Extra Punctuation: An Invisible Protagonist

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An Invisible Protagonist

Yahtzee wonders what it'd be like to be invisible in a game all the time.

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That would be pretty cool and I know that I'd spend time, just following one NPC throughout a level. Hell, maybe if I had my headset on, I could whisper in his ear and tell him to burn things.

One thing I always wanted Hitman to include was more freedom to make it look like an accident or even a suicide or something.
Like the first mission in Blood Money, The target sits upstairs playing his Cello, on him he has a revolver, could you not sneak in, press the gun to his head and kill him then leave it in his hand? then before his guards rush in get out the window.
the idea of being completely undetectable is something I would really like to see in a stealth game.

imagine how much more tense Kane and Lynch 2 would have been if it was about escaping undetected from Shanghai rather than gunning down half its population in increasingly stupid scenarios. ESPECIALLY if you had to babysit Lynch!

I had a spell in Oblivion that, coupled with my maxed out Willpower, Illusion rank and high magic capacity meant I could cast in enough succession to benefit from successively. I spent a lot of the game invisible from there on, not even just on missions - running around and screwing around with NPCs and such. Sadly, the general puppet-like AI made it far less satisfying than it could have been. (It was a super camoulfage spell BTW, so it didn't disable when I attacked or stole something)

Huh, this would be really interesting. Maybe if World of Darkness worked on adapting Orpheus or something in a computer game it would function kind of similarly to this. This sounds like another really cool idea that may never be implemented.

If someone made a game with these exact mechanics, I would play it.

you need to try hidden. it's a source mod

Blood Money comes closest to this pipe dream - and I agree with TemplateResponse, I too was very disappointed that there was no mission where every murder can look like an accident (closest is that wedding level, where you can poison the cake and drop a chandalier on the other guy).

There's a bit of a triple-A gaming original idea drought, who votes they should employ Yahtzee? :P

There IS one flaw in this idea Yahtzee: If the main character is invisible, then who will we have to clutter-up our American box art?

While it's not exactly what you're looking for, there's a Hal-Life 2 mod called the Hidden where one character is permanently invisible, and everyone else has to hunt him down, while he silently takes them out. It's fun and genuinely unnerving to be playing visible.

Check it out, maybe.

Edit: Oh, there's a ninja.

I had a spell in Oblivion that, coupled with my maxed out Willpower, Illusion rank and high magic capacity meant I could cast in enough succession to benefit from successively. I spent a lot of the game invisible from there on, not even just on missions - running around and screwing around with NPCs and such. Sadly, the general puppet-like AI made it far less satisfying than it could have been. (It was a super camoulfage spell BTW, so it didn't disable when I attacked or stole something)

I did the same; was wicked fun.

OT: I'd be interested in seeing a game like this made, as tends to be the case with Yahtzee's hypothetical productions. I'm a fan of stealth gameplay, so I'd buy it.

I see what you mean about the best writing in stealh games sometimes being heard by listening in on idiotic guards. Like in Arkham Asylum, I remember thinking up to one point "man this is a good game, it's just a shame teh dialogue is a little lifeless, especially when Batman's around". That stopped around the time I resisted th temptation to jump into the fray for 10 seconds to hear a very amusing little anecdote from some of the guardsmen about what it's like to work with the Joker - their amusing antics formed a far more palpable shield against the Bat than any gun could have. One of my favourites was listening into them talking about how teh joker wanted a dude to kill his sister - which i got a real chuckle out of. On a side note, a VERY welcome feature of Arkham Asylum was how good teh AI was for the stealth sections - none of the famous MGS bullshit of patrolling even with a shot off kneecap, theyactually grouped together and varied tactics, moving with some sense of realism that made it all the more palable to beak off their pairings to corner each one individually and take them out before they got off a single shot.

Rainbow Six had a mission like this. You had to sneek in and copy a file from a computer and get out. Killing a guard, knocking a guard out, or being seen was an instant failure.

That's a great concept that could be improved even further in several ways, for example having missions where you have to drive someone insane by essentially mimicking the actions of a poltergeist, but be subtle about it so they can't really tell if the shuffling noise they heard or that book that seems to have moved somewhere else actually did happen. You are invisible, the people who made you that way have an agenda, and you are a slightly sadistic tosser about the way you use your powers. It could support a great story and fun gameplay.

I'm running into the same feeling with Crisis that Yahtzee talked about in his review. I too am big on stealth and I have a great fondness for sitting in some bushes, invisible to my enemies, picking them off from a distance one by one. He seems to go for the stealth kills more whereas I tend to pick people off with well aimed shots at long range but the issue remains the same. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and the game is piss easy because of my pansy tactics.

I sit really far away cloaked with my silenced assault rifle. I can fire about 3 or so shots with it, retire to some cover for a second, and recharge my energy bar incredibly quickly. Rinse, repeat until everyone is dead, then move towards the objective, cloaked of course. Not knowing where I am the enemies are content to either search for me slowly or stand perfectly still. Even with my assault rifle, not sniper rifle, getting the well aimed one hit kill headshot is not especially difficult, and even when I royally fuck up and my cover gets totally blown relocating myself while cloaked and waiting for a moment will return them to their slowly walking behavior pattern.

I almost feel bad playing the game, knowing that the developers put tons of crazy stuff in the game that I never get to use. I think I've killed two enemies with an object as two guys were standing right next to a car and I wanted to try the power kick. I've killed a decent number of enemies with the silent kill attack but that's still in the same realm as the headshots. I've never killed anyone by throwing something at them or using the neck breaking throw attack. The game was way more challenging before I found a silenced gun. Since then I've just been doing the same thing over and over. The cloak is too good. It's almost a game breaking mechanic. I know this and yet I never stop using it. I'm too tactically oriented to stop. The run and gun approach seems too reckless, and therefore I stick to my sneaky shenanigans. It's really just too powerful though.

That would rock.
If any game developers read this, GO MAKE IT! Even just a indie version.

Main problem - stealth games are about manipulting your environment. Being invisible simply means you're left to avoiding certain parts - water patches etc. - while all others you can walk freely though. In terms of sound there isn't any new dimension there not already present.

Also, invisible by suit or by SCIENCE!(TM) and natural invisibility? If former, mechanics of suit come in to play - power source? Rips and tears from damage?
If invisible I... well, bait and tackle problems.

The best part about the stealth genre is to be unseen, as opposed to invisible. It's about standing right in the spot light but still be ignored.
To whit - Hitman.
Steal an entry card, submit myself to an asylum. Proceed to mess with gas valve, poison beer, rig explosive to cause a chandelier to fall on third victim. Four victim is killed by strangling him as he works out on the bench.
And I do it all in broad daylight, allowable because I adopt a disguise and a character for the situation.

I suppose it would be something interesting to try out, but no plan is flawless.
However, I'm way too lazy and/or stupid to think of anything.
So go ahead, someone. Make the game. I'll play it, and after I've finished it, I'll be whining. But still, it would be neat to try it out.

brilliant idea, I'd buy it, but I'm a social fool, any ideas on multiplayer (doesn't HAVE to but something like one person takes a turn at being invisible and you have to protect your flag from the invisible man) OR two people both against the same NPCs have to steal the vase, speed and skill counts for points)

EDIT Plus the game should be VERY flexible, more so than blood money

Hooray for the Phantom Limb!
Anway OT, if you think stairs would be bad, lifts would be a no-go and imagine trying to squirm your way onto a bus. There would be immense satisfaction in pulling off missions in such a game.

That game actually sounds really fun. If someone made it, I'd certainly try to check it out.

When I opened the article, an idea came into my head as I tried to guess where you were going with it. You'd play as a ghost who recently died and is travelling through the world (perhaps to figure out what unfinished business he has). It took a much bigger voyeuristic approach, sneaking through people's homes and listening to people's conversations to learn something, and perhaps mettle in the living's problems without them noticing.

You'd have an "open world" story that changed based on how you mettled. Perhaps istening in on a conversation would inform you of a plot to kill an important person, or a mettling would prevent that person from dying.

It was a similar concept to Yahtzee's, albeit less focused on "challenge" and more on "curiosity" to entertain the players.

The CE would include a set of invisible poker cards, blank cards with invisible writing. You play poker as usual only guessing at the faces playing cards. At the end of a round you read them with a black light and see who randomly got all the aces. For extra points if 4 of the cards are instructions, there are 8 jokers, and only 2 aces in the deck.

Back the the game? You ever hide behind a curtain waiting to murder/surprise someone nearby? Its hard not to breath heavy or giggle. So maybe in this Yatzee game if your target is really close you need to pump the triggers to control your heartbeat so they don't hear. And hold a bumper so that you don't burst out laughing. This is not a game for a mute protagonist. His urge to babel needs to be his weakness.

I tried to do this while roleplaying in Oblivion, Not letting anyone see me murdering/theiving whilst doing the Dark Brotherhood/Theives Guild missions is an interesting challenge.

Making people not realize that an invisible person is in the room with them would be too easy, since people will invent all sorts of rationalizations for the presence of stimuli that doesn't fit with their worldview. And invisible people would be a pretty big shock to anyone's worldview... well, except conspiracy nuts and paranormal enthusiasts and so on, but those people tend to already be somewhat discredited.

Well you wouldn't be wearing clothes, since only you yourself are invisible..

I can imagine it: SPRINT MODE ACTIVATED! *flop flop flop flop*

I think that you could get around the action-figure thing by making the character visible at the beginning, or by making the cloaking mechanism a long-lasting but uncontrollable effect. Or you could do what McFarlane toys does with Halo figures that are supposed to be cloaked.

There IS one flaw in this idea Yahtzee: If the main character is invisible, then who will we have to clutter-up our American box art?

A fading out effect could work for the box cover.

Oh, and how would you handle clothes. You know that the subject always has to come up with invisibility right?

super camouflage spell

I did that too. Kinda made the Thieves guild too easy though (but pretty fun).

Update: damn, guy above me beat me to it.

I would so pay for a game like the one Yahtzee envisioned.

A very interesting game concept but it's more or less been done before: it was called Geist and it kind of sucked.

This is the kind of game that would really benefit from Kinect. Imagine having to actually carefully move your arms so as to not bump anything in a 3D environment.

That's brilliant, I would freaking buy this game twice.

This is a very interesting idea....


I would play that for sure. Sounds like fun.

If I ever create a dev company or have the chance to design a new game, I'll do exactly that Yahtzee :D

Hollow Man the video game? Could be fairly... erm... inappropriate. Interesting musing as always Yahtzee

It sounds like Mr. Croshaw is wanting another stealth game.

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