Name Game: Gentlemen and Science

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Gentlemen and Science

Seriously, think how easy that game would be.

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MORE CROSS-OVERS in games are required. leyton with portals would be awesome. it'd be very fun indead

Hilarious! While that would certainly make Professor Layton more interesting, I don't think it would quite work, as you'd never have to do a puzzle. But still, absolutely hilarious!

Hehe, more games should have a portal gun. Actually, you if you copy the maps from Half Life 2 into the Portal 1 folder, it kinda works.

SCIENCE makes everything better!

NOW Professor Layton is...

*puts on shades*

...thinking with Portals.

Captcha: incir movement... What idiot picked-

Oh, portals. What game can't be improved by your presence?

EDIT: By the way, why is it whenever anyone makes something involving Professor Layton, they always go back to that drawbridge? Does nothing else happen in these games?

I lol'd at this.

"Fuck your drawbridge". Simply genius!

I see the next image where she spawns a portal at the top of the clock tower and the other below the guy.

This is awesome. Every Gentleman should have his portal gun at the Ready Luke!
Yes Professor!

Despite being a good game I always thought the puzzles in Prof Layton were pretty jarring, surely there's a more immersive way to have puzzles in a detective game than someone saying 'I have this puzzle I need you to solve... '

Amen to that.

Hahaha, dude. Portals can improve any game!

This is the 9th comic to have something to do with portal.

Yes! I played Super Scribblenauts, I typed in "portal" and it summoned Cthulhu!

Anyone notice in panel 2, the portal is BESIDE the windows but in panel 3, it's ON the windows?

This is the 9th comic to have something to do with portal.

Wow, we haven't hit double digits yet? I would say we've had quite a bit of restraint then.

More on topic: New puzzle game: Saw III with portals.

"Professor! We're so glad you're here, there's been a gruesome murder"

"Show me where the body is"

"Okay but first I need you to solve this puzzle"


That's what I think about when I think of Professor Layton.

Makes sense--why WOULDN'T you have Portals in every game?

Reversing the crossover, what if Don Paulo took over GLaDOS' job at Aperture Science?

I haff tvelve metchsteeks.

Then you place the portal you just walked through underneath bridge man, get rid of the portals, then make him solve your puzzles to lower the drawbridge.

SCIENCE makes everything better!

So do awesome one liners :D


Midevil times would have been so much better with portals.

A true gentlemen knows when and where to place his portals.

I can't help but feel this represents life in a nutshell. Except the "Fuck your drawbridge" part, reminds me more of politics. No idea why, but bloody hilarious.

Melon Hunter:
Reversing the crossover, what if Don Paulo took over GLaDOS' job at Aperture Science?

He's such a master of disguise, what's to say he hasn't? I mean, he successfully impersonated a

for Christ's sake!

Professor Layton just owned that drawbridge... with SCIENCE!

SCIENCE makes everything better!

What? No puns this time? Not that I'm complaining mind you.

Needs MOAR portal.
the next comic will probably be in space.

A true gentle knows how to say "fuck your ________" once he has a portal gun.

Pretty clever. That sure would've made it easier to get to the top of that giant tower near the end of the first game.

This puzzle is worth 0/0 picarats.

my god I was peeing my self with laughter with the last panel!

I loved the end of it. That was awesome.

Hahaha, dude. Portals can improve any game!

It was a amusing strip but portals can't improve Resident evil however.

Everything needs more portals. Especially me.
I can soo recognize with her.

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