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n addition, just because Mickey is "a certifiable bad ass" doesn't mean his character has meaning. I still have trouble taking the later Harry Potter books seriously when they continue throwing childish and idiotic terms like "Muggle" around, attempting to say it with a straight face. I imagine there's a significant number of people with the same issue. The aesthetic I've gotten with Kingdom Hearts is that they're trying to take family entertainment aimed in particular towards children and make it "grown up", and no matter how "successful" you are at such a thing it will still have that aspect of it that is nothing short of silly.

- ccesarano

Muggles (look it up with Louis Armstrong) is actually one of the suspiciously frequent pot references in the Harry Potter books.

I think there's a point where something goes from grownup to kiddy to grownup. I was a big Fan of Calvin & Hobbes as a kid, I didn't read them much for my young adulthood and now I'm enjoying them on a whole 'nother level.


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