Trailers: Eden Eternal: Classes

Eden Eternal: Classes

The Warrior, the Cleric, the Hunter, the Thief, and the Mage demonstrate their combat skills in this trailer for Eden Eternal.

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Oh god, Aeria Games. These guys publish the absolute most forgettable and pointless Korean MMORPG's out there. And really, this game doesn't look like it's doing anything that hasn't already been done dozens of times before.

Glorified version of Maple story?
First way of telling an mmo sucks:
You see 5 classes in a minute.

Why exactly is this on here?
Why would they pick one in a thousand standard f2p mmo's and show this video, explaining nothing about the difference of the classes in the game? I honestly don't see the point...

Oh look! It's "My First MMO" from Fisher Price! Every toddler needs a first step into this BIIIIIIG NEEEEEW WOOOOOOORLD of gaming!

Huh... well the graphics look childish, the gameplay looks basic, but at least it's free eh?


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