Daily Drop: Pudding Condom

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That... wasn't pudding...

Well, better to fill it with pudding than what it's meant for, I suppose.

Sir Broccoli:
Can you imagine someone going to a store, buying pudding and condoms and saying they need it to make a video for the internet?


I did have a similar experience, except it was condoms and athlete foot cream... and no its not what it looks like XD

Best DD to date. Will the cinderblock be a permanent addition to the arsenal of destructive implements I wonder?

I think the lesson we've learned here is "don't slam your dick off the floor from a stepladder during sex, the condom will burst a little."

...And "Don't drop a cinderblock on your dick during sex. Your dick will explode."

Awesome drop, loved the cinder effect XD

That is one strong condom. Too bad it wasn't tough enough to handle a crowb...I mean, cinder block.

This was a creative drop. I hope to see more like this. It makes DD more entertaining.


Except that you can see it leaking after the second drop.

I'm not sure it's leaking; that could be the... um... "built-in fluid".

After the first drop:

Repeat for the second drop, too.

Definitely one of the better eps in a while. That's not to say that recent ones haven't been good, just that this one was oddly awesome. ^_^

So when I saw the title for this one I thought "Wow, what a waste of a condom and pudding" But seeing the 2nd attempted was just EPIC!

This is easily now in my Top 5 Drops!

Coming to the comments section, i was expecting more dick jokes. Oh well.
But on topic, the drop was epic and funny, especially the second one.
And the brick was pretty painful

This was actually pretty cool. The way it completely flattened out was awesome. You could have called this "sea creature part 4" or whatever part you're on now.

Plus... It's a condom. They're surprisingly sturdy. If having sex with one won't cause it to break (most of the time) I'm guessing a 5-10 foot drop won't.

Also, cinder block. That is all.


Pudding, a condom, and a cinderblock. Only Loading Ready Run could bring them together in one video and concoct this much awesome.

Apparently, they haven't drifted away from Fun With Condoms...

hey the broke the black and yellow tape

Now THAT's a cock block if I ever saw one.

Who would have thought that a condom not breaking would ever be a failure? :p

I know right, How would you ever cum to that conclusion?

Made my fucking day, and it's only 11 AM!

Wow! Now that's science. I could watch this all day because of how cool the condom conforms when its dropped. And the cinder block makes it even better! Such a good drop!

A lot of the drops turn out to be highly disappointing and just simple smashes, the best ones are where the objects do something unexpected and this one exceeded all expectations.

Favourite drop so far.

Didn't expect it to literally be a condom filled with pudding.

Neither did I. I just thought I was behind on my terminology as far as the pudding world is concerned.

In regards to this video, this is probably my new favorite one. :D

so you're combining stuff now?
and it looked awesome
good choice for the cinder block as i wouldn't like to be in the shoes of graham hitting that thing with a short range weapon

i approve

did the pudding HAD to be white? idk i just couldn't get it off my mind.

Would you have prefered brown?

Pudding Condom

I want to know where this idea came from, but then I kind of don't.

Watch Video

I... can't... look... away....

Whoa! that is so wrong... surprisingly resiliant though.

So i guess we all learned something today. When having sex don't introduce a cinder block into your foreplay because they dramatically increase the failure rate of condoms. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Q: You sure that was pudding?

A: In what other way could one fill a condom

I feel dirty...

I found it quite amusing actually... don't really want to where the idea came from though.

So disturbing on so many levels...

Best Daily Drop Ever.

We get the equivalent of two Koosh drops + Cinder block action + explosion. Can't get any better.

Why did the high-speed camera wobble at the end?

This is easily my favorite one! It was so disgustingly hilarious and disturbing the way it flattened out then bounced back into the air!

This was not what I expected when I saw the title. xD
Though: Epic.

Mmm delicious.

I find it ironic that on average we get 20-25 comments in these threads.
But when they start pudding perverted things in the videos the comments nearly tripple.

so educational =D

Like the second drop. always fun to see impacts like that in slow motion. still really want to see a potted plant take the fall.

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