Zero Punctuation: Brink

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Brink. Also, there is a drinking game involving Team Fortress 2.

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This was a good review. I saw my brother playing this and was pretty blown away by how cool it looked :p

Thanks for confirming what I already suspected.

Y'know, the TF2 (take a drink) comparison hadn't even crossed my mind until now. Now I feel like an idiot.

I guess I'd still like a jellybean cake... But hey, he played a multiplayer game! No getting around that one, eh?


Oh well. Fair enough review anyway.

... Just give Brink a chance peoples. PLEASE D:

Yeah. i dont "get" brink either. I like character customation and all but the rest just seems like cotton wool in a box.

... wasn't there a single player mode as well? Because if there was, then Yahtzee just broke his own rule of not judging a game by multiplayer alone...

EDIT: Ok, you can stop quoting me now, I know he brought it up for less than a sentence. But there was an Extra Punctuation a while ago where he talked about multiplayer except I can't find it. Give me a minute...

EDIT 2: In an Extra Punctuation, he mentioned playing mostly multiplayer games single player because multiplayer isn't his thing. Yet in this review, the only time he even mentioned single player was once and that was hardly a sentence. Even if it was just multiplayer with bots, Borderlands was almost entirely a multiplayer game, yet he barely gave it a try. Surely you see what I'm trying to say here, yes?

I was scared off this one by reviews. A single player that doesn't really have a story? I'll pass.
EDIT: Multiplayer maps with bots is not how you do single player.

I anm sooo drunk righrt now

Holy cow, an actual REVIEW not a critique... and a fairly sound review at that, I like the game and agree with the issues he has with it.... it just wasn't funny... well.. maybe thats why he told us to get drunk.

Yep. That pretty well summed up how I felt about Brink, too. It's just not interesting enough and tried all the wrong things to convince me to be interested in it.

Oh good. Then I can just go back and play TF2 if I feel the need for this kind of gaming experience.

Listening to the choices that Bethesda made for Brink, especially when compared to Team Fortress 2, really makes me wonder just how much ACTUAL playtesting and QA went into making this game. Every design decision seems to be counter-intuitive to making an effective class-based multiplayer shooter.

Didn't Monday Night Combat already do the Team Fortress 2 rip off, and do it better?

... wasn't there a single player mode as well? Because if there was, then Yahtzee just broke his own rule of not judging a game by multiplayer alone...

He covered the single player. In fact, none of what he said could be placed exclusively upon thew shoulders of multiplayer. Did you watch the review?

I guess Brink's attempt to rip-off TF2 (take a drink) just wasn't very
*puts on sunglasses*


You know, I have the bloody orange box, just to play portal, but I unwillingly purchased team fortress 2 with it. I didn't even play through the half life 2 stuff, so I didn't even think of playing TF2.
Is it really that good?

Now that I see people ripping it off, there must be something to it. However, it didn't work for dota and all the other clones which I won't touch.

Not thinking of picking this game up soon.

Funny review as always, Yahtzee.

Didn't like Brink either , everything reminded me Tf2 or maybe it is because I have played it more than 1000hrs .

The UN thing got me, funny as always.

Anyway, I watched a couple of lets plays of Brink (on itmeJP's stream) and it looked awful, glad to see that's seemingly the prevailing opinion.

I thought the first person platforming in Mirror's Edge was handled pretty well. Granted pretty much every other attempt first person platforming has failed miserably, but give it credit where it's due.



That about sums it up. And I paid $90 AUD for the bloody thing.


My arse hurts.

... wasn't there a single player mode as well? Because if there was, then Yahtzee just broke his own rule of not judging a game by multiplayer alone...

The single player is the multiplayer with bots. Or the multiplayer is the single player with retards. Which ever way you choose.

I guess first off I`m violently happy I`m not a TF-fan. Then again, never played the thing so who`s to say I wouldn`t have loved the game to death.

BUT, being a big fan of BC2 - no - that does not mean I hate CoD! -(just a few of the players)- I can see where he`s going with the whole über-customisation thingy. In BC2, it`s sometimes a bit hectic (duh) and as a nice little visual aid is the recognisation of your own team.
How Brink will play out with all the different hats, clothes etc...I dunno - feel a bit sceptical about the whole thing. Then again, it might be a way in to the fps-genre for those who`ve grown tired of dress up Barbie-games, or just are so bad at fps-games in the first place, that they`ll rather focus on being a running-target-supermodel wearing different hillarious outfits each game.

Oh Yahtzee...

... I really don't get Brink either. Probably why I stop playing it less than a week after launch. Even though I did halfway enjoy it at first, playing through the extremely small number of really linear levels killed what little interest I had.

Good stuff.



whoa, I'm seein' purple elephants now. And not ALL the booze has kicked in yet

Great review as usual :P

This game caught my eye when it was back in development but I have yet to play it.. Haven't heard that many great things about it but i'm not one to judge without first having played it myself!

I like brink but only online the single player is to difficult because I have to do everything, one time I was a medic and the objective was to plant a bomb on a door and even though we had at least 4 people in the room at all times my AI teammates (even the soldier classes) just stood around guarding doors wasting their supplies putting up turrets that faced corners and buffing everyones health another nano inch so that when everyone died I was the only one able to revive people and even then they got gunned down within 6 seconds

Haha, fantastic review Yahtzee, The Almighty Team Fortress 2 is pleased. ^

5 Shots? Come on Yahtzee, you could've done much worse! I actually paused to go get a bottle of whisky, mainly because I don't feel like working this afternoon and need an excuse.

I enjoy the game(for the most part) so I'm pleased he didn't tear apart Brink as badly as he probably could have.

I suspect Yahtzee doesn't "get" Brink for the same reasons he doesn't "get" multiplayer in any other game that's not Team Fortress 2. And neither do I, so that's perfectly fair. I just wish he were familiar enough with multiplayer games to judge how close it comes to grabbing the brass ring compared to the unwashed masses of the multiplayer genre such as Halo or Counter-Strike. TF2 is still fun, but it's getting old, the unlockable items are retarded, and if I weren't part of a custom map generating community, I probably would have gotten sick of it by now.

Speaking of which, I wonder if he'll ever try Monday Night Combat.

... wasn't there a single player mode as well? Because if there was, then Yahtzee just broke his own rule of not judging a game by multiplayer alone...

He said the single player mode was just the same maps with bots. Which I kind of suspected.

Odd that Yahtzee would criticise Brink for forcing people to unlock content and kindly ignore that TF2 (take a drink) did the same thing with the early class packs, (i.e. tying item unlocks to achievements, which was then supplemented with the utterly horrid random drop/crafting/microtransaction system they have now). Kudos to him for reiterating that the TF2 (take a drink) hats completely ruined the game's aesthetic (which, if you listen to the in-game commentary, Valve spent a *lot* of time obsessing over during development).

The question needs to be asked, why was there a NIKE sign on the butterfly wings :P.

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