Critical Miss: The Dual Pit Experiment

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Well that was...

Just imagine four player portals.

You don't have to fight over the companion cube. He can be companions with both of you!

... six extra seconds.

when i saw this i thought more about the jarry springer show... THAT'S MY COMPANION CUBE HOE! YOU DON'T LOVE HIM! YOU WERE JUST USEING HIM TO HOLD DOWN A BUTTON!

... rather good.

... sort of crossovers.

... rather good.

... sort of crossovers.

...a literal one!

Hehe, that...

And here we have the perfect design document for a competitive Portal mode- it would be like Oddball in Halo, but with Portals and the Companion Cube as opposed to guns and the skull. amazing crossover.

...the wait.

...split into two?

This isn't...
It can't be...
2 plus 2 equals...

...and connection my post count
... brilliance
...-take mushrooms

...this made me laugh. Nice one(s)!
... loops!

This isn't...
It can't be...
2 plus 2 equals... base 4!

Repeat, copy paste...

Yay crossovers! ... and complete thoughts!

Now that's how you...


good show

oh, it took me a bit to figure out what was going on, though it was 2 different art styles i was thinking that you must fight yourself or something at the end of portal 2, which im still only a little way into...*goes to play portal hoping to fight self*

...get it

. . .Pretty damn awesome!

took me a sec to realised just whats going on...
someone throw in some jello

I guess the joke's lost on me.

EDIT: Oh wait, just read today's Name Game. The universe makes sense again.

I guess the joke's lost on me.

The other girl is from another webcomic on this site "Namegame". The joke is read them in this order:
and loop it, round and round and round.

EDIT-Just saw your edit, nevermind I'll leave this here for future viewers.

I don't think I get it

My review for this comic is in the other one.

-an epic crossover.


Oh wow, that was clever:)

So this is...

...Love it!

...Crossover you guys.

....get it.

....get it now!!

....are so clever.

....had this game. :(

Was confused, then I checked my other tab.

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