Zero Punctuation: Nintendo 3DS

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I'm sorry, but Majora's Mask and Wind Waker =/= Ocarina of Time.

True, Majora's Mask took the franchise in a much darker direction, which I would love to see them do again in a future installment.

Maybe as with most Nintendo products, the second version will be the one actually worth buying. I have little use for handhelds in general though since I see no real reason to play a device with a screen that small when I have 3 modern consoles attached to a 50" Plasma, and because on long trips I'm always the one doing the driving unless I've become blindingly inebriated.

I actually think he could be quite funny even praising a game like protal 2. Then again, I'm hopelessly optimistic.

Oh come on! why cant i go on the big chair, you're not going to gloat enough for it.

The best thing about the DS was the cheaper development costs, I wonder if that'll be true for the 3DS. - Beyond that, 3D just doesn't work for some people, and even gives some headaches. I hate the idea of having to pay extra/more for a game because of a gimmick that doesn't work for me.


I guess YC won't be reviewing Homefront considering that its now been weeks since it was released, but perhaps that was to be expected seeing as Homefront is basically just a 6 hour long CoD clone.

He might just be waiting until there's a spot where not much else has come out, Fable 3 took a couple of months for a ZP review to appear.

They should really just give up and re-release the N64, and the entire library of N64 games, with modern graphics. Maaaaybe improve the AI a bit, but I doubt they could do that without being tempted to meddle with the shit that made the games fun in the first place.

I'd buy it, which is more than I can say for any other nintendo product.

Well, I was kind of expecting Portal 2 aswell, but I enjoyed this Review nonetheless and want to read a Extra Punctiation about it. By the way, who else thinks he won't like Portal 2 quite as much as Portal 1?

Good review! BTW I think this is your first official console review unless you count the retrospective from 2007.

Also, yeah I don't think I'm going to get a 3DS either (this video didn't influence me, but it did touch on points that make the system not worth it for me). For one thing, it says something about how useful the main feature actually is when the company says that it wont be a necessary feature to play games. Which begs the question: whats the point for paying extra money for a feature that has no bearing on gameplay? And yeah, while I would say any console has a bad launch line-up, at least other consoles had some (not all) of the things people were interested in come out close to about 2-3 months after launch, not 8 months to a year (also, does anyone else notice that the most anticipated games for the system are remakes?)

Good job Yahtzee, I was surprised that you were doing a system review and it was the first one in ages that genuinely made me laugh out loud a few times. I haven't been hearing much on the 3DS due to nobody around here giving a shit about it. I was just curious to how their glasses-free 3d worked and wanted to test it out, I'm in no rush though and I will not be buying one until there's a substantial library of good games and the price drops significantly.

Portal 2? I don't give a shit, I'm joining the "where-the-hell-is-the-Portal-2-review" bandwagon. Mostly because it's the perfect paradox: a Portal game, but a sequel.

As far as this review goes... at least he called out Nintendo; we don't want another gimmick, we want more games! And I don't mean "more Mario or Zelda" games. The Nintendo 3DS sounded stupid anyway, it makes sense that it doesn't have any groundbreaking (or even good) games yet...

Oh my, Yahtzee having critiques with a gaming device made by Nintendo? That's new!


Assassin Xaero:
Every time they have a success it is followed by a failure? Which was the last failure? I didn't think the Gamecube did that bad, especially with Metroid Prime.

It was the least selling Nintendo console, which is probably the reason that made Nintendo change it's direction towards casual players.

I guess Virtual Boy didn't make it onto your list of Nintendo consoles? Lol.

I think the 3DS will be a good purchase... next year. :-) For now I'm excited for their silly ports.

And this is why you don't buy a console at launch.

the 3DS holds no appeal to me, so even if he is being his usual self I more or less agree with it. Nintendo has been on a spiral downwards in quality and when my gf bought me a Wii for my birthday I made her return it.

Portal 2 should be an interesting review - "Hey! Let's see how much I can praise this game without losing my fanbase!"

Only if the game was good enough to overcome the deadly sin of being a sequel.

Portal 2 will not be next week.

He's baiting you.

Next week is going to be an interesting balancing act. He needs to be negative enough to stop most of his fans from complaining, but he needs to still give Portal 2 lots and lots of praise lest there be lots of complaints from this site's biggest fanbase, the Church of Freeman. Either way, the comment section next week is going to be almost as fun to watch as the video itself...

OT: Honestly, as funny as a lot of it is, his reviews for anything Nintendo-based have become... predictable. VERY predictable. It's still funny, but when you know all the jokes that are coming, it loses something.

Like everyone I was hoping he'd have gotten to Portal 2 already. But he did take a while to review Bulletstorm when we assumed he would love the game. Good insite on the 3Ds though, I tried it at target and my eyes hurt after a couple of minutes

Can't remember the last time I saw such a funny ZP.

As for the 3DS, I'm waiting for the next version wich will actually be complete, like the DS lite and Advance SP.


Portal 2 should be an interesting review - "Hey! Let's see how much I can praise this game without losing my fanbase!"

Only if the game was good enough to overcome the deadly sin of being a sequel.

But it's made by Valve. Of COURSE he'll like it.

I have a lot of disposable income, and buying the 3DS would have been easy for me. Problem was, I didn't see a single reason to buy the thing. I only have one working eye, so that's a bit of an annoyance from the 3D perspective. Having said that, the launch titles weren't that good, with pilotwings being the only decent one of the bunch from what I've read and heard. I'm one of the few people who hasn't beaten ocarina of time, and I'll wait until that comes out to grab the hardware. I'll also hotglue the 3D slider to off.

Can't remember the last time I saw such a funny ZP.


I mean, it was OK, but as someone else said, his Nintendo-based reviews are becoming kinda predictable. It's always "Nintendo is cashing in on weak stuff when it's not failing hard", "Motion Controls are a dying breed", "sequels are horrible", "HAHAHA Zelda", "I'll be proven right" in some order.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't biased, but I kinda prefer ones where he's not banging on about Nintendo. Because, whether I agree with them or not, they're more funny.

I laughed way too hard at "Senor Koquonfaes".

as did i...
i wonder how many "Senor Koquonfaes"es i'm going to see in the next few weeks...
i know i'm tempted to make one!

I was rolling when he was like "jackpot" then "what is wrong with me". That was good stuff lol.

Love Señor Koquonfaes. Brilliant! Very funny ep, feels like you're in the zone right now. And looking forward to Portal 2 next week!
Will you change your mind about the 3DS if it actually gets software? Like in 2 years?

I love how there are always exactly two idiots who feel the need to post before they saw the video.

Also, I lol'd at the class conflict of the 3DSs.

Another gold episode - first desciptions were hilarious ;)

Really really getting pushy with the "vote for us" Advertisements now, and honestly it has the opposite effect...

i would have figured yahtzee was past all that nintendo bashing already, guess not


Pilot wings is a port too.

I haven't played either one, but it sounds like it's a sequel. A port would be the exact ''same'' game, possibly with updated graphics. Same levels, same characters, etc. Is that the case?

Evryones waiting for positive portal review?
People please, Yahtzee himself said with bioshock 2 review that a good sequel transcends the original while a bad sequel wallovs in original crap. Other than new story 1 new character and couple of new gimicks, how exactly does Portal 2 differ from the orginal? Im calling a disappointed review.
That said it's not a bad game. Had a bundle of laughs with it.

yahtzee should review every console that comes out...

Oh and it was weird, the first time I played the sound kept playing after I told it to stop and I told it go and it started from the start with that later one still playing... very, "row row row your boat"-esque. :D

Yeah. Nintendo probably should have waited until May and just released the 3DS the internet browser/eShop/other stuff functionality in it straight away and also worked on getting more games at launch. Making people wait two months before it does everything it's supposed to and then even longer to get some games that are quality ports instead of shitty Ubisoft ports wasn't their smartest idea.

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