Name Game: Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

Well this is embarrassing...

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I rock?

Thank you. You're not so bad yourself.

Congrats and hope for many more years to come...

Happy birthday Name Game! (Has it really been a year since the Sunday comics thing started? And then didn't carry on...)

Anyway, here's hoping for many more funnies in the future!

Thank you for making my Thursdays at work much more enjoyable every week. Happy b-day!


Keep up the good work.

WOOOO! Definitely glad this comic exists. One of my staples whenever I check the Escapist.

Ah, don't feel too bad about it. Critical Miss looked fairly terrible when it started.

Happy Birthday anyway!

Keep up the great work, can't wait till next issue, so back to work with you

I liked the artwork in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, it's a hell of a lot better now, but it was still really good, especially since it always takes time to find a good look for a new comic. Just look around, your first is much better than most.
Oh, and congratulations!!

Parkinsons joke?
Is that okay?

It's been a pleasure to read them, now work harder!

Love Name Game!

Glad to see it stuck around :D

Your art is not awkward. In fact, it's great!

Happy birthday Name Game!

Happ Birthday Name Game! Keep up all the cracking good work!

See what I did there?

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Name Gaaaammmmmeeee, happy birthday to you

I LOVE name game!!! I've read everyone so far!

One year ago my favorite Web comic made it into the (now dead) sunday funnies

Pfffffffft, Michael J. Fox joke XD!! Hahaha!

Anyway, Name Game, you're AWESOME!

That Photoshop needs another whip, for your computer.

Name Game: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday guys! You have always rendered up some laughs.

Dawwwww...what a nice thing to say. So glad you're around, Leels. :)

A year already??
I feel old

Man don't I know exactly how you feel about it Force Quitting. Nothing kills my motivation more than working on a digital painting for an hour and a half without saving (cause sometimes I just get in the ZONE like that) only to have CS4 crash. Luckily, it always seems to take me about a third of the time to actually redo everything when I get around to it, but it's still one of the most frustrating things to experience... Also the whole time I saw that last panel I was thinking about wips (works in progress) and the (unintentional?) pun gave me joy.

<_> I hope the wounds have healed.

:)Happy Birthday! Don't ever leave us! We love you!

Happy Birthday Name Game!

I'm now intending to link this comic whenever anyone asks why I gave up on something I was making with photoshop. :)

Dang, it's been a year? TIme sure does go quickly. I remember reading the first one, and enjoying it.

I love the comic and I hope it continues to get even better :3

Happy Birthday and all, but I've got to be a dick for a moment...

I like the old art style better... <,<;

Happy birthday guys, its been one hell of a year!


And no special thanks for Michael J., who always seems such a good sport about it all? :P

Holy crap, it's been that long already. That year flew by.

Man, this must be what getting old feels like.

Also, that "emotional process" one made me laugh.

Wow a year well happy birthday !

What? No. I just got something in my eye...
... at the same time I started crying!
No but congratulations. I really like the comic and you deserve it.

Congratz for one awesome comic and i hope you'll keep on delighting us with your work for years to come! Keep it up :D!

Man, it's been a long time since someone said i rocked. Like, all my life. So, thanks for that. And thanks for all the comics you've made, quite fun to read!
And happy 1 year anniversary.
Also, the image "how i work on Name Game every week" should be published here, it's really funny in my opinion !

Happy one year anniversary, Leelee. Keep up the good work.

I wish I could say "I know what it feels like to be an artist," but like half of time, I have college and I use my free time to play video games. I need to go back and draw in my sketch book!

Also, when it comes to drawing, I'm more of a traditional artist because when it comes to digital art, (and I blame the school's computers) you have to deal with losing your file of whatever you've been working on for hours and hours and hours.

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