitimate consumers, while pirates (presumably) enjoy the game with all that stuff hacked out. That means that the customer/sucker like me who pre-orders a game and pays full price at release gets a worse game experience than the schmuck who gets the cracked torrent a couple of months later.

I think ultimately the most effective anti-piracy measures are those which reward the customer for their purchase, because there is no way developers or publishers will be able to significantly punish a substantial number of pirates. The worse they make DRM, the more attractive the cracked version of the game becomes. At some point there will be a significant demand for the cracked version from legitimate customers who have purchased the game, but find it unplayable because of the DRM bullshit.

Great podcast, but could you possibly make it longer please?

That was a pretty awkward podcast. Granted, I don't listen to much of them, but compared to the only one I listened so far which was The Hater on AVclub, this is just... awkward. Like both of the guys didn't really think about the topic... a lot of silent breaks. Short statements like 'yeah', 'mhm'... etc. make it a bit slow and boring...

Beats most of the other new shows though.

I loved that, but there seemed to be a few too many awkward pauses.

Still, the background was funny, and the discussion was interesting.

I would love to know whose game shelf that is around the 6:50 mark. I saw some of my all-time favorites there(If you know me, you know what they are), and it's always fun to find other people with similar tastes.

Captcha: Schriften enterit

Ironic. I've been, listening to a few other weekly gaming podcasts for months now.
Somehow, I doubt this would become a regular thing.

On the other hand, a periodic Escapist Q&A VOIP "Call-in" program could work out nicely.

Well I love there are more things being done with Yahtzee but you guys need a better flow, there is alot of awkward pauses and talking bumps that really shouldn't be in a show.

Maybe just get some points down on paper and do a Q&A sort of thing, then cut together the good bits cuz I'm not sure Yahtzee works in a live stream recording, meant no disrespect but radio takes a Chatty McChat's Alot type person that will keep on rambling mindlessly even when there is nothing to say.

A reason to come to the escapists on Monday!

To bad about Mikes show "Anthony saves the world".
Just proves that Lisa Folis is a Jinx!

She killed her own show and took mike's show with her; BITCH!

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