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The Whole Story: Spam

Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer takes us on a journey through the history of pressed meat.

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Nice to see that that lovely Bradley Rains music isn't going to waste!
This really reminded me of the old "Story Guy" videos, and that isn't a bad thing! I loved those ones!

The vid wont load.
Anyone else have that problem?

Matt with a top hat,monocle and mustache is hilarious!
Spuc sounds interestingly delicious.

I had no idea that history was so rife with howler monkey shock troops, that was very informative.

Looking up "Truth" on Wikipedia. Haha. Nice touch.

i am so hungry right now

I'm amazed Paul was able to keep a straight face. Genius!

why did that remind me of a kid who had copied his homework assignment from Wikipedia? oh wait, truth

It's a shame it was only on the screen for a second because the buffalo riding a submarine was worth a chuckle.

Howler monkey shock troops need to be part of a game. Also, why is Lisa Foiles' top 5 still third on the list of shows? There hasn't been any new content for a while, and the videos weren't that good anyway. Why not let another, better show (say, a Canadian one?) take its place?

The native american bacon bush... LOL... Great episode, folks!!

"A story of love, betrayal, and howler monkeys."

My favorite line.

Excellent work as always guys!

They really got all those drawings from DeviantArt? You mean there's actually reasonable drawings on there?

But yeah... the howler monkey got me rolling. The rest was just non-stop chuckles.

History class just got served!
Fun fact: I once ate an entire can of Spam for a snack. My mind was in a dark place at the time...

Now if only we could figure out how to breed the pigs with the howler monkeys, we'd have something both vicious and delicious.

Loved the laughter at the end. This was bizarre but brilliant.

I giggled at this episode.

And "Spuck" indeed!

Well that was... really random.

S HAM (Super Ham)!... But that spells SHAM. And that name is stupid.

"The new name spuck --" (*everyone laughs*)
Why do I get the feeling someone will now use "Spuck" for a new product name? Spiced...uh, yeah.

EDIT: Anyway, remember, kiddies: Play Minecraft. Watch Top Gear. Get Protein Ingestion Generator. ^_-

(That said, you guys misspelled "protein" at 1:57. And you kept spelling "Hormel" with two L's...)

EDIT: Crap. Inadvertent double post. Tried to post, got the "I AGREE" form AND a Captcha, and resulted in a double post. Any way to delete this post?

We must have more Ernst P. Worthington III!!!


Oh and make it an old-timey style video with the filters and in black and white!

Reinventing the Pig for mass population XD Nice episode, at the begining I was wondering if it was something like Show Game Show's analazying the obvious, but then it became sweetly random ;)

Why do I get the impression that sticking the "Ernst P. Worthington" persona on a t-shirt (preferably with a sepia filter) would sell really, REALLY well? :P

I'd buy one, at any rate.

I fucking LOST IT at Matt's brilliant appearance. Well played..

Also, "avaialble"? Epic. Win. I R SPUL WERD YAY

The Whole Story > Analyzing The Obvious. Just sayin'.. >.>;;

i had no idea I had so many holes in my knowledge of history. Thank you Loading Ready run.

In other news, you could probably make a whole "The Whole Story" miniseries, but it's no necessarily your style. Still a fun idea though, this video deserves more bacon.

I am the only one who want to see these howling monkey soldiers in action? They sound like a great infantry to use in a war stratery game!

Better sudo-history could not have come from the history channel itself... Unless you maybe wanted to work roswell or JFK into things

I'm amazed they never talked about this at the museum.

What? You've never been to the Spam Museum in beautiful Austin, MN? Just me? Okay...

It's a shame it was only on the screen for a second because the buffalo riding a submarine was worth a chuckle.

Think it might have been a buffalo atop an overturned boat actually? Would make more sense in the context.

OT: Great video, loved the bacon plants! (Only in Canada...)

[Captcha: 'fyinume formally' = For your interest nume formally. I shall henceforth nume formally where I was previously doing so informally!]

Well this was interesting.
The more i know, the better, i say!
And S-Ham sounded good, in my opinion.

Heh, well that was an interestingly surreal little aside, guess that's what comes of research via wikipedia...

Is there any way to get those awesome drawings? The shock monkey trooper is awesome.

A bush made out of bacon? Think of how much bacon I can have for free.

And was I the only one thought of ShamWow as soon as Sham was brought up? Super Ham Wow. Weird name.

You had me at "Howler monkey shock troops."

Dear LRR guys and gals. Although your sketch is funny, it made me nauseous when it cut to the walking in the garden bit. Are you using some kind of steady-cam? If not, I highly suggest you make one, it can be done for 14 dollars if you follow this guy's instructions:


I made one myself and the results came out way better than expected.

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