Trailers: Brink: Get SMART: The Basics

Brink: Get SMART: The Basics

Everything you need to know to win the war of the Ark.

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Looks good actually. Might be worth getting... we'll see, too many games I want to play seem to be coming out in the next few months.

Holy crap!, I can't say how many times I already said I'm pretty psyched about this game. I. Can't. Wait.

This is the first time I've actually been interested in Brink. Someone deserves a promotion.

hm... looks complicated.

Note that this is actually an in-game tutorial movie. (source)

Also, [insert statement of hypedness here].

The customization is absolutely astounding, gameplay seems innovative and streamlined. Definitely going to be looking at this.

I know people get eager about potential Modern Warfare or Halo killers, but I think this is actually going to be pretty amazing. If it lives up to it's potential, I might have a new favorite.

So....TF2 meets Mirror's Edge meets CoD?

I'll think about it. :P I have a LOT of other games on my plate at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to this, I also love the ambient music in it.

a bit disappointing about the regenerating health but it looks interesting enough to play it.

Seems to be balancing a lot on its plate. If it pulls it off though, It will probably end being an awesome game. Definitely interested in getting this.

Looks like TF2 with single player options, character customization and freerunning. This is a good thing. Colour me interested. I will be interested to find out how intuitive the movement is though.

One question I have is about character customization. In an early demo of the customization, they showed changing body types:

This was not addressed in the trailer, but their was talk of changing classes. Now does this mean that I can only create one character with one body type and one look (For each faction) because I was under the impression that there would be a way to create multiple characters and have them be sort preset classes (like a light bodied engineer, or a heavy body solider). If anyone has any news or something for that I'd appreciate it.

Besides that one problem, the game look mighty fun, can't wait.


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