Daily Drop: Television

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TVs these days will scratch if hit with a strong breeze.

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That thing is built like a brick shithouse. Still, was entertaining none the less.

What the F***... Bring on the Backhoe!

Jesus! That thing just dosnt know how to die!

lmao @ Cinder Block!

damn! they made televisions so hard core.
also no chainsaw?

Well, bring on the explosives. The TV insulted your honour, it must pay.

Woah Woah! There is a plan B should the crowbar fail?

Regardless *clap* Not only was that the largest and heaviest thing you drop but once again it shows just how tough the retro products were unlikethe nice but fragile flat screen TV.
So bravo to the old stuff for I salute you!

now thats back when they built things to last

Wow. But I wished you hadn't quit, that thing earned a full height cinder block drop. Although maybe you borrowed/'borrowed' the cinderblock from someone/where and didn't want to break it (more).

when the crowbar guy shrugs, you know you're in trouble.

Damn they knew how to build tv's back then.

Hey isn't the tagline "One ladder, one high speed camera."
I clearly saw two ladders there.

Anyway. That was incredible, I can't believe the thing was so strong.

I wonder if we'll see more of the cinderblock?

Okay, so all the cinder block did was chip the screen? DAMN! Stuff from the 80's was built like a tank!

you should have gone all Peter Gabriel on that thing!

SLEDGEHAMMER! (then follow it up with the synthesizer riff)

It kind of looked like the thing was prancing around victoriously after that last hit. "Who's the boss, huh, who's the boss?"

I was waiting for them to go "Shotgun" on it... but, that accually could have been really dangerous.

I'm wondering.. will there be a rematch?

CRT TVs wont break from a frontal assault, the glass is way too thick to be broken by a fall like that, there's also vacuum inside so it's built to last. If they had attacked it from behind it would knock off the protection from the back and cause an implosion. My physics teacher in high school taught me that, a wisdom he gained when he was trying to help a friend move his TV.
TV imploded by one drop to the floor because the back of it hit the table the TV was on.

holy shit
nowadays, TV wil shatter if you knovk it, or throw a plastic wii controller to it
back then dropping a cinderblock twice and hitting it with a crowbar isn't enough

Did they used to make TVs out of diamonds or something?

LMFAO, has that ever happend before???

<TV fails to break when dropped - unsurprised>
<Crowbar bounces off w/ 1st blow - chuckles>
<Crowbar bounces off w/ 2nd blow - LOLs>
<Cinder block comes out - OMGWTFBBQ there's a Plan C? (Plan B being the crowbar, obviously!>
<Cinder block bounces off the TV - Epic>

Well eff, I guess they don't build 'em like they used to!

Now somebody get the C4!

Edit: somebody needs to keep a running tally of when the crowbar (and now the cinder block!> have been implemented.

That screen looks tougher to break than the Predator's defence.

I was hoping they would drop it down the elevator shaft

I remember when I was a kid we took one of the old broken crts out back and shot them.

Swear to god the first shot didn't penetrate. Second did though. And then we hit it with buckshot ...

Ah, that was so great. I laughed so hard when the crowbar bounced off the screen. And then the cinder block pretty much bounced off too. I can just imagine the TV going "u mad?" right now.

Dear God. Looks like that TV was actually MADE from cinder blocks.
It just didn't broke.
Also, loved the nuke incoming sound (well, at least to me it sounded a lot like that) when the block came.

When things were built to last... I don't suppose you had any explosives on hand?

Also loved the failure movement from crowbar to cinder block

I assume the Victoria Event Centre wouldn't want you to go all Elvis on the TV, so that's a shame. Come to think of it, I have no idea what firearms laws are like in Canada. Ah well, good attempt anyway.

Damn, that thing just won't give up.

any plan after the cinderblock?

Guys, WTF?

My god, please make a television shot 2, please i want to see it DX


Gordon Freeman's greatest enemy...







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