Trailers: Red Faction: Armageddon: Mr. Toots Unleashed

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Red Faction: Armageddon: Mr. Toots Unleashed

Unlocked the most powerful weapon known to man in Red Faction: Armageddon.

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Oh my God, that's amazingly hilarious yet horrifying at the same time...AND DOES IT REALLY HAVE TO MAKE FACES EVERYTIME IT FIRES ITS BEAM!?!?!

So now we know where Freddie Wong got that 3D model from...

So now we know where Freddie Wong got that 3D model from...

I think it was public already that Mr. Toots was going to be a weapon on redfaction, I remember reading an article here at the escapist stating so some time ago.

I'll buy this game but I didn't get any laughs from the trailer.

Reaction: Generic, generic, gene-OMG-WHAT-THE-EFF-BBQ!

Red Faction: Now appealing to the demographic that thinks poop and fart jokes the height of comedy!

That wasn't funny, just really dumb....

...yeah not my cup of tea at all. I guess I'll pass on this Red Faction. Hopefully the next one will go back to being open world. That's what I enjoyed about Guerilla.

Bwahaha. It's refreshing to see a laser-pooping rainbow unicorn in a sea of dark, brown, gritty cover based shooters.

What's disturbing about that is the expressions the thing pulls whenever you 'fire' it...

I preferred it in Freddiew's video.

Did they have to draw the sphincter?

I can't tell if this is real or troll.

I can't tell if this is real or troll.

It's real alright. It's a reward for completing the game.

I find it both humorous and disturbing that it looks like he has to grab it by it's wang and squeeze to get it to fire it's ass-rainbows. Though, odd though, when you try to fire when it's out of bullets/energy/charging, does it harmlessly fart glitter?

And people say games are becoming stale...

I laugh at them, and point Mr. Toots in their general direction.

Rated IM for: Immature! Still. Pretty awesome for a weapon!

That was hilarious. Almost got me tearing up from laughing so hard. Really didn't see that one coming.

That's a big risk they're taking, having a unicorn fart exploding rainbows... As a ranged weapon.

Oh god, I can't stop laughing, how can they even fire that weapon straight with that face.... Oh the my little pony references that are soon to follow....

Blatant attempt to appeal to bronies? Methinks yes.

I did laugh but I'm still not interested in the game - I couldn't stand the first one.

Well, I don't think a straight face was involved.

That said, I'm waffling on whether I want to get this game or not. I'm not a big shooter fan but played "Red Faction: Gueriella" for a bit and thought it was pretty cool, and I'm also a big fan of John Carpenter's "B" movies including one of his... underperforming, ones called "Ghosts Of Mars" which featured a then unknown Jason Statham. The style is differant (this is more like Aliens) but set up is almost identical, and I figured I might get into it even if I'm liable to be utter pants at it, especially multiplayer (to take a quip from Yahtzee).

The Mr. Toots thing however does have me wondering how serious this game is, or if it's supposed to be a giant genere send up.

Obviously you find this weapon inside a battered, century-old package lost in transit on its way to Stillwater.

You want fart grenades? We give you RAINBOW FART LASER BEAMS!

What the fart?

I love it when marketing people have a sense of humor.

Holy fucking...did I...was that really...


This Scotch is stronger than I thought...

Rainbow Unicorn Farts beat Carebear Stares hands down!!

I came here to watch trailers and kept telling myself, "eating Vicodin like jelly beans, there's no downside" boy was I wrong..

Not sure what I think about the game but yeah, farting ponies of death? That's.. unique.

this trailer alone has given me desire to buy this game.

What made this video so full of win was that I didn't read the title and was merely expecting another generic alien shooter trailer. Fantastic video, played note perfect, particularly in the wake of the enormous popularity of the Pony franchise. Bravo Volition!

For the rainbow pony lover in you...

I love when games put fun first, just because you're in a "gritty, realistic" world doesn't mean ridiculous fun doesn't exist.

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