Critical Miss: #001

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The world of game journalism isn't quite as glamorous as one might think.

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I don't understand.

Edit: now I do.

It's been about a year already eh? Or about the time it this webcomic showed up in the competition

100th comic is it? Gratz whatever it is, you've kept me reading the whole way.

Is this the hundredth comic? If so, nice work guys!

If not, and this is just a totally irrelevant comic designed to trip us up, then I'm going to feel like a bit of an idiot. :P

Wow. Looking back at the first one, your art style has made some incredible progress.



My first instinct was that it's been a year. But upon further inspection, there still seems to be a month left for that. So it must be Episode 100! Congratulations Guys!!

Also is that what 1911 looked like? Screw the Internet I want BLIMPS!!

wasnt this also due to that royal wedding?

we need more comics written this way.

Congratulations on your 100th strip. May the next 100 be as funny as the first.

Christ, it's been that long already.

100 comics already? Wow, where does the time go?

Jolly good show old bean

Alas old chap, you forgot your monocle. Please slot it back into place, and let us make merry. There be wenches at the tavern, that be exposing their ankles

wasnt this also due to that royal wedding?

This is what I thought too.

Edit: It's like a Royal Wedding version of the first comic. Well perhaps it's British Industrial Revolution version of the first comic...

Note perfect steam punk remake. You have outdone yourself.

Congratulations guys on your hundredth comic!

Congratulations! I hope you stay around and do many many more of these! So good.

GO and find a woman! Leave the Pastries alone!!!

To anyone who doesn't get it: Read this comic and then click first.

Woo, 100 AWESOME comics! Keep it up!

Did anyone else go back and read the first comic? :P
Jolly Good show good sirs!

A hundred comics and still not a single joke to be seen....


Sorry, I couldn't resist the cruel jibe!
I love the strip you guys make, and here's to A THOUSAND MORE.
Because I am on the internet and I expect free content to be of insanely high quality and be mass produced for me, and only me.

Keep up the great work, guys :)

I now have to find a way to use the Phrase "Gracious pastries!" in real life. This is so much better than the gold plated thing that 8-bit Theater did for their 50th.

Well that was fast, 100 already. Well done, I've really enjoyed the stuff you've created.
And for some weird reason, after reading this comic, i pressed "next", hoping for more "ye olde" style comic remakes... Silly old 19-year-old me.
But still, good show. Hopefully the next 100 will be as good and even better as the ones made!

GZ on the 100th comic :D

Is it Steampunk, or Victorian?

Either way, congrats on being funnier in a year than CAD has been for its lifetime!

I had to look at the first one after reading this. You've come a long way, nice job!

Quite clever, gents.

And a most of them were quality strips!

What? I really didn't care for the Steam saga thing. >_>

Heres to more strips!

Wow. Looking back at the first one, your art style has made some incredible progress.



I'll say. When I first read this though, I kept thinking in the back of my head saying "This seems oddly familiar" When suddenly "Gracious! PASTRIES" XD

Lol worthy and @OP congratz on your 100 comics

Congratulations on 100 strips, I like it btw very Agatha Heterodyne <3

Everyone deserves pastries.

oh no! it's a bioshock comic that also serves as a nostalgic callback and a brilliant showcase of the artist's vast improvement in skill and style!

wait, i guess that's awesome. no need to panic.

I don't get it, "Celebrating a CENTURY of comics" somehow means Miss Critical has made it's 100th edition?

I think it means the first comic was published exactly 100 years ago from now. Can't you people read?


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