Daily Drop: Billy the Bass

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You must drop the crowbar next.

Crowbar and cinder block not working? Take a cue from one James Hyneman: "When in doubt, C4."

Nicely done series, LRR! Sad to see the Drop ending, but I'm excited to see what you've come up with next!


Sad thing is, Big Mouth Billy Bass probably STILL worked after that nuke. >_<

And tomorrow's the series finale? BAW, I'm gonna miss this show...T-T


By the way, Tuqui, it's "duct tape". I'm telling you that for your own good. Alex Steacy HATES when people call it "duck tape"....as you'll see in the 5th comment in the thread this links to.

I know but i have a flunky auto corrector, it fixes things when i stop to think, it's so bothersome :/

The fish god has spoken! "I SHALL NOT DIE!"

End of DD!?
In the great words of Yhatzee from his spore review:

Here's a little song I wrote,
Here it is note for note,
Dont Worry,
Be Happy.

Yeah I laughed.

Awww, no more DD. Oh well, there's checkpoint now, so thats cool.

Did you really thing no one would notice that it wasn't Graham in the crowbar suit at the end?

Where is Graham?

Wow... see that's where a sledgehammer would probably come in handy... though that might indeed pose too much of a risk to the wielder and crew...

Shame next week will be the last though...

Well I guess that's a quite nice bass drop right there.

I've been listening to waaay too much dubstep lately >.>

No more Daily Drop? Oh well, it was a great run and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!

How do people even get one of these things?

Do you go out one day and say "I know what I *really* need..."

The end?! NOooo..
The show must go on, i need my daily fix of things crashing against the ground! I'LL continue this, I've got loads of stuff in my room!
though it would get expensive...damn.
But the fish didn't die. In the end i felt like they should just torch the thing and be done with it. But a nuclear bomb will suffice, oh well.

No more Daily Drop???
This is my sad face D:

The end of Daily Drop? Noooooooo! I really hope that this gets continued, or, barring that, revived for a second season.

Still, it may be best to end with the Object That Nothing Can Destroy and the destruction of the Drop Zone by nuclear blast. After all, where can one go from there?

I might have thought dropping the cinder block such that its corner struck the bass would have been more efficacious, but 'twas not to be.

End of Daily Drop?? :-( * 10**23 (Avogadro's Sad Face). Still, Graham did mention during Desert Bus for Hope that they'd shot about 150 of them, and we passed that a while ago...

Seems like Daily Drop is coming to a worthy end.

I lol'd pretty damn hard with this one.


That was a completly unexpected turn out.
Loved it

Final drop needs to be a Toyota Prius. If they're gonna can one of the best shows here they should do it right. Crane --> Prius --> 100 feet --> concrete.

seems daily drop has finally met its match.
seems fair to stop before obviously jumping the shark
though i relly would have liked to see another episode the likes of xbox and playsation
suffer, all you auto aim, button masher consoleros XD

3 of 3 laughing out louds, two thumbs up, and a bonus inability to breath.

Nice science guys.

anyone remided of the rock fish/ <£ that one.
DD was always the highlight of my day, except lisa foiles day. i think i may have to go bath the toaster.

Deadlock Radium:
Well I guess that's a quite nice bass drop right there.

I've been listening to waaay too much dubstep lately >.>

you my friend, have got it good. i love the sound of dubstep in the morning. it sounds like victory.

That's one tough singing seabass

Sad, I am going to miss the show.

It bothered me how they dropped this fish, they never dropped it with it completely upright, that probably would have done the trick.

Doesn't matter anyway.

Would have been amusing if the music over the end credits was that damn fish still singing!

I know call the Mythbusters they can get some C4 for you too blow that thing up with

Wait, final DD? But whyyyy, it was part of my routine now! Get up, school, DD! You can't do this to us :(
I'll send you items!

I half expected to see the camera zoom into the crater, and to see Billy Bass lying there. ;)

Damn i bet that fish is still alive,

Daily drop, this is your first fail ...

The end of daily drop? Little late for an April Fool's joke, guys... >_>

Nooooooooo! Not the final drop! To quote reCAPTCHA

"Panic! Chaos! What is this!?"

Well, at least it was justified with nuclear assault on a mechanical singing fish of +1.INF# durability.

That fish probably survived the nuke at the end.

This is one show I know can continue and whether or not it does because it's never up to us I hope that I can shout with happiness when any of our suggestions are more than even taken into consideration.

I expected the plastic board to be crowbared but it's still surprising that the fish survived all that punishment.

Need. More. Drops. Really great series guys... sorry to see it go :/

I had one of those. Don't remember what I did with it though.

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