Author Joel Rosenberg Dead

Author Joel Rosenberg Dead

Fantasy author and Second Amendment rights activist dies from complications of a heart attack.

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/hugs to wife and family

wow as a follow Minnesotan I'm surprised I've never heard of him and from the sounds of it he will be surly missed

Condolences to the wife and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of grief.

R.I.P. Joel. Your work has certainly resonated with many people.

Oh shoot, seriously?
Another author bites the dust, and the rest of the reading world feels the pinch. I'll be sure to order some of your work if only to help the estate.


I can't totally agree with his principles, but his motivation and persistence was inspiring. And nobody should die on that age.

Also: my condolences to you, Russ. Even though you never met him, I wouldn't be very surprised if this got to you a bit more than to most people.

May the light protect him, and the powers of the heavens shine upon his path. He will be missed both locally and nationally. :(

What works did he create?

I'm sorry for the loss, especially on your part Mr. Pitts. It's obvious he had a profound effect on you.

Loved this man's Guardians of the Flame series.
You are missed, sir.

Thank you


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