Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Ep 1 - Breaking The Ice

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Ep 1 - Breaking The Ice

Lora, the new FPS master, gets to meet the entire PgG staff through another one of Retro's infamous icebreakers. How will she hold up in this office of dysfunctional gamers? Meanwhile, RPG is sent to the local gaming and anime convention to acquire new trainees.

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I thought Screwattack owned all the rights for your show and where it can be shown? Ah well, whatever gets you more recognition. ^^

I really enjoy this show.

Best parts of this was RPG guy...the main guy makes me cringe a bit more than usual...B+ atm...

Was that the convention in Toronto?

OT: I love the use of stat bars and achievement notices.

It's funny and all, but WHY, OH, WHY would you release four episodes at once?

Ok, that one made me a giggle a few times.

"Are you set to easy? Because I'm already hard"

Was that the convention in Toronto?

I was also wondering if that was the Toronto convention center

I like the way you have the different characters interact with each other. Essentially taking what could be played out one dimensional characters and giving them lots of room to play off of each other. This is funny and it makes me laugh.

Oh no! They didn't complete the last task.
P.S. So far, good show. Looking forward to following episodes.

The first four have been out for a bit now so people can get caught up, as for why released all on the same day/time I will let Paul field that part.

This made me laugh, pretty good.

Any reason for all four at once?

EDIT: The keyblade bit was genius

"You always get beat by kids with keyblades" Almost in tears laughing about that joke.

Not bad, a bit on the fence waiting to see where this goes, but I'll definitely give it a few more episode watches before I make my decision.
Edit: Did not realize episodes 2-4 were also posted here, will give those a watch right now.

OK, I wasn't sure at the beginning, but you had me with Platform's commute. And Racing's pickup lines were so hilariously bad.


Was that the convention in Toronto?

I was also wondering if that was the Toronto convention center

That doesn't look like the layout of the MTCC. If it was a Toronto con, it wasn't FanExpo. You briefly see a staff member get on the up-escalator wearing a blue shirt with a kanji character on the back--ring any bells?

PLATFORM + RACING = AMAZING! lol racing was the most hilarious one, so was old school. the cast should make accounts and come on the forum! and the FPS character looks really interesting.

I am officially a fan :)

Hey everyone,

We have had these four episodes out for a while now.

Episode 1 was released in December
Episode 2 - February
Episode 3 - March
Episode 4 - a couple of weeks ago

We're trying to make the show a success on the Escapist and we have many new videos that we are working on that we feel are improving the quality of the show. So, instead of wading through a month of older content, we'd like to get all of you caught up on our show so that we can focus on releasing our newer (and IMO, better) content.

It gives you quite a bit of our old content to swim in for a while as we become a regular fixture here on Tuesdays.

As far as our future releases go, here's what you can expect from us:
A 15-20 minute full-length episode every 4-6 weeks.
Every Tuesday that is NOT a full-length episode, we will be releasing a ~5 minute short / mini-episode.

EDIT: The convention was held in Washington D.C.

God damn I love RPG guy. Platform guy is also awesome with his commute.

I think the IT guy should have been adventure instead, because well, point and click is dead.

Paul Hearding:

EDIT: The convention was held in Washington D.C.

The Toronto CC has a similar layout, I was confused since I don't remember any conventions happening lately.

Joking about zerg rush was too cruel, but luckily RPG guy saved the show.

I think the IT guy should have been adventure instead, because well, point and click is dead.

It's not dead :< it's just exclusively the realm of Telltale games now

I feel this show should be removed because its bad... Na I tell a lie it shouldn't be removed (just like Jim sterlings show just because you don't like it doesn't mean it should be removed)
I don't really like the show if that wasn't obvious. So far I cant understand why anyone enjoys this as I don't feel it even reaches basic gamer humor.

Awesome show, I like it already, and hope it gets even better, this will help fill the gap in gaming comedy that was left when ENN stopped :D

But the Elbow she gave him didn't look real. Be more serious when it comes to violence. Just do it for real.

Ehhhhhhhhh, undecided opinion, need more shows to choose whether to like or dislike.

The keyblade part was hilarious. RPG Master learned the hard way you don't f*ck with Larxene.

It's funny and all, but WHY, OH, WHY would you release four episodes at once?

They're just getting the Escapist up to date with where the show actually is.

I knew RPG would be one of my favorites! Dude is hilarious! And of course, you just gotta love horror.

Well, that was kinda bad compared to the pilot. Only thing that really made me laugh was the Zerg attack. The pick up lines were good too but I laugh at any word play>>"

Oh RPG...


I just noticed that Horror is played by ??? nice touch.

Gaming humour's already low bar has been beat to a pulp by this yawn fest

oh wow... RPG had the few good moments; and Racing was just plain nauseating. Who is the main guy? Retro? Ugggg. I'm actually surprised I made it through the entire thing. The pilot wasn't that good, but this was just plain bad.

And I thought The Jimquisition was awful, at least that has gotten marginally better with the last two episodes; whereas this one marched over to the cliff and jumped.

Yeah this didn't quite do it for me. The pick up lines were awesome, aside from that, everything felt forced. Nice try though, maybe i'll try again if this gets big.

I had my doubts about this show when I watched the pilot, but this was exquisite. Rpg is great and Puzzle is quite cute. I do not know about Fps, her acting seems forced compared to the others, but maybe that is just how Fps is like.

Great show anyhow, I am off to watch the other episodes.

i usually use x to pick things up


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