Escape to the Movies: The Hangover 2

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The Hangover 2

A smoking monkey is just as funny as a lost baby, right? Right?

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I bet they will make a third one

Sounds almost exactly like what I expected when I heard "Hangover 2" was being made.

Its sad to see them make sequels just for a quick cash grab instead of just trying to make a good movie.

To be fair, I didn't like the first one

Knew it when I first saw ads for the 2nd one. Cash grab.

Ya know, there's a less patronising way of saying its there to grab cash and nothing more.

i saw it and it was a cash grab but i still enjoyed it oh and i didnt think the transexual scene was as bad as you made it out to be

Wish He'd Reviewed the insanely good Attack the block.

I cant say i though this would be any good. The first one was its own little bubble, a sequel just looked like a shameless cash grab. Also the Rabbit man will haunt my dreams.


I love how this review was done, but I've got to disagree on one point. You can't really watch hangover more than once. If you do, then you go in with all the surprises ruined and it's just not the same...

Reminds me of Airplane 2

I'd like more story time with Moviebob. I had a feeling that The Hangover II would suck when they said they were making a sequel.

Its sad to see them make sequels just for a quick cash grab instead of just trying to make a good movie.

Was this new to you? Welcome to the world.

Satisfying review. I didn't like the first one at all. It was vulgar, crude, had douchy characters and just wasn't all that funny.

And fuck, I still have that ad for this movie playing in my head, thanks to "We're the three best friends that anyone could have, and we'll never..." AAAAAAAH SHUT UP!!

Attack the block is good? Possible to get a review of it?

Pity about the film being hit with the dreaded movie Exec Cash-in plague or MECP.

I knew from the get-go Hangover 2 wouldn't be worth seeing.

I was honestly expecting Tree of Life.

is it me, or are all the big movies for the next couple of months either sequels or reboots or adaptations

I'll still watch it. Except not. Probably.

Living in Thailand, if it really paints it in such a poor light as implied by MovieBob, I'll bet its only half as long. Damn censors. Then again, it wasn't outright banned.

So, I guess my question is:

How badly did Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Frog use Thailand as the butt-end of the joke?

Bob, if you're gonna do storylines this is how to do it. Loved the opening to this one; caught me totally off guard and got a few good chuckles out of me. Well done.

is it me, or are all the big movies for the next couple of months either sequels or reboots or adaptations

Just thinking the same thing. Why make a new movie with a new story when you can rehash an old story.

Then again Marvel is wheeling out Thor, Captian America, and X-Men First Class, and other studios may be thinking we can't really compete against those this year, so lets make cheap squeals instead of waste money on new properties.

so once again Hollywood fails to make a good movie set not in the US(excluding those that just chronicle the various fuck-ups of US foreign policy and WW2 movies)

That story time thing was funny!

I remember hearing that the release date of The Hangover Part II was pushed back because the tattoo artist who made Mike Tyson's tattoo suited the producers for using the same (or at least a very similar) pattern on one of the main characters.

Don't laugh, this was actually a serious discussion in my Law class.

Went and saw it opening night. Was funny, but I agree with bob, its pretty much the Hangover in Thailand. The first one was a surprise, this one, not so much. I think Bob was right that the transvestite thing last a little long, but his 'stoneface' 'this is 2011' thing doesn't take several things into account, and pretty much detaches himself from the audience and well movie in general: *SPOILERS* the 'main' character, a straight edge dentist, with a penchant for being the most conservative of the group, having sex with said transvestite ? thats the punchline. I didn't laugh so much as go 'Oh no, he didn't...he did lol' Maybe if you backed off and just let yourself laugh instead of trying to be politically correct. You've ranted against quite a few things i don't agree with and while, yes we should all be accepting of the transvestite community, you certainly become hypocritical because you have rallied against other groups just as harmless.

I personally thought it was hilarious, but I only watched the first one once and I have horrible long term memory, so it felt new to me.

And I agree about the transvestite part. It wasn't that big a deal to me, I laughed, but everyone one else in the theater was yelling "EWWW!" and "GROSS!" for like 5 minutes.

As long as it isn't as horrible Donnie Darko 2, I WILL watch it.

I might see this at some point, maybe on netflix.

I almost wet myself from laughter when Mr. Frog made it rain.

Meh be a good movie to see with friends.


Character development on Mr. Frog was a bit weak.

3 stars. This review will probably get enough views that you'll make a sequel though.

You know, I was going to see this anyway (probably will on DVD) because I'm all for a good laugh, even if the jokes are kind of a rehash, but if you're being completely honest about the way the jokes are targeted differently, well... thanks for saving me a good 10$, MovieBob.

Keep with this less-overly-biased reviewing. It makes more sense then when you go all fanboy.

You're looking for social commentary in a movie called THE HANGOVER?

Bob, you should just preface your reviews with a note saying:

"Yes, this is one of THOSE movies--the ones I personally don't like so if you go see it and enjoy it, I will label you an idiot and blame you for bad movies."


"I liked this movie, so it's either a surefire hit anyway (superhero movies), some foreign film that most people will gloss over ('cause they're idiots), or a movie that's going to bomb at the box office because stupid people (like you) don't appreciate things like I do."

Of course Moviebob wouldn't have liked this, it isn't comic book or toy based. I might see it in cinemas.

HA Ken Jeong and the tiger beeing the same character......el tigre getting into our cabezas ;P

PS: will watch the movie of course but not going into it with to high's just one of those movies where "more of the same" just doesn't really work, it was funny the first time around but i guess it gets to predictable in a sequel

*shrugs* I like the movie, and yes I did laugh at the transsexual scene. I knew it was coming, but I enjoyed the reactions of the Wolfpack.

And to me, the monkey was much funnier than the baby. Sure it may be a reheated left-over, but I knew what I was walking into. The only real portion I didn't enjoy was the shrugging off of the missing appendage later on. That seemed lazy.

Why do you keep reviewing movies you saw that you didn't like, if you are not going to give a full review? Why didn't you review bridesmaid 2 if you liked it? Oh, I know why; you wanted to complain yet again about all this money funding sure fire hits, and not that weird obscure garbage you are peddling.

were you drinking your anger away and came up with the rabbitfrog thing?

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