Daily Drop: Googley Eyes

Googley Eyes

Winston Churchill once said, "The eyes are the windows of your face."

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Great googley moogley!

*Ahem* Well, that was an alright drop.

Those eyes were staring at me...

Witness now the abyss of the Great Old Ones!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

I couldn't believe my eyes :-p

Huh, shame there didn't really seem to be any point at which any of them were staring into your soul... a couple of the bigger ones almost lined up though.

They're staring into my sooouuuulll

I could see fear in those eyes as you dropped them. You monsters!

That was.........interesting.

My god, they were staring at me! D:

Tomorrow's drop should be good, hopefully plenty of things to shatter!

I couldn't believe my eyes :-p

Eye see what you did there.

...Kinda reminded me of the new misc item for Pyro in TF2, googly eyes xD

Ok, I just now realized this... the last drop was a cheap kids puzzle. Then these eyes, and tomorrow is a bunch of identical seashells...

Alright, who hit the craft store? Seriously, we sell all this stuff at the one I work in.

The floor has eyes!

The high speed camera certainly has an eye for detail.

The dropper sure has a lot of pupils.


I love Christopher Walken!

what song was that?

And all I could think of was that scary fish they dropped some ages ago. *shivers*

Hey, is this that new Kinect game?

I always feel like... somebody's WATCHING ME...


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