Jimquisition: The Weird is Not Enough

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The Weird is Not Enough

Another Jimquisition? I bet you can't believe your luck. This week, you have the honor of learning how to avoid the trap that many "weird" games fall into.

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I'm still not quite sure what I think about this...

The humour at the start feels forced. It seems like he's trying too hard whenever he's on screen. The voiceover parts of this episode were good though. He raises interesting points that are worth listening to, then he appears on screen again and it goes back to being annoying.

As I said, still not sure. I'll wait out the growing pains of a new series

If he only was funny, it could be alot better.

I like this one. Made some very good points about 'arty' games (I may also have to get a PS2 again now just so I can try out Killer 7).

I also liked: "Well I've never fucked a pair of pliers but I know that that's bad!"

I'm really liking this guy.
Reminds me of me for some reason.

I like this one. Made some very good points about 'arty' games (I may also have to get a PS2 again now just so I can try out Killer 7).

I also liked: "Well I've never fucked a pair of pliers but I know that that's bad!"

My words exactly.

I honestly see some integration to the Escapist public going on here, I'm curious to see where this might go from here.

Orangafang made me spit coke all over the computer screen :P
I'm really digging this now.

Keep on being you, Jim. Keep on being you. :P

Or Geddy Lee.

I've tried watching this show several times, I... just don't care for it. It sounds canned and really forced.

Touché, Jim. Ok, that made be laugh - I get 'it' now.

I think the sarcasm worked better this time, more tongue in cheek, and he had some very good points about immersion being critical, especially in weird games. I might actually be coming around to this.

Valid points, but I can't see a developer watching this and taking the points on board due to how it is presented. Yahztees extreme level of criticism works because we don't see him and so it doesn't seem so personal when he insults people.

Anyway, interesting episode and I agree that weirdness for weirdness sake doesn't work when it comes to gaming.

I didn't like the first one, meh on the next two, but this one was great! So far its a nice upward trend. I'll keep watching :)

Reasonable points. The criticism that a game that isn't fun is not a good game is always welcome. Personally though, I never tried to play the games that are simply weird for weirdness' sake because that is a stupid idea.

Ghost Monkey would renew my faith in Television...especially the Orangufang episodes who could easily become more popular a villain than The Joker.

This is also a prevalent issue in films, in a way; they get so caught up in their own eccentricity they forget what it was they set out to actually say. Think crap like 'Juno' and 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World'. Weirdness is a means towards an end, not an end unto itself.

These are getting steadily better, by the way, and Mr. Sterling's abrasive personality is actually bearable at this point. I still object to much of what he's said in the past, but I will judge these on their own merits from now on.

my advice to jim is to apply the lesson from this particular video onto himself.

make your weirdness more welcoming and engaging for viewers on the escapist and you may actually work things out.

but i really don't want to know what that lipstick midget joke meant


I like the direction that this is going. Kinda started out serious, then slowly turned into a mockery of serious game shows. I like it.

Good Episode, but he didn't talk about Katamari Damacy? Why not? That's the best weird game where have more fun then anyone else!!

Best one so far.

There are so many games that relate loosely to this topic from games that have characters doing cooler stuff in cutscenes, than in gameplay to games that are based around a gimmick like madworld's monotone or Kane and Lynch 2's shaky home video presentation...

Well, at least he finally has something to SAY on a topic, and makes a few interesting points that haven't already been covered more in-depth by James Portnow.

Unfortunately, all of it is broken up and interrupted by his insufferable "humor," which mainly consists of trying way too hard to hype his "persona," which just doesn't work, at all. This guy needs to take some basic lessons in how to do comedy.

But as I said, at least he has something to say this time.

Note to self:Keep lipstick away from Jim.

Wait, I don't have any lipstick.

This one seemed pretty good in that weird, damn this is creepier than some of the worst of ZP kind of way.

Still Hit-and-Miss, but a lot more Hit than Miss compared to his previous shows.

Keep Evolving Jim! I'll keep watching.

I liked this one a lot more than his other episodes.
Also, it seems to me that bad weird games are like hipsters.
Just a thought.

Annnnd 3rd strike means you're out. Sadly, after wading through all the forced mastrubatory jokes and the narcissism (faked or not, I honestly can't tell), he does make a few good points. But the whole production is so juvenile and forced, it takes away from the message. I get that you need to set yourself apart from Extra Credits and even Zero Punctuation. But you've picked one of the worst ways to set yourself apart: acting like a douche. Yahtzee already cornered the sweary, hate-filled narcissist market. Find your own thing.

I like 'em.
It's not side-splittingly funny, but it's a good show in it's own quirky way.

WHile the thread could evolve further still, I think he fills a niche in this website, as he has a different attitude than both experienced points and the big picture, and if nothing else, he has troll-esque feel, which I enjoy.

Good episode, I don't usually post when I like something, but since Jim seems to be taking 'fan' feedback to heart, I'll make an exception since the guy probably need a bit of praise after the roasting he's been getting.

But it was funny, it had no crappy MS drawing (or not enough for me to notice in any case), you actually made good points, the topic - while not a hot button topic - was an interesting one and hadn't been talked to death. Than again, other people may jump on this now that game are 'legally' art and more studio might go for artsy games that forget to be fun.

Do keep making fun of yourself - your persona of a douchebag is still here, but the fact that you are the butt of many of your jokes helps make you come off as a lot friendlier than the first few shows.

TBH, I kinda wish I could forget the 3 other episodes and have this one has a first impression - this looks like a promising show now. I don't know how long it will take for me to look forward to the Jimquisition rather than click on it and be like 'Well... I got nothing else to do' - but if you keep going in this direction, it certainly will happen.

Good Episode, but he didn't talk about Katamari Damacy? Why not? That's the best weird game where have more fun then anyone else!!

True, but he was pointing out games with weirdness that the player is often left out of for the most part. Still, I'm glad he brought up Deadly Premonition. That has to be one of the most bonkers games I've played in years.


Keep it up, Jim. The show's getting more fun every week.

I think he might be making fun of game reviewers. It's not entirely clear, but he might be targeting people like Yahtzee who talk about games as if they know more about making them than the actual developers.

For the record, I'm a huge fan of Yahtzee and he usually does have better ideas than they developers, but that's besides the point.

It's even worse than the previous one. Well, there are "jokes" and Jim's attitude seems like something to attrack the internet trolls, the whole point is summed by the title - there's no point watching it after readin the title :/
I watched it in hope for improvment, but I guess I won't bother with the next one.

Okay, you've got my attention: a joke actually made me laugh (Jim gazing at the pliers) and the overall show had a point worth examining and spent the majority of its time actually doing so. A promising development.

I somewhat preferred the Jimquisition on Destructoid. But I still enjoy it, although the humour does come across as being forced sometimes.

Probably funnier than I am though, so I'll just fuck off now.

Dear The Escapist; I did not click "Play" on the video. There is no reason for the icon for this episode to be shown in my "Recently Watched Videos" bar next to badges and online friends. Please fix this.

No wonder there are "outrageous" view counts... You count a video view as "the page being open", not "THE VIDEO IS ACTUALLY PLAYING". How silly of you..

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