Trailers: Hydrophobia Prophecy: Announcement

Hydrophobia Prophecy: Announcement

Kate Wilson comes to Steam and PlayStation Network in the expanded, improved version of Hydrophobia.

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I never played the original, but who knows. It's only ten bucks or something on steam, I may have to check it out.

Wasn't this known as one of the worst games released last year?

I must have it confused with something else...

Soooo...the gimmick is that there's a lot of "realistic" water in this generic shooter? Reminds me of a less innovative version of Mirror's Edge.

The trailer isn't anything exciting, but the first game was a fun way to pass some time. I think I'll pick this up.

There are far too many terrible games around at the moment, I'm beginning to lose hope. On the other hand, we have Portal 2 and a few promising games coming later this year (Skyrim, yay ^^). Perhaps all is not lost.

I don't think anything is coming to Playstation Network except for subpeonas!

Ever since I heard what they did to review who reviewed it poorly, I can't support this even if it's good.

Kate: "When they said Wet work, they weren't kidding!"

It's 10 dollars on steam, looks interesting enough to warrant that 10 dollars.

the original was supposed to be pretty bad but apparently they fixed this for the release on steam(do not make a psn joke, do not make a psn joke)

So what is this about? space russians?

Even a recasted Scoot* wouldn't save this game. It filled me with meh. Plus I'd have to pay for it again so double no.

*Seriously, screw that guy and his stupid accent

Survival horror? I'll watch for reviews n' see what happens? Looks interesting i suppose...

The only thing i liked about this was that the old woman talking had Tali's voice from Mass Effect.

After the hissy fit the team threw last time? I'll pass.

Onyx Oblivion:
Ever since I heard what they did to review who reviewed it poorly, I can't support this even if it's good.

Horribly off topic, but why couldn't Jimquisition done something like this for his escapist debut? I actually rather enjoyed this, and felt like I had learned something from what he had to say here. So why did he go off to parrot Extra Credits badly for his first episode on the site?


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