Zero Punctuation: Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo 3DS

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Nintendo's latest cash grab.

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Ya, the 3DS release was kind of underwhelming.

No Portal 2? Well I'm suprised... But plesantly.

Awww,w hopefully Portal 2 will be here later.

Anyways, I still love Zero Punctuation :D

It did seem like they rushed it out know


it was rushed out a bit quick, Im annoyed the online store isnt even up yet but its launch titles are about as good as any system launch, almost no modern system has launched with a strong line up of games

portal 2 will be next week it says so in the video.
Great video by the way.

Yep, I probably won't be buying the 3DS. Didn't like the DS much, and this doesn't seem like much of an improvement.

Fair enough... Will wait for next week then. :D

I didn't think he would be able to review portal till next week. Good points if a bit flamebateish.

Fitting that the 3DS has such an in-depth critique.

Yahtzee Croshaw: Soon-to-be-banned from the local playgrounds and preschools. The country is a safer place for this.

It's always funny to watch the video and then come back to look at the people who rushed to make a comment and inadvertently asked about something covered in the video they were in too much of a hurry to watch. *cough* Portal 2 requests *cough*

Every time they have a success it is followed by a failure? Which was the last failure? I didn't think the Gamecube did that bad, especially with Metroid Prime.

I've got one and am happy with it. But I agree there is not much on it for the moment. Well the DS didn't have much at the start either and got tons of good games later, so let's be patient for now.

Have no interest in the 3DS. The 3D aspect doesn't appeal to me, the launch lineup is pathetic, and the only that game announced that seems worth getting is Ocarina of Time. I am excited for the NGP, as long as it doesn't require me to have to get a second job.

Funny review.
Can't wait for Portal 2 next week :O

Expected Portal 2 (like everyone else), but I think it was interesting to see something a bit different (as in, a console "overview", in a sense) rather than another review of just a game. Great nonetheless!!!

Fitting that the 3DS has such an in-depth critique.

You absolutely love making puns, don't you?

OT: Yeah, I wasn't impressed by the 3DS either.

Portal 2 should be an interesting review - "Hey! Let's see how much I can praise this game without losing my fanbase!"

Also I couldn't stop laughing at the 3DS in the top hat who "didn't want to associate with riff-raff".

I got it simply for the point of getting the "getting of it" over with. I knew I'd be getting it sooner or later and price drops likely won't happen for at least a year, and I didn't feel like risking the chance of it being the next sliced bread and being impossible to find. Obviously that didn't happen, but whatever.

Aw. I was looking forward to portal 2.

I'm sorry, but Majora's Mask and Wind Waker =/= Ocarina of Time.

Assassin Xaero:
Every time they have a success it is followed by a failure? Which was the last failure? I didn't think the Gamecube did that bad, especially with Metroid Prime.

It was the least selling Nintendo console, which is probably the reason that made Nintendo change it's direction towards casual players.

Funniest episode since Metroid, keep up the good work Yahtzee.

I laughed way too hard at "Senor Koquonfaes".

The jokes involving the kids had me laughing my ass off

Damn you, we want Portal 2!

I was actually hoping more for Mortal Kombat. He'll probably like Portal 2 despite it's being a sequel. And there's nothing less fun than watching a Yahtzee video where everything is peachy.

I was hoping he'd hit MK and then make fun of everything having a letter K instead of a letter C. Ah well, maybe in 2 weeks. :)

Dammit, Yatzee! Not only do you hold off on Portal 2 (not a surprise, really, with your 2-week schedule), but you tease us by mentioning ARGs, "The Cake is a Lie", and the moon!

It looks like the 3DS will be no different then the normal DS except with more gimmicks.

I guess YC won't be reviewing Homefront considering that its now been weeks since it was released, but perhaps that was to be expected seeing as Homefront is basically just a 6 hour long CoD clone.

Surprised he didn't make comments to the effect of 'literal head-fuck'.

Less than an hour on 3DS = splitting headache... not impressed.

Oh yeah, and, holy shit, that flying game was Aus$60?!

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