Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Ep 3 - The New Office

Ep 3 - The New Office

The Masters are forced to leave their old As they are getting settled in to their new workspace, they are interrupted by an unexpected visitor...

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I swear I've heard the music when Tycoon was there before...
Good ep again. One more to go,

Horror needs to be unleashed upon Tycoon.

It's the only way.

nice im realy liking it

Ah, that explains the gap I noticed when IT showed up...

Scary guy. XD

It kind of makes sense though.

This really has good quality and potential.

Hope you keep it up

Caramel Frappe:
. The girl looks very nice in her new uniform and is her belt buckle part of Halo? I remember seeing it before.. Mm.

Indeed. It is the "Legendary" emblem from the Halo franchise.

I love Horror, That guy is just so badass.

Tycoon looked so damn evil...even more so than horror. I lol'd at how he saw everything in the world.
But i think he's the only genre i actually haven't played a single game.
The show is looking good.
Also, it seems like Fighting is actually quite intelligent. I wonder why he's hiding it and playing it dumb (well, IF fighting is intelligent. Might be wrong there...).

Loving the show so far. Can't wait to see what they have to present to Tycoon and what they're going to do with IT.

P.S. I remember Puzzle Place. Geeze that's far back.

And the focus for the first story arch is in full swing! Sweetness, loved Tycoon. He really brought the menacing corporate impending doom thing across well. Great series PgG team!

Oh my God, I have that buckle hanging on my wall!

The characters are being colored in quite nicely, I like it.

Hahaha! "I said AND BAKEY!"


Apparently when RTS flips off the handle, he really goes off the deep end...

Mr. Omega:
I swear I've heard the music when Tycoon was there before...
Good ep again. One more to go,

So have I. Man, this is gonna drive me nuts...

Where else have I heard that music?!?!

IS I.T. really dead or just K.O.ed? Also, What the hell is wrong with Fighting Master?


Where else have I heard that music?!?!

We have a guy who write the music for the show. He's a wrestling fan, so the music is his take on William Regal's theme from wrestling. Perhaps that's how you recognize it.

Lovin' Tycoon and Horror:

"Imagine being born again at 24 and it BURRRNS!" Always laughs when Horror is around and the guy playing Tycoon pulled it off really well.

Another great episode.
Tycoon bit was great, isometric(sp?) vision killed me.
All the characters are great. Horror has been a little weak, but was helarious at the end talking about the portal.

Me again.

1) Microphone quality difference is mush less noticable here that's much better.

2) Well, while RTS master's actor is not a bad actor overall, he got absolutely overshadowed by his lackey and that is not a good thing in such a master/lackey relationship.

3) IT needs a robotic sidekick. (Well not seriously, but it would be quite fun to have him aided by like GlaDOS)

4) It's nice to see pants, but how about putting a jacket over the tank-top?

5) Love the developing of fighter master guy.

6) Horror and RPG seem to be getting better and better every episode. Also Tycoon is quite an awesome character.

Great episode. But I'm incredibly confused by Horror's mention of rule 36...The Rule 36 of the internet is entirely different than Horror's Rule 36


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