Trailers: Alice: Madness Returns Launch

Alice: Madness Returns Launch

Wonderland's and Alice's fates are bound in Alice: Madness Returns.

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NEED this game! Extremly exhited that its almost out :D

I am trying not to get my hopes up because usually when faced with such a great premise and promises of greatness most developers fail.
I'll keep this in my lower drawer, there's no need to wait for it every day, since it has the potential to fail me.

man that looks fucked up day one buy if i can

Looks like going back to Wonderland is bad trip.

I wish I had that game now. Looks incredibly messed up and confusing, what more could I ask of it?

This is either going to be the next Psychonauts or the next Dante's Inferno. I'm waiting.

Consider me officially hyped.

OMG! I can't wait for this to come out! I am so excited!!

Got to admit I loved that last bit, where the Frankenstein card concoction just drops his weapon in shock and fright before being trodden on by giant Alice

Brilliant. SO psyched for this. Please don't let me down...

I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every last second of it.

This is insane...
I want it!

1:56 of the trailer pleases me most :D now i want the game even more, i don't need to sleep anyway, just do that for work and I'm sure the nightmares I'll be having will be much more better

Thou shalt fear the BUTTERFLIES!! Seriously, I want to be able to do instant movement and vanish in a cloud of butterflies. This is a day one purchase for sure.

All this atmosphere and whatnot looks great, but I have yet to see any gameplay. Two-second clips of an attack animation while the camera revolves in a circle don't count.

I approve. This looks promising.

I especially like the visual touches. Using a parasol as a shield and turning into a clowd of butterflies when she dodges. Good stuff.

This game looks so creepy! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I'm just not sure which console to choose for it.

The graphics seem to be lacking behind the times, but I'm still picking this game.
I loved the original!
It's a shame though I can't help thinking if it had better visuals it would be getting the wider appeal and recognition it deserves.
I wonder how long was this in production?

Another great game with EAs stamp on it.

Thank you EA.

I still have reservations. Let's see how it turns out.

Also, I didn't expect the Cheshire Cat to be quite so... "stylized"? I guess that word applies.

I'm definitely intrigued by this whole gothic re-imagining of Alice and Wonderland. I get the feeling that this is a sequel to a previous game, though I've never heard of it before. If there is, I would definitely like to check it out before looking into this.

This may be the best game ever made. It could be a mediocre mess, but I'm starting to have more and more confidence that it will blow me away.

I'm so glad that I haven't bought into the "Like God of War But" genre so far. This may be the one true God of War ripoff (Sonic Unleashed and Enslaved don't count) that I buy, if it gets a ZP that primarily minds the madness.


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