Zero Punctuation: Crysis 2

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I beat the end bosses to this game by massing the melee until they died. It was as epic as that one time I murdered a spider crawling on my wall. Only the spider was more scary and more challenging.

Pretty good episode. I especially liked the dig at PC elitists about halfway through the video. :)

..... why?

While I'm thinking about it, that group before the huge section with the things you punch to break right before the very end, did anyone try to fight that one out? I was fighting guys for like 30 minutes before I gave up and stealthed through. Were there not several sections(another big one is the section where you're breaking into that lab at the very beginning) where you get constant forever respawns and *have* to stealth?

That was what I liked least about it.


Pretty good episode. I especially liked the dig at PC elitists about halfway through the video. :)

..... why?

Because it was funny, and because he did it on a site with a good number of PC Elitists, which takes balls.

cheers Yahtzee.
Make fun of Naughty dog more.

Sooo... it's like the first Crysis but slightly more linear and possibly a bit more Halo-y?

I'm good with that.

*submits Amazon order*

I'll know tomorrow. :D

New York is a popular target because it's arguably the most important city in the world, at least at the moment. It has strong signifigance not just to Americans, but to people in most countries whose livelyhoods depend on it. I think this is definatly changing, but it still rings true for the most part.

The US is not only the most powerful nation in the world, but has also been the biggest market in the world, and the most profitable. While other countries have surpassed us in some respects, we're still the marketplace of choice where people bring their goods before anyone else.

New York City has perhaps the most impressive natural harbour in the world, and is where a huge portion of goods entering the country go, for distribution and sale in other parts of the country.

If New York City goes down, so does it's marketplace and all of the infrastructure located there, not to mention things like Wall Street. We're talking chaos beyond the city itself and the USA, but an international crisis where national economies will collapse, fortunes will fall, and people will be scrambling to try and create alternative infrastructures out of nothing given that Wall Street is pretty much the #1 spot for international business administration.

A lot of people might not like this, and think it's "American Arrogance", but the point is that New York will resonate with people because it represents a lot to them as well as the US, and has for a long time. As the world changes, so will this, but that's where we are now.

In comparison other cities like LA, London, Bangkok, Paris or even Hong Kong are big deals and recognized internationally, and can be used in a similar capacity, but they tend not to resonate the same way New York does. Less people have a vested interest (globally speaking) in the survival of London Or Paris than in New York for the moment.

It also doesn't hurt that New York has a huge TV and film industry, right up there with Hollywood, and a pretty big infrastructure. That means it's very easy to use to develop visual media if you have the money. What's more it's important along with it's heavy use means that a lot of people are familiar with it, and familiarity helps generate the right feel when they see things destroyed.

This is one of his better episodes, and one of the few I agree with. I've watched it 6 times

What did Nathan Drake ever do to you, Yahtzee? Besides being unabashedly American with a can-do attitude, and a happy disposition towards murdering people regardless of their skin color or nationality.

I agree about the pacing. That is the main reason I liked Crysis 2, it wasn't doing the Blackops and MW2 of constantly trying to out do itself. As a piece of entertainment it was pretty good, but I'm not sure how good a game it actually was since I too mostly just stealthed through a lot of it.

To all those who read the Metacritic user scores:

I fucking told you all it wasn't shit :D

Well, like Monsters vs. Aliens said, UFOs only ever land in the USA.

But you'll find in alien invasion/major disaster stories, it's always the same places being levelled. New York City is a popular one because it has more landmarks recognizable to both an American and an international audience than most (of course, the reason for this is probably because of how often NYC's been used in this capacity). San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Paris, Rio, Sydney, Tokyo and Moscow are other common choices, as are other famous landmarks like the Great Wall, the Great Pyramid and the Taj Mahal.

I mean, you could blow up the St. Louis Gateway Arch or the Reichstag, but how many foreigners could actually identify them?

Its because New York doesnt really exist. Its just some meme of a city that gets destroyed over and over, and you get props for destroying it in more creative ways like Red Faction.

Its just some famouse fictional city someone wrote about a long time ago, noones actually BEEN there.



Pretty good episode. I especially liked the dig at PC elitists about halfway through the video. :)

..... why?

Because it was funny, and because he did it on a site with a good number of PC Elitists, which takes balls.

No... I mean whats the difference between a console and a pc elitist?

Because you are just being a console elitist.

Lol!! Yeah I still have not picked it up but I am definitely looking forward to it. Sounds like a blast. I think the reason that NYC is depicted so much is because the devs know that is a city to which a lot of people can recognize. I mean considering that a lot of Americans probably have not been to London, or Paris, or some other major world hubs, it stands to reason that the devs would be more inclined to choose a city that the majority of its' audience can relate to... right?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seemed like a positive review... SHOCK!

In all seriousness, I quite liked the first one, and from what it sounds like the 2nd one is more linear but still fun. Good. I don't hate linear in fact I quite like it sometimes. So maybe I need to check this mo fo out.

I especially liked the dig at PC elitists about halfway through the video. :)

Yeah, but then he made the same complaints that PC gamers made i.e. simpler linear levels, lazily developed AIs, less visual 'wow' factor...

So yeah...

I recall Yahtzee's praise of the spaceship for Crysis 1, and it was weird because that was hands down my least favorite part of the game. In fact, whenever I play Crysis 1 nowadays I typically get to that part and call it a day. Missing out on a short primarily turret based escape mission and running around a cramped Carrier are worth missing if I don't have to navigate that completely unintuitive ship.

Anyway, pc power is preventing me from playing Crysis 2, but I look forward to it. It's a shame Prophet died, but then he had all the character of a potato chip, so I guess it's alright. That's probably why they switched to Psycho for Warhead. But then his accent got a bit obnoxious so they'll probably kill him off too, who knows.

Crysis was also paced well (warhead a tad less so), so I'm glad to hear the trend is continuing. I actually liked the quieter more open ended early levels as opposed to the more linear stuff that came further on down the line.

Also a shame (or not) that they didn't balance stealth. It was OP as anything in the first games, and apparently remains such. I beat Crysis 1 and Warhead both without killing anything not listed specifically in objectives with just the stealth function.

Put a smile on my face, entertaining as always.

I was actually surprised by the overall positive attitude throughout the review, Crysis 2 seems to have been a huge disappointed for everyone else and their cat (in the reviewer landscape anyway).
I haven't played any Halo title, but many a reviewer compared the new aliens to Halo ones for example. But maybe you didn't include it because we were already expecting hearing such things. You hipster you.

I can't agree on two things tho:
1) The main character's tragedy. I mean I was positively surprised by that bit of the plot twist, the whole "Dead Man Walking" part, as well as that part later when you find a guy in a test tube, but it didn't have all that much emotional impact rather than being interesting and a refreshing twist from the whole superhero/supersoldier thing. I mean I can imagine how the protagonist could feel, but he could also be a jackass that just doesn't give a shit and I for one find it just interesting (and fun to play).
2) (if you read this, read this to the end) While there are numerous parallels to HL2, I think one of the most important parts was very different at the core, the storytelling. Crysis 2 was much more conventional and delivered in mission-sized pieces whereas HL2 just "flows" better for me. But maybe it's also just because of the setting that Crysis 2's story comes off as more conventional and generic. I mean, imagine HL2 being set in New York. Would change a few things for me.
So yeah, I only partially agree on that one. I can see where you're coming from tho.

Thanks for your work.

A good review. Through my Yatzee hate-filter, Ive interpreted this as fairly glowing recommendation. And I enjoyed it to. I am refreshed that he didn't call it a brown and grey shooter because that's what he decided it would be before playing. I was wrong about that prediction, and I tip my hat to you Yahtzee.

Id celebrate by going to play Crysis 2 but, lets be realistic here...Portal 2 was just released.

Hmm, I guess I'll rent it on PS3...considering they don't seem to care about PC gamers anymore anyway.

New York is a popular target because [...]

Guy from Germany reporting in. From my perspective, New York is a important city, but just as important as about every other capital city of big known countries around the globe and I personally get tired of games taking place in the same city over and over again. There's nothing inherently wrong with doing that, but when considering the possibilities you have...

NY may be important, but I have no emotional connection to it whatsoever. It would be the same if any other major city was affected, that even holds true for Berlin. So while it wouldn't matter to me which big city they pick, I'm uncomfortable with picking the same one again and again because it gets repetitive - but I guess it's easier to "write what you know", many developers have done NY before and such doing concepts is altogether easier. Doesn't make it better for me tho.

It's true NY has a lot of popular landmarks not only known by natives, but people all around the globe, but just keeping on riding this horse means that won't change in the future and we won't get to see landmarks of other cities. And to be honest, despite me knowing those landmarks, I have no emotional connection to their destruction just because it happens. Assassin's Creed 2 and counting does it better with their ingame dictionary that is both informative and fleshes out the world with a bit of snarky humor.

Groovy. I was a bit skeptical that it would just turn out as another 4-hour-exlposion like black ops but now I guess I'll check it out.

And I'm dying to see Yahtzee take on Homefront, which I'm pretty sure incorporates one HalfLife-ish "OmgLookAtAllThisDeathWarIsTerrible" moment then tosses you a .50 cal and lets you loose on a wave of NK soldiers that are getting their faces melted off. Then it rewards you a high-five and a cliffhanger

Wait, how is Half Life about "OmgLookAtAllThisDeathWarIsTerrible"? Don't you spend almost the whole game kicking alien ass? I mean, it has its dark moments, but I didn't spot any "war is terrible" messages, more like "our oppressive alien overlord regime sucks" messages, if anything.

Thought he'd rag on it more. Still, I preferred it to Crysis1... which is a bit weird, maybe due to my colour blindness...



Check your keyboard dude.





..... why?

Because it was funny, and because he did it on a site with a good number of PC Elitists, which takes balls.

No... I mean whats the difference between a console and a pc elitist?

Because you are just being a console elitist.

Um... What? How did I give an indication that I am a console elitist? All I said was I liked a particular part of the episode, you asked me why, and I explained why I liked it. I never gave any indication that I thought of PCs or PC gamers as "lesser", nor did I try to lift console games up on a podium as inherently better. I just explained my opinion. Where exactly are you getting this from, and what exactly was the question that you originally asked me (since it seems I might have missed the point)? I think I am missing something here...


Um... What?

My personal guess is that a) you're either on the "PC side" or on the "console side", b) finding it funny when someone makes fun of PC gamers puts you on the console side by default, c) how dare you?! (He's on the "PC side")

It's silly, but that's my guess.

Neat review, Yahtzee
and, don't worry, just one more day of dodging spoilers for you, until you get to try your hand at Portal 2
Hang in there!

"...Inconvenient erections in a Calvin Klein advert..."

"...It reminds me of HL2 in a good way. Except without the powered suit... oh, wait. I mean except without the alien invasion... oh, wait..."

"I may be remembering that wrong."

Top quotes. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the game giving my next tower upgrade a hernia.

I was disappointed by the throwing as well and wondered why the developer made such an "easy to spot" design error?

That... and how all the secondary actions come from the same energy well.

What! I can have 1000 different kinds of weapons (each with their own type of ammo) but I can't have 2 different bars for stealth and run?!

I'm suprised he didn't point out the glaring AI issues this game has. I frequently dont need to cloak because all the enemies are busy walking into walls and dumpsters.

Played through the campaign twice and Iv'e seen the ai behaving like that litrally twice, both on the second playthrough, so your either unlucky or exadurating

good review, a fair one i suppose..
the half-life on
but i wished he played it on the pc instead of the hexbox. and btw has he played crysis 1 and warhead?

to me, crysis 2 is a love/hate game for me. it has its perks (combat is phun), but it also disappoints me in many aspects (nano powers, suit voice, GRAPHICS, linearity, less-realism, game features, etc).

good game, but imo, still inferior to the first ones.


I just didn't have it in me to get excited about this game.

It's all very functional and competently executed but when all is said and done it's just yet-another-bloody-shooter. The story was a pile of arse sprinkled with techno-babble. The characters were paper-thin and utterly forgettable.

However, I do agree with Yahtzee regarding how Alcatraz was completely messed up and only being kept alive by the suit. That worked well.

Not well enough to carry the game though.

Great review,describes it perfectly.

One of the better episode of ZP in a while, really liked it :D

Huh, I thought he would review Portal 2....

Great review though!

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Crysis 2

This week, Zero Punctuation wonders why New York City is such a common destruction target.

Watch Video

Good humor, and I enjoyed myself watching it.

Count Igor:
Do people not get the fact that they get put on probation for responding too soon?
Good lord people, you're like lemmings.
Anyway, to the video. I approve.
That is all.
(And no, you're not remembering that wrong. It totally happened like that)

Lemming here? Noooooooooooo, no, no, no.
Sir these are free thinking.... um... um... oh God I Can't even finish.

If feels a cheap cloak option, is fucking the game play, maybe he shouldn't use it.

If using short cuts in a game cheated you out of 90 percent of the game, its your fault for using them.

"But Magog I like being sneaky!" than you can't complain when the game delivers it to you properly and you realize "wow this isn't as awesome as I thought it was."

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