Zero Punctuation: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews one of the often lauded greatest games of all time, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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loved the review, you should do more retro games!

Why the hell is he ragging on Myst? That game was awesome (though the subway puzzle in the Selenic age was hair-pullingly frustrating if you didn't know what you were doing).


there really was nothing else for you to review?

I mean

you could have gone with Donkey Kong Country Returns instead

Well... that was unexpected.

Oh man, this brought back some good memories. XD

Well done, you shrewd man.
Though you said you never did play it at the time, it couldn't have been a distraction while your mother was drinking booze....
Overall, I wasted five minutes of my life on a (review of a) game that I never heard of, played on a console I'll never acquire, and don't care about.

"Playing the floor is lava on the surface of mercury" LMAO I can not stop laughing at this!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
A review so Retro it's practically...

that was actually buckets of fun. I've been meaning to try an actual castlevania game (sad, yes I know) might be time to pick one up

loved the review, you should do more retro games!

If Yahtzee did "more" of everything that everyone requests of him, then he would explode.

Another fantastic review, but I must say I didn't expect you to review a retro game. I expected socom 4 by the opening, but perhaps that is something you can do next week?.

Awesome! I've been playing it recently and am doing the inverted castle at the moment, it's pretty annoying though so I've left it for awhile. Not to mention, you know, Mortal Kombat hasn't left the PS3 since it arrived at my door.

It would be great if Yahtzee could do Mortal Kombat, I'm pretty sure legal-wise he'd be fine. Nobody over here seems to have had any problems with it.

Well... that was unexpected.

Ninja'd word for word...

Most current games are terrible anyway. More retro reviews! :D

It's safe to say I was not expecting that. In fact, I even prepared a big rant on you not bothering to play any of the multiplayer for Brink...

My afternoon is ruined.

Another fantastic review again!. I actually expected a review of Socom 4 with the opening.

Nice review, he should do more retro ones.

Should just point out that the backwards Dracula thing was originally done by Universal Studios in 'Son of Dracula'... guess what his name was ;)
Good to see another retro going through the ringer I guess.

Good review!

captcha: Longa Cortion


Great job again Yahtzee you handsome devil you.

Symphony of the Night is a good Castlevania game, but I still personally think Bloodlines was the best. It was creative and very very unforgiving D:

Nice, I played this game on PSN a few months ago for the first time and of all the things the game does well is the amazing soundtrack, I couldn't believe how well they could create the atmosphere for their respective areas. The graphics looked surprisingly good since I really liked the art style and the various special effects some of the weapons/shields had.

Sure the voice acting was bad, but you could just laugh at it and/or ignore it, not like it had any in-depth story anyway. Probably what bothered me the most was the serious imbalance in difficulty, at the beginning some bosses could be hard but after getting to the inverted castle there's pretty much nothing that could present a challenge for you anymore, especially if you got the Crissaegrim. It just goes to show what I think; a metroid style game is at its best when it's really close to actually being metroid, like Cave Story or Arkham Asylum, RPG elements have no place in it.

well that was nice to see. Always wanted to play Symphony, options are to fork out for the PS1 game or a console to download the SOB from, either way my wallet will be chewed up and spat out.

How funny you should do this review now! Summer Vaccation just let out for (some of) us, and I decided to get in some wholesome gaming. Symphony of the Night was the first game I considered settling into. But sadly I can't play the game anymore. I loved it when it was still fresh for me. But I've played the game over 20 times now. I know all the spells and special moves- not by conventional memory, but rather by muscle memory. No matter how much I change up the game, or equip weaker items to make the experience harder, I just can't get interested anymore.

SotN is one of those rare games they don't make anymore (Shadow Complex aside). It's awesome for those that have played it less than 5 times. :) There really needs to be more games like it, too.

Why did the first two posters get warnings?

Also, nice review! I've been meaning to pick this up for the PSP, since it's so well suited for it. Also, I just finished Outland. I had a lot of fun with that game...same style. though probably not as much depth.

Hmm, the escapist is a bit slow isn't it
*looks at watch*

Oh, it's Wednesday....

But yeah, I like the Random retro review, made a nice change.

holy shit i did not see that one coming

Retro. Nice.

Great review and all but I want you to rip MK a new one. Possibly 'cause I never played SotN

"every time you swap a palette A CHILD DIES" alone was worth the time.

well now im going 2 have 2 buy that god dam it

Alucard = Dracula backards!? Mind = Blown.

Strangely I was complaining about the lack of variety of enemies in Fable 3 only a couple of hours ago - that this game had such a large range and was for the ps1 makes me more disapointed at the current gen's variety.

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