Trailers: Disney Universe Debut

Disney Universe Debut

Take the role of iconic Disney characters to solve puzzles with friends in Disney Universe.

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Looks better than the other D universe I know.

I don't even know what I saw here. I can't even describe it.

looks like someone has been taking notes on little big planet, but if thats a good or bad thing thats yet to be seen, as there is no gameplay to be seen...

Allow me to be the first to say-



They look a little like Sackboys, and it looks like the Stitch one has been playing a little too much Kingdom Hearts recently :D. But, I'll wait from game play, anything with Stitch, and what appears to be Mike Wizosky(spelling?) can't be that bad.

I was so confused watching this trailer. Obviously it takes a slight page from Little Big Planet, but I don't know what ya do in it, or whether I'm just to assume it's an mmo made by Disney, just deal with it.

The gameplay trailer doesn't actually show any gameplay either, I'm quite frankly appauled...

Hrmmmmmmmm I need to see more before I get excited. I love Disney and I love puzzle games so this could be good, in fact it could be great.

Was anyone else reminded of this guy by the one in the Stitch costume?

My cynicism at what i have seen thus far from this idea can not be accurately measured. creatures in Disney outfits displaying a mcdonalds commercial kind of comedy.

Fantastic >_>

Yes Disney keep warping our children's mind with your rap/pop that is so in these days. These stupid trailers don't make sense for a game release, it's not a movie it's a game! Show some god damn game footage! That goes for all companies that do this teaser shit!

anyone else getting the impression that this is a really blatant LBP ripoff?

looks cute!

I would rather see some gameplay though.

Looks like shit, I will not be buying it. Kids wil gobble it right up though.

Oh, hey, a Disney game that's advertised on the Escapist that isn't KH? This sounds like light-hearted nostalgic fun and I could always use some of that! =D

*watches video*

... Okay what did I just watch?

while that video was adorable and I liked the movie specified suits. (Lilo and stitch/tron/alice in wonderland/ monsters inc.)
I'd like to know what it is....
Is it an mmo? Is it a one player platform? wth?

Also, Stitch should have had a ukulele not a guitar.

ITV: Barney Stinson's new theme tune

Ok well i thought the video was funny :D kinda annoyed at the no game play footage and looks a lot like L.B.P but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing? It seems funny and stich made me laugh like crazy ;D ( till i got a stich, kidding ). Why was it "suit-up" thou, kinda seems like stealing from how i met ur mother xD!


Also, Stitch should have had a ukulele not a guitar.

Stitch plays the guitar, Lilo plays the uke.

I'm guessing it's going to be a 3rd person adventure/puzzle game (i.e. Rayman)

I'm curious to know more about this game.

Well, I suppose it looks kinda cute. Of course, I'm a complete Disney freak, and I certainly wouldn't expect it to be another KH, and it may be similar to other games (although whomever insinuated that it steals the idea of the "Marvel Super Hero Squad" ought to be aware that Disney does own Marvel)....buuuut...anyway, we'll see when October rolls around whether it's worth playing, I guess. ^^


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