Escape to the Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Captain Jack's charm has worn off.

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And yet, I'm still going to see it tomorrow, and I'll have my review out after I see it then. ;)

See, I figured that it'll be a cash-in just on Jack Sparrow's popularity, but I also figure that its success will be determined by how enamoured you are with the character to begin with.

Regardless, still going to see it.

Thank GOD I saw this before the movie. I was skeptical about this one for a while, and my thoughts have just been confirmed. NOT SEEING IT.

The movie cost roughly $200 Million to make. Johnny Depp also takes Schwarzenegger's crown for most money paid to one actor for one movie. Schwarzenegger got $30 million for Terminator 3 and Johnny Depp got $55.5 million for this.

I didn't know they had changed directors, I wish they had kept the one from the first three.

Please say it's good, please say it's good...


Sucks? But it's a Pirates movie...

I'll still watch it. With no bias. Because I can't imagine a bad Pirates movie.

So I guess That ship has sailed, eh Bob?
We all treasure Jack Sparrow, but you really skull fucked this one.

I'm shocked there was any goodwill left toward this franchise after the second movie, let alone the third.

So much for "Jack Sparrow & the Last Crusade."

Only saw the first one. Didn't like it that much either.

that bad huh? shame, haven't been to the cinema in a while, and i can't convince my friends about thor

A monkey fighting a CHP helicopter... So Robin Williams VS Eric Estrada?

Oh the other hand MUPPETS!!!!!!!


God I love it when Bob rages like an adolescent fanboi. I barely tolerate these movies but listening to Bob get riled up is as much fun as listening to Yahtzee unload on a poorly made game.

The Transformer movies.

That's all I have to say in terms of your hope that people wont go see it.

Eh... yeah, it's a cash grab. And yeah, the new director isn't as good. The main trilogy is better, the first movie is still the best.
But what the hack, I'll still probably like it.

I did think this was a bit wierd.
It worked as a trilogy, but now this ?
Hmmmf although I am quite interested to see it... but not enough to pay for it.
... definitely not pirating this....
Pardon the pun.

They changed directors? What?!
I'm gonna go see it in like an hour...but I don't know. No! I must. For the pirates!

I'm really dissappointed to be honest, I hadn't really been following the lead up to this movie as Pirates of the Caribbean sits in the "to be trusted" folder of my mind but I was kind of wondering how it would work without the other leading character.

Suppose I'll have to watch it and judge myself but I won't be going to the movies to see it.

well looks like im not gonna see it now I've found out its just another cash in

Quite frankly I didn't care for the 2nd or 3rd movies either (although the 3rd at least avoided most of the pointless foolishness of the 2nd). I was pretty much expecting this to suck, and now two reviewers I respect have confirmed that. So I guess the only good thing that came out of this was a nice paycheque for Tim Powers, and good on him.

This is what I hate about movies these days: I can no longer buy any trilogy sets anymore because they keep making sequels. It's like beating on a dead horse.

Only saw the first one. Didn't like it that much either.

Then don't bother with the second or third, because the first is the best one. After that, it gets more convoluted than Lost.

Anyways, Moviebob, I have my issues with you, but I haven't laughed that hard at a video on the Escapist in over a year.

It may be because I have a bit of an admittedly weird and somewhat immature personal vendetta against Depp and every Pirates movie but the first one, but I was saying this stuff about the movie before it came out, but never so well.

I really hope it flops. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it did- I didn't even know it was out today, and I saw the first commercial for it... today. Is it just in my area (which is your area, Bob, I'm about a half an hour out from Boston) that the advertisement campaign sucks, or is it all over?

What, not even a mention of Tim Powers?

See, I actually quite enjoyed it. It's not as good as the first film, but I think maybe better than the second and third. Each to their own I guess, but I wouldn't call it a bad film!

Well... Bob didnt exactly make any startling revelations in this review, Im sure the obviousness of the movie being a cash grab was known by damn near everyone. The question though, are the people who are aware of its nature, actually aware? or painfully oblivious?

Well said, Bob. Nothing happened in this movie, and I was going to give it a miss...had part of it not been filmed at my university (some of the sections set in England is where I have lectures). Very poor movie, I hope they don't make another

Good review.
I expected about as much from this movie.

By the way, if anyone wants to know what was up with "The Godyssey" (Good heavens I feel dirty just typing that), check out Linkara's review:

PAH. I haven't payed attention to what you have said thus far, and i see no reason to break with tradition.

I'm going to watch it. With a group of about 6-7 people. We will all be paying. These will all count as views.

Want the kick in the balls now? IM RE-ENFORCING 3D TOO!


Not all that supprised tbh - there has been a trend in the movies where they become more and more about the spectacle than the plot and characters.

I have a feeling a 5th and 6th film were already confirmed...I might be mistaken though...

Please say it's good, please say it's good...
I'll still watch it. With no bias. Because I can't imagine a bad Pirates movie.

Then... you're bias.

It's the best movie since the original one. Really sad to see all these people no longer going to enjoy it based on the opinion of one man...

So, I'm guessing that Bob's of the opinion that the Muppets were, is, and always will be awesome, no matter what.

I was KIND of interested in this movie, if only because I liked Pirates of the Carribean and wanted to see what they'd add to the table this time, but now... I mean, I knew the movie SEEMED like a creatively lacking cash-in for Disney to still try to keep it's once biggest movie franchise going, but I was kind of hoping for it to surprise me!

bad news bob they've been planning pirates 4-6 since the third installment

A Monkey fighting a helicoptor???

I have no idea what that is but I'm excited.

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