Daily Drop: Spaghetti

That was far to chaotic for my eyes to keep up. I think it would have looked better with marshmallows stuck to the ends of some of them.

that was really cool, and is that a bike tire tomorrow?

Dried Spaghetti is more resilient than I previously thought. That looks like a roll of HVAC Copper Line being dropped tomorrow. Copper Line is easily bent when dropped so it should become kinked when dropped.

For some reason, that made me think of pick up sticks. Just sayin'.

Would have been amusing if the next time teaser started with the spaghetti lying there with something heavy (rock?) about to smash into them...

Tomorrow: Repulsion gel... on spaghetti!

KERPLUNK!! . . . oh wait

Cleaning that up will sure help pasta time away!

Ehh, I'm not so keen on the scatter drops. You know the crowbar is nowhere to be found and its not all that spiffy.

Now, put something that scatters INSIDE something that might (or might not) break and you have a winner. The possibility of the crowbar...and the satisfaction of a good slow-mo shatter'n'scatter.

You should have done a second drop with cooked or fresh spaghetti.

Aww I was expecting a satisfying crack.

Ehhh, seen better, seen worse, the bending and bouncing didn't amount to much in the end.

Since most were intact I was hoping for a crowbar.

Daily Drop: Stress testing reality's physics engine since 2010

I would have expected more shattering. Interesting...

Anyway... Spaghetti!


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