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Shorts & Shorts

A collection of shorts that have been kicking around since early on in the series, now presented to you in stereo sound.

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My favorite ones were Flag Gettin' and Say Mr. Marsten.

Say Mr. Marsten, How come you never learned how to swim?

That was really good. I'd say keep this style. It reminds me of Robot Chicken.

I like Robot Chicken.

Red Dead makes so much more sense now.

Bring Boooooooooooooooobs back!

Love the show, keep it up!!

"Come 'ere, you. You're a pretty little thing. I'm pickin' you. Makin' a bouquet of you. Gotcha now. I wish I was a florist. Boy howdy!"

oooh, so that's how they comment so quickly.

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... the stand up act was painful

Awesome, just awesome. You should do more stop animation, its always funny!

Game standup 2 was not all that bad. Also really liked Flag Gett'n.

More shorts!
I like them better :)

It was perfect except for the stand-up act; It could have been better.

Other than that... LOVED IT! Can't wait for next week :)

I demand a new series with legos and stop motion!

Okay, this was nice.
The first stand-up made me cringe, but the second one made me laugh. Also, the comment part was also quite funny. And the Marston part, too. I didn't get the "this sucks" at first, though. Only after the second Halo dude said it again.

Great episode. Keep up the great work!

A bear and a bird practicing law?...Mix Phoenix Wright with Banjo and Kazooie? I'd buy that.

Hilarious clips btw, Say Mr.Marston was priceless and Game Stand Up 1 was better then 2, 2 was painful xD

Am I the only one who found that shockingly bad?

I found it terrible, didn't laugh at any of the jokes... yet got all of them. The Acting was horrible, I can clearly say that I won't be watching any more of these.

I thought I'd just get my opinion out there.

The stand-up guy #1 sounds just like Emo Phillips. I approve.

that last sketch was the best

That first stand-up routine was unbearable.

Say Mr. Marsten needs to be on here more often. I would totallly watch five minutes of just that.

Flag gettin' is by far my favourite things you guys have ever done. Maybe the only thing I've ever really "liked" from this show thus far. If only the entire show was done with stop motion and figurines. >_<

Huh... well that was something, the second bad-comedy section was surprisingly entertaining somehow.

Haha, I wonder if the 2nd flamer on gamestabation a dig at all those people who bitched about Lisa Foiles when she first started on the site. It was spot on if it was.

Also that was a pretty damn good Emo Philips impression.

Shorts & Shorts

A collection of shorts that have been kicking around since early on in the series, now presented to you in stereo sound.

Watch Video

Guys, seriously. DO MORE OF THIS. The longer sketches don't seem to grab the attention and lols.. But these shorter jabs? Brilliant. I legitimately enjoyed the entire episode. :D

The stand-up guy #1 sounds just like Emo Phillips. I approve.

...Huh. I actually figured it was Jerry Seinfeld. I am disappoint in myself, because I know who Emo Phillips is and think some of his stuff is rather hilarious.

Nice, the shorter segments work well for this show but I still liked the gamesturbation section the most, the rest was funny but not outstanding. Still, the variety made it more interesting to watch, I appreciated the use of stop motion.

Was not a fan of bad stand up 1. 2 was bearable, but still wasn't a big fan. Everything else was pretty damned funny.

This one was pretty hilarious. The "Say Mr. Marsten", Gamesturbation and Get the flag were all very very funny. Your shorts are always the funniest part of the episode for me so this episode was the funniest yet.

Is it me or does the last stand up guy sound like Steven Wright?

the Mr. Marsten bits were hilarious, the rest, not so much. Was the point of the game comedian bits that they were painfully unfunny, so it was thereby making fun of people who are actually video game comedians?

Oh yeah, totally bring back Jill. She is hot.

bring back BOOOOBS XD

fucking hilarious...

OMG this was hilarious! perfect portrayals of internet comment stereotypes :D

LOVED "Say, Mr Marston" it had me in stitches! I'm a gonna kill that Bill Williamson!

The stand-up sketches were painful to watch though. I mean I know even bad comedy can be funny, but that was just awful.

Gamesterbation is always amusing, mostly just for the commenters at the end :P

It's funny 'cause it's true.

I find it funny the variety of inputs, it must make it so difficult to decide what to write each week for feedback.

I happened to like it all this week.

This was honestly appalling; not to mention your scare techniques for preventing criticism, making people who do criticize the show looks like idiots.

Not Escapist quality at all in my opinion, but I guess if people are enjoying it, let them have it.

Nice one, I enjoyed this. I particularly liked the 'reverse star power'. Awesome.

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