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Interrupt this Program

You've stayed up far too late if you've hit the infomercial hour.

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I'm not gonna lie. That was weird. But I approve of any video that brings the return of Shrieking Explosive Diarrhea because my sense of humor is 12 years old some times.

But I need a cure for my shitting dick nipples! Please LRR, Desert Bus for Shitting Dick Nipples! It's the only way to save me!

Did he say what the fuck right before the credits or can't I lipread?

Poor guy..

I hope no hypochondriacs are watching this...
EDIT: You also forgot Lupus... IT IS ALWAYS LUPUS!

I suffer from giant red illness arrows.

I almost missed all the funny because I decided to fold my laundry while watching. Alex's reactions to all the different diseases were priceless.

I thought they were going to announce the return of ENN.

My hopes and dreams!!!

Lol, you used the ENN set for your cancelled program.

I... I suffer from illuminated veins... Should probably stop drinking glow sticks...

Totally not how I was expecting that to end. I was starting to get sick of it, but the sponsor of that infomercial is hilarious. That was a great payoff.

How many of those are real conditions?

My captcha:
TzGuuv Stone

...is it funny or sad that this sounds so much like how things work here?

I would have liked to see Angry Desk Matt toss out a "Son of a bitch", but I can't always get what I want.

What I do have are shitting dick nipples and S.E.D with a vengeance.

That was certainly a wealth of ailments!

Hah! There's no such thing as Shrieking Explosive Diarrhea ... right?

Poor alex, thats what happens when you get exposed to as much club soda as he has...shame... he was such a young man too, he will be missed

Congolese Dancing Colon sounds like the title of a craigslist personal ad.

ENN's successor has already begun, btw: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/checkpoint/

One of my favourites!

Was it wrong for me to laugh upon hearing "shitting dick nipples" when I normally find that phrase disgusting and offensive?

"Shrieking explosive diarrhea" caught me by surprise too. "Morgan's Problem" reference FTW.

"What the fuck?" indeed.

And you know what Kathleen? I'm very poor and sick. Deal with it. :p

I find myself reaching for the book from yathzees first ZP episode here: "words that exist". May help.

I suffer from SEVERE orcish oriflamme... it's... it's terminal...

So Alex is Mr. Burns?

I now have the urge to go see a doctor.
but not Dr.Doctor.

He should try Prescott Pharmaceuticals new Vaxadrine, guaranteed to remove all those ailments, but there's a 20% chance that 1 out of 5 people in 100% of the cases will contract Opposable Nose Syndrome, Malignant Taco Bells and Refrigerated Tonsils.

aww double post

Jesus... that last one was so morbid BUT it worked since lets see an infomercial sell false drugs for that!

I liked it but didn't love it, you saved it by involving shitting dickniples though.

Jungy 365:
Hah! There's no such thing as Shrieking Explosive Diarrhea ... right?

you keep believing that, sir.

I have a dark sense of humour...I was kinda expecting the "cure" for all these diseases to be "Poet-be-gone" >.>

Shitting Dick-Nipples

I fucking lost it.

I would post the appropriate image, but i don't want to traumatise any children.

I was starting to question the build up. But clearly I should have had more faith because the punchline was priceless.

did he WTFed in the end?

Nice recycling of the ENN set, even if it was only green screened. Gave the cheesy infomercial that little extra pinch of class/integrity. Great work guys!

That was not sarcasm.

Reminded me of Foxworthy:

(sorry, didn't find a better video).

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