Daily Drop: Billy the Bass

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Billy the Bass

Two things will survive a nuclear explosion: cockroaches and this singing fish.

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"<< Prev: Pudding Condom" What happened to the piñata?

And tomorrow's the final drop? *sadface*

EDIT: Never mind. It's been fixed. The link, that is. Not the end of DD :(


the next thing after Cinderblock is nuclear bomb?

ever hear of sledge hammers?

I remember turning on all of them whenever I went into a store with them on just to piss off the staff.
and I am so glad you guys beat the crap out of that stupid fish!
and will there be more drops?
and will they be on FIRE????

awesome, damn that thing is tough also why must it end i love these videos

Im going to build my doomsday shelter out of this.

So sad that your penultimate drop is the only one that manages to withstand the might of the cinderblock. Still, nuclear bomb was fairly full-proof.

I freakin loled so hard. Oh man more people need to see this! Is the final sigh for real? Is this really the final drop?

...Why is it that one of the most annoying things in this world is indestructible.

He went out on a high note.


Final Daily Drop? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Er, anyway: Sorry to see DD end. Been a good run!

So I guess it was valid to have that fish to appear in WALL E since it really can survive that long. Also I sad now that this show is going to end (I assuming that the next video is the last one from the look of it).


And tomorrow is the final drop? Guys (and Katherine ^^), if you don't break out everything in your arsenal, both seen and unseen, and it isn't at least five minutes long, it will not be a proper end.

Thanks for bringing us some hilarious moments, Daily Drop! And also the wonders of owning a high-speed camera!

(Captcha: committed sesolle. You speak and we shall obey, Lord Inglip.)

so the A-bomb literally exploded your budget?
maybe do your next show more cost efficient and you won't have to end it so quickly

That is one tough piece of bass.

That one was FANTASTIC!


(the end of daily drop)

Sadface. =(
{On second thought, writing "sadface" and then putting a sad face is pretty extraneous... hey-ho}

Did you just detonate a nuclear bomb with a Kodak Zi8?

No more Daily Drop?! D:
Oh well, at least the singing fish was entertaining.

First drop that survives drops from a ladder, a crowbar, and a cinde block. But did it survive the explosion?

And I'm sad that DD is coming to an end.

But... there's so much more to be dropped! On a daily basis!

I'm kinda pissed that I only just started to watch this show.

This drop was truly awesome. Totally preempted the use of Crowbar and Cinder Block, but did not anticipate the nuclear strike. That was genius.

Kinda bummed that this looks to be the penultimate drop, but if what I hear on the streets (Read: Twitter) is true, they're debuting a new show tomorrow anyway, so that should be awesome!

well i hope this gets a season 2 someday.

But..but i like seeing things get dropped. Why must it end?

Second to last daily drop? Nooooo!

The order should be:

Cinder block.

and if all else fails:


My god that thing was tough!

Tomorrow's the last drop? D:

Say it's ain't so guys, just say it ain't so! *weeps*

I always suspected those things were designed and built by Satan himself. Now we know.

End of Daily Drop, eh? Shame.

Lol! Wow that was fun to watch. You could see that the mount had cracked up, but nothing beyond that seemed ruined! I bet it won't sing anymore though..

I knew there was more than one reason why those fish were a pox of humanity.

Looking forward to the end of what ended up being a simple but epic series :)

You know, I missed those while playing fallout.

Also you can add ducktape and Nokia 1100 cellphones to the survival of the fallout.

I squeed at cinderblock.

Then I sadded at end of Daily Drop. I didn't watch everyday but it has been nice diversion. (Hope for a second series of DD someday).


Fish... Poor fish

1) Why wasn't it singing when you dropped it? Slow-mo waving and singing was what I came here for!

2) Wow, those things are well made.

3) You couldn't come up with anything after the cinder block? Sledge Hammers? Chainsaw? Driving over it?

4) Ending DailyDrop on a fail? :(

That fish is hilarious!

DD is ending? Why? It's beloved by all! I tune in to see what you guys are up to!

I loved Paul's look during the second drop, all hands on his hips angry.

Does Not Compute, What - Having fun Alex.

Good job with the crowbar guys. I'm pretty sury Tally didn't do any swinging, but I know she was there, thanks to Light Bulb of the Gods.


Sad thing is, Big Mouth Billy Bass probably STILL worked after that nuke. >_<

And tomorrow's the series finale? BAW, I'm gonna miss this show...T-T


By the way, Tuqui, it's "duct tape". I'm telling you that for your own good. Alex Steacy HATES when people call it "duck tape"....as you'll see in the 5th comment in the thread this links to.

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