Trailers: Defenders of Ardania: Gameplay

Defenders of Ardania: Gameplay

Make sure that none shall pass in Defenders of Ardania.

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Heh, a tower defense game with 3d graphics? Looks nice but kinda redundant.

Tower Defense =\= RTS.
And who in their right mind will pay for a TD? There are literally hundreds of them.

Kudos for showing actual gameplay in a trailer.
Been a while since I saw that happening the last time.

They left out the part that was supposed to convince me to buy this though.
Or how this is different from like every tower defense game ever made.

I can fire up warcraft 3 or starcraft 2 and have dozens of free tower defense maps right there at my fingertips for free after all.

A Settlers-esque Tower Defense game, looks like it could be worth a few quid on Steam. People bash these sort of indie games but they sell well.


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