Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean Review

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Huh. I've been a closet lego game fan since lego star wars unpredictably ended up being the best star wars game of the obligitory bunch released in the wake of episode 3. After lego indy did bad things with my childhood, and lego star wars 3 instantly rang alarm bells, i had put on my cynic hat for this one, but it seems i was wrong. I might pick it up when the price drops.

Susan Arendt:

I KNEW you were a Dog person!

Hey Susan, did you play co-op or singleplayer? Is it still fun without co-op, which I understand is the emphasis of the whole "Lego what's-it" franchise?

I have both a dog and a cat and dote on them excessively. It's really quite embarrassing.

I played single player and it's still loads of fun. Better with a friend, of course, but still absolutely fantastic all by yourself. It can be a bit awkward, of course, having to switch between characters, and sometimes the AI is a bit on the stupid side, but the annoyances are brief and minor.

Well I have neither, and am utterly devastated to find that the cartoons of my youth, lied to me (in that, a cat and a dog cannot under any circumstance co-exist in the same house without the ensuing of Anvil-dropping, Piano-rolling Chaos)....Sad now. :(

Anyway, thanks a lot for the info. I'll try and give it a shot when I can.

You know, now that Traveler's Tales announced that "Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7" is coming later this year, I think a "Lego Lord of the Rings" is just around the corner.

I mean, think about it. The Hobbit movie is coming up, there couldn't be a better time to release it. Just as Lego Pirates was released right before the fourth movie, they could release Lego LotR right before the first part of "The Hobbit". Then release a second game right before the second part, covering "The Hobbit" (the first game would only cover the original LotR trilogy).

I mean, it makes sense to me. The movies have a great amount of action that could be well translated into a Lego game. As long as they don't make it boring, hard and repetitive as "Lego Star Wars III", it should be good.

I just played through the demo and was smiling the whole time. Since my girlfriend LOVES pirates (we are seeing the new one tomorrow) and her birthday is the 21st (yay apocalypse!) I decided I have to get it for her... unfortunately that means I will have to fork out another 50 bucks after getting her portal 2 and sims 3 though...

Cool, will probably get the game then (but skip the shitty forth movie).

Oh, but you thought Indiana Jones was a bad lego game? I thought it was even better than lego Star wars! The Batman one and the most recent Star Wars III were, from what I understand, the weakest (unimaginative, and lacking the nostalgic re-imagination of the classic movies).

All they need now is a lego back to the future. Have they started it already?

Oh, someone asked how I felt about Lego Batman - I didn't enjoy it. I don't think it was *bad*, necessarily, but I didn't have any fun with it.

I do believe I might actually -have- to get this... :P

I can't wait to play this game!

Lego makes EVERYTHING better!

Poor shed.
Edit: To me, if you played one the lego games you played them all.
Edit 2: I still want to play it though... Maybe that is Noglastia.

Susan Arendt:

I love lego pirates but I'm curious which lego Indy you didn't like

The first one. It was a broken, unfun mess. Didn't play the second one, though.

The second Indy is worse than the first. Try wrapping your head around that.

I love the bit with Jack reversing the telescope to put Davey Jones on the mast.

This looks good!

Ahhh lego games. These always have a special place in my heart as the bizarre "family bonding games" between me and my mam. Not sure why, but one day we just started playing them together (even out interests barely cross anywhere else :p)

I can confirm Pirates really is one of the better ones. On a side note I never tried the first indy game, but people are right about the second being pretty good.

Personally hopping for either Lego: The Mummy or Lego: X-men.

If only for the fact they would be fun to play :p

Bought this yesterday, been playing it with my girlfriend. Have only played a few levels so far, but it is damned fun. And Lego Jack is perfect, I think I can safely say that he is my favourite Lego game character yet!

I knew this was going to be a fun game when I saw the trailer for it on youtube and laughed myself stupid, I'm not sure when its released here in Australia but thanks for confirming the awesomeness Susan, now I have to spend more money but thats okay, it means Lego Jack Sparrow!

Yoho, yoho and a pirates life for me!

very much looking forward to this one :D
I played Lego Star Wars (Complete Saga) and enjoyed it a lot, but wasn't so into Batman or Indiana Jones (original)
maybe I just wasn't as into those IPs but still...JACK SPARROW

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