Daily Drop: VCR

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This is your grandpa's DVR.

Watch Video

Sorry but I'm getting an error message "stream not found".Could you fix that please.

Ummmmm, I'm getting a "200 Error" Stream Not Found. Anyone else have this problem?

EDIT: Seems as though I'm not the only one.

Same here chaps, I want to an age old video player take a few drops.

Same here chaps, I want to an age old video player take a few drops.

And a crowbar. Probably won't need the cinder block for this one.

Gettin the same error, obviously due to Yahtzee's new video breaking the site with the traffic it's generating.

Infinite loading loop.
Maybe next time you could drop a server, show em who's boss

Edit: Seriously Paul, a monkey could have figured out to drop the VCR on it's side
This video needs more crowbar

Hamster toppled off the wheel, but it should be playing again now.

BETAMAX FOREVER!!!!1111oneoneone!!!

anyone else got 404 message?

Am I the only one who can watch?
It did lag like hell mind.

Hmm. I feel as if it could have used another crowbar hit, but it was alright.

Hmm, either my own internet is fudged, or the whole Escapist is ruined (I suppose Yahtzee DID just post his Portal 2 review...)

But in any case, two OMG moments:

1. That's not my grandfather's DVR, it's my father's. Literally. That freakin' 6-head extra HQ (but not SVHS) Mitsubishi model with the mega-fast winding and awesome studio-spec jog and search control wheel that they - like a bunch of utter dicks - patented and wouldn't let anyone else use.
It's also the one which became quasi-mine when he moved out and left it behind. Until one of the spindle bearings wore out and it started making awful squealing noises.

Dibs on any usable spare parts it may have in there. I'll swap you one of my Walmart / Thrift-Store class spares that's lurking in the garage. You can cinderblock those to your heart's content. But please don't ruin any more nice and fairly unique models like this! I still have far too many VHS tapes about. Never quite get round to just capturing them all to a 2Tb hard disk or three.

(NES, PSX? Fine, there's bajillions of them. Can't be more than a few hundred thousand like this, 99% already junked...)

2. Lambi: Faris! Squeee! Which artist is that, then? :-p

I think there should have been a 'Finish Him' section to this one, that thing was ready to go :P

I think there should have been a 'Finish Him' section to this one, that thing was ready to go :P

Specialy for the "god" items we have seen this far.

I really don't like the crowbar - it never seems to have much impact, and winds up underwhelming. A sledgehammer would be better.

After this and the TV, I'm thinking that a new phase needs to be added after Crowbar. Cinder Block was okay, but I humbly suggest Sledgehammer. It's more in the same vein as the Crowbar than Cinder Block was and I'd wager it could provide some very impressive results.

revenge of the crowbar

(cheezy commentator voice) And the crowbar makes a triumphant return after it's embarassing defeat at the hands of the television!

Is it just me though, or is there more junk in the area surrounding the drop zone than usual?


"You got your crowbar in my VCR!"

"You got my crowbar stuck in your VCR!"

Two great things that go great together!

Hey now, VCR isn't grandpa's DVR. Betamax is grandpa's DVR. VCR is your dad's DVR. Or, my childhood DVR...

Great, now I feel old, and I'm only 19.

I like how one of the pieces flew toward the screen. Imagine seeing this in 3D with the pieces flying like that.

Hamster toppled off the wheel, but it should be playing again now.

Problems with the hamsters again? kill them.

It strikes me that there are bits suddenly missing before this was even dropped.

Heh. I guess I'm starting to notice a lot of continuity errors in the way this is edited together recently.

Not that it matters, because that's not the point. But it's still really weird to look at considering the editing tries to suggest some of it is a single unbroken action.

Also, crowbar time is it? XD

I guess a lot of that old stuff is too tough to do anything to without a crowbar. (Or, even with one...)

I think this one could have used at least one more drop before getting out the crowbar. As it stood, this one ended too quickly for me.

I'm all for the daily drop but it's all getting rather repetitive. I propose a new solution is in order, we can even give it a video game like sequel name since most games can't just be labeled 2. How about Daily Drop: Velocity, ya if that doesn't scream awesomeness like a giant heap of pink unicron shit i don't know what is. Your job would dropping shit as usual except dropping it off of a 50ft cliff or even a roof of a 2 story house would suffice. I need more breakage! Sorry Alex you'd have to retire the crowbar, gordan freeman is disappoint.

What is this V C R thing you speak of? Can you go online with it?

No Extra Testing? Aww...

Speaking of VCR...

Hmmm... I think it could have needed another crowbar smash but atleast it broke this time. :D

The tv from yesterday took a pounding and stayed in one piece. D:

Ah, Mitsubishi. Japanese Quality as always. And by that I mean it's good quality.

This was half-assed. These are electronic stuff, WE WANT TO SEE ELECTRICAL GUTS FLYING ARROUND GOD DAMMIT!

Wedge forces don't do much against these large items.

Anyways, the items themselves have been really interesting lately.

Grandpa's VCR? pffft, the VCR I grew up with still works over 20 years later :D

And I bet it would still work if you plugged it in.

Why didn't we get to see the first drop, wherein (presumably) the turn-y bit came off? And it definitely needed greater height and a side-on drop.

Still love the show, though.

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