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The hourglass was fucking amazing.

I don't even remember some of these. I love the ketchup and mustard

You can alphabet I'll be back to watch the next episode!


*doesnt break*


The Pepper should really have been included. Just because it really is the CLASSIC Crowbar.

Agreed. It was pepper's resilience and the Daily Drop crew's absolute commitment to destroying it that made me watch this series every day.

great the 40 is still my fav and a awesome why to start a "best of" episode. still waiting for the behind the scenes clips you promised.

The titles just made it even better, great job :D

Here's to the wanton destruction of many a helpless inanimate object and to the anticipation we feel as more come our way. Thank you, Daily Drop, for making us smile, laugh, and gasp.

And to those who feel the pepper pot was maligned, consider: Greatest Drops Volume 2. Because nobody stops at just one compilation...

Playstation...3? o i c wat dey did thar ^_^

It never gets old

Hello, new avatar.

Captcha: wold ualudef (lv 26 Barbarian)

Best part was my reaction to the light blub (of the gods) was in PERFECT sync with the video :)

Anyone know what the second song was?

Damn, those item descriptions were hilarious!

Lightbulb of the gods indeed.

The hourglass is still my favourite drop ever.

LOL'd at "Macbook Pro," too.

Excellent episode! >.< !edosipe tnellecxE
Anagram of Clientele Exposed.

Some great choices in there. I thought the salt and pepper shaker would have been included but in hindsight it's not the best crowbar episode.

My top 3 so far:
1. Salt and Pepper
2. Light Bulb
3. Jello

Finally, a decent, watchable clip show. Thanks for the memories.

LOL the lightbulb of the gods

now I have an urge to hang a crowbar up in my room. you know, for home security

That lightbulb is amazing, though I've gotten conked on the head by dropping a glass bottle on a hard surface and it bounced right up against my noggin. Glass is an amazing and unpredictable material.

Some of the best!

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