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The Cliffhanger

When Zack and the gang learn that their neighbourhood arcade is going under, they'll do all they can to save it. *spoiler* This ends in a cliff hanger.

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... the fuck? I'm not really getting the joke (whatever it is.) The bit where the big guy was holding back his friend was kind of funny, though.

I always find that kind of animation hilarious.

The human body was never designed for choppy photo animation.

Meh cheesy stuff. I prefer the more sketch based stuff, hopefully this is a one time thing (well two times if they follow up)!

i... idn't really feel this one... :/

... the fuck? I'm not really getting the joke (whatever it is.) The bit where the big guy was holding back his friend was kind of funny, though.

There clearly isn't a joke, its a short film.

I like this story arc, and like the Archie references. Remember, those who play fair and square, are squares.

I liked the use of the RealD glasses, almost didn't notice it.

Also, I want to know how it ends now!

I wasn't a fan of this series to start off. It was all pretty 'meh'. But after the past two episodes (and Little Big Planet earlier) I thought you might be starting to hit your stride, really finding what you're good at.

And now... this. I'm not even sure it's up to your usual 'meh' standards. Maybe forget following up on this and go back to the sketches? It failed to interest and wasn't good parody.

I dunno, I lol'd pretty good when watching it. Liked the animation style, and the "acting". So yeah, nicely done. Looking forward to the next one, as always.

wut no fair i want more!!


This'll be continued next week?....right?.....please.

I enjoyed it. The rest of you guys need to watch more cheesy 80s cartoons and movies.

"Those who play fair and square...ARE SQUARES!"

Funny stuff.

I read the title too late :( My curiosity has killed me

I love 80's movies, I hope you guys keep going with this. Its mighty ducks meets the wizard. Good for you.

I'd find it hilarious if the joke was there was no part 2.

What did just happen? I was just browsing around while the video was playing, then all of a sudden, the ad started playing...

what? the fuck?

was my mind just fucked by an incredible frames-per-second?

A very surprising cliff hanger. I didn't expect his brother Coat to show up.


After the Rumble Pack showed up it got pretty good. I hope to see more of their bad jokes in the conclusion.

I am interested to see how this goes down.
I also like the animation. hilarious!

Too bad Pops didn't just replace the arcade games with gambling game. That what happen to all of the arcades over here although it less fun going to the Arcades now... (It's only like 10% of games now.)

Well, it wasn't funny and the concept's been done to death, but it's head and arms above what I've seen here recently. I still agree with everyone else that Little Big Planet was this show's golden years (or minutes, as the case may be).

Ugh, this really didn't work for me. I loved last weeks sketches but this was simply put boring.

Tuning in next week though.

Oh, I loved it. I like the way you do not have a specific style you fit into but try new things for the sake of it. Keeps your show fresh and gives a good contrast for all the other content on this site.

Also, very well done technically. Spent almost as much time admiring it as I did following the plot.

wow, nice! watch, it's actually a Pokemon tournament! On 3DS!

somehow, I felt like modern day games, "unfinished feeling"... I actually think it'd be cool if you guys try and finish the saga... it's cool so far... feels like the 90's cartoon show...

One of the store signs in the background said "i am a store". xD

That ending was quite the cliffhanger

First episode I've liked in weeks. Brilliant parody of the kids that wants to save something and then out of nowhere a tournament exists that matches just the amount of money needed. Also liked the star wars reference.

i was waiting for it to end i did not enjoy it.

To those that enjoyed it, you have good taste :)

... the fuck? I'm not really getting the joke (whatever it is.) The bit where the big guy was holding back his friend was kind of funny, though.

The joke is that there is no joke.

Or rather, the joke is that everything is serious despite the situation.

Can I get a shirt that says that last line? "People who play fair and square... ARE SQUARES"

very nice interesting ummm art style?
ya dont have a hole seres with this only a couple epicodes

I have no idea of what the fuck I just watched, but I loved it.

That was amazing and I can't wait for the final half. Please be next week!

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